World of Goo Soundtrack Now Available

Thanks to everyone who wrote in asking about a soundtrack! I probably never would have put this together otherwise. I spent this weekend pulling together all the audio, reconstructing some of the older songs, and “remastering” them all like they do to Snow White DVD’s. The final soundtrack is about 49 minutes long, and all free here. (another mirror is here) Hope you like it! Kyle

Update: Wow, that killed the server fast. Would anybody be able to mirror this file? I’ll try to set up a mirror or two too. If you have one, post a link below in the comments!

Update 2: I just created a temporary mirror here, and provided 4 more download locations. If anyone knows how to create a torrent, please go ahead and send me the link and I’ll post it!

Update 3: The multi-talented Sebastian Wolff has created sheet music for some of the tracks. More info on the forum topic.

284 Responses to “World of Goo Soundtrack Now Available”

  1. Fede Says:

    Oh, awesome! Thanks a lot, Kyle! :D

  2. Xander Says:

    This makes me so very happy inside. You guys rock!

  3. Dzamir Says:

    Wow!!!! I’m downloading just now! You are great! :D

  4. Tomtom Says:

    Thanks a lot ! It’s wonderful !

  5. Nosgoroth Says:

    I bow down to Your Soundtrackness.

  6. devin Says:

    yay!!! i love world of goo songs!!! Thank u!!

  7. Wetterdew Says:

    Thank you so much! I love your music!

  8. ImperialCreed Says:

    That’s a great little gift Kyle. Listening to it now.

    Was just wondering, sounds like there’s an error or two in the encoding for Regurgitation Pumping Station. Minor crackling in parts.

  9. Operational Says:

    Awesome, loved the WOG music.

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  11. Tom Brouws Says:

    For FREE??? WHOAAA :)

  12. charon12 Says:

    Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to your fans. You do so many things right; the big publishers should really learn from 2D Boy. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.

  13. Wetterdew Says:

    It’s great to hear the full versions rather than just the parts in the game! I really like Regurgitation Pumping Station!

    Would you mind if we used your music as background music for Youtube videos? I promise I’ll always give credit to 2D Boy (and Kyle Gabler for composing it) and say that it’s from World of Goo.

  14. cyrenic Says:

    Kyle, can I bear your children?

  15. Velvet Fist, Iron Glove Says:

    I love you, 2D Boy! Thanks for this release, I’ve been waiting with bated breath for it!

  16. bruno Says:

    Thank you very much, the music itself is a gem!

  17. Different Pixel Blog Says:

    World of Goo Soundtrack Now Available…

    World of Goo Soundtrack is now available for download here

    Track Notes by Kyle Gabler

    1. World of Goo Beginning
    This is the main theme of World of Goo, and the first chunk of music I wrote for the game, specifically for our fir…

  18. MadTinkerer Says:


  19. David Amador Says:

    Awesome. Listening to it right now =D

  20. Little Green Man Says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!
    You guys are awesome!

  21. Bousnorkee Says:


  22. Download the World of Goo Soundtrack For Free « Says:

    […] Gabler, 1 of the 2 developers of the game, posted on the 2D Boy blog explaining that he ’spent this weekend pulling together all the audio, reconstructing some of […]

  23. Matt Oakes Says:

    Is there any chance I can get a paid version of this because I feel guilty getting something so good for free :(

  24. Sideath Says:

    Dear Kyle,

    I love you.

    Much love,

  25. MadTinkerer Says:

    I found Kyle’s music page via links. The stuff that wasn’t also used in WoG is all good as well.

  26. Larso Says:

    Thank you so much! I really liked the music, it was amazing. So…I appreciate you did this! Had so much fun playing the game, too :)

  27. cardinalbiggles Says:

    I guess too many people like it – any chance of some mirrors?

  28. EnglishNerd Says:

    Thank you for releasing this! I love the game and the music makes it fantastic! I’m so excited that I can listen to the music when I’m not playing!

  29. stormborne Says:

    Someone seed a torrent :)

  30. jason Says:

    I wish i had a server to offer …. why not a bittorrent link since it’s so amazingly popular?

  31. Kizmar Says:

    How about a torrent? :)

  32. Stephen S. Says:

    Absolutely FANTASTIC!
    I had seen unofficial soundtracks floating around, but having an official one with all the complete music, it’s.. makes me feel so goo-d.

    Now I see the site is down. haha! overwhelming, yes?

    Thanks for all the work you’ve done! :)

  33. Phlogiston Says:

    Hey, the name’s Eirik, I co run a label/community called Pause. Anyhows, we have a section especially devoted to free downloadable indie game soundstracks. So maybe we can work something more permanent out? Contact me at arctopus gmail

  34. GoNintendo » Blog Archive » Grab the World of Goo soundtrack for free- What are you waiting for? Says:

    […] Grab the soundtrack here […]

  35. pafnucy Says:

    How about mediashare and the like? They should be able to take it.

  36. thorin Says:

    Thanks a lot!

  37. Tankooni Says:

    I uploaded it to my Filefront for a friend to download since it seems as the server died.
    Not sure if it really counts as a mirror.


  38. Nero Says:

    What’s more to say. You guys are simply amazing! I have already had listened to the ogg files separately many many times, but it’s awesome to get it “officially”, also great for Wii owners to enjoy when they want.

    Now would you mind telling the Bit Blot guys to release an Aquaria soundtrack..

  39. Joe Says:

    Link isn’t working >.<

  40. Nate Says:

    Thank you, huge fan of WoG. Can’t wait to see what comes next!

  41. David McBride Says:

    Fast copy available here:


  42. Gnoupi Says: , for a torrent version

  43. World of Goo soundtrack for free | pure nintendo | freshly-squeezed Says:

    […] Free soundtrack here […]

  44. Gnoupi Says:

  45. Gnoupi Says:

    I tried to upload a torrent :

  46. julroy67 Says:

    I can mirror it on my website (, here is the link for the package : and the news will be published on the website in a few hours.

    Good job guys ;)

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    […] [Via 2D Boy] […]

  48. Hossein Says:

    Hi 2DBoys!
    Thanks a lot for doing that, im so happy because of this music ;)
    But i cant play your full game, cause we have’nt credit cards in our country :(
    Im one of your fans from Tower of Goo …
    Thanks again

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  50. Kimari Says:

    I just came by to say THANK YOU, you guys are an inspiration to us all.

  51. 0uss4m4 Says:

    Woot !!

  52. Planchitecto Says:

    Let’s not for get to thank KYLE, Mr. Do-It-All :)

  53. Matt Oakes Says:

    Torrent for you all:

  54. Dimitri Says:


    Excelent game with an excelent BSO!!!!


  55. Phil Says:

    Awesome. Thanks for offering it for free.

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    […] [Via 2D Boy] […]


    […] lo visto han sido muchas las peticiones a la desarrolladora de uno de los videojuegos más ejemplares de los últimos tiempos, con el propósito de que se […]

  58. Joseba Says:

    Kyle, thanks a lot!

    Seeding, but ignoring unencrypted peers (sorry).

  59. Matheus Aguiar Says:

    Awesome! The music was probably the first thing that captivated me into this game. Thanks a lot for distributing it :D

  60. bamby Says:

    cool….i love world of goo so muchhhh…that i think it deserved GOTY 2008…and the soudtrack just awesome…thank you guys :D

  61. Soundtrack: World of Goo | Says:

    […] World of Goo så har 2D Boy släppt soundtracket på nätet helt gratis! Det finns för nerladdning här. Skriven av Jimmy Olsson Kategori: […]

  62. trinest Says:

    And now all we need is remixes.

  63. Wayne Says:

    Huge thanks for an official soundtrack guys! Since I bought the WiiWare version, I downloaded a copy of the full PC version but never played it, and then I listened to the looping OGG’s for hours. This will be great to burn to a CD for listening in my car!

  64. Filipe Says:

    I used world of goo illegally, but after playing and knowing how such and art of work, i bought it, at WiiWare. I regret what I did, and I am here to apologize.

    Thanks for the wonderful game. And the soundtrack too. =) You guys are awesome.

  65. Asur Says:

    Thanks a lot! Fantastic game and fantastic music!

  66. JOKERz Says:


  67. DEFE Says:

    Kyle, you never cease to be awesome.

  68. Steven Says:

    another mirror

  69. Kevin Ghadyani Says:

    Thanks Kyle!

  70. Charlie Says:

    Thank you! This game was amazing, and the music totally made it.

  71. World of Goo soundtrack and sheet music - Bemanistyle [dot] com Forums Says:

    […] of Goo soundtrack and sheet music 2D Boy: I love you, 2D Boy! Blog Archive World of Goo Soundtrack Now Available __________________ VIEW IN […]

  72. Boots Says:

    For FREE you say? You guys rock! When I first heard about World of Goo, I got so excited. I immediately remembered Tower of Goo from Experimental Gameplay, that project/program at your university. I remember how I downloaded all the games. I still have them, even. :D

    Thanks for the musak and PLEASE keep making great, fun, intuitive, original games!

  73. John Rosenwinkel Says:

    You guys have such a great feel for what your fans really want. It’s so refreshing to see real talent in this industry that actually cares about what their fans want. I work at GameStop and tell people to download your game to their Wii’s all the time! I really can’t wait to hear about what you guys make next!^^

  74. Jonathon Says:

    Kyle, you’re inspirational! You’ve really motivated me to drive towards my dream of game design!

  75. uмΔя Says:

    Thanks mate… & thanks Steven for the mirror.

  76. paledragon64 Says:

    Freaking A! This rocks! I’m going to put this on my iPod as soon as possible, and start learning the music!

    Man, I wish all video game companies did this for their music…Gabler is superior in these aspects.

  77. LostOverThere Says:

    Now all we need is for you guys to license the music under the Creative Commons so we can use it in all of our freeware films and games ;D

    Just kidding, really. Though, that would be excessively awesome. AWESOME I TELLS YOU.

  78. Free World of Goo Soundtrack | Ugly Baby Studios Says:

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  79. Daniel Luz Says:

    Excellent! IMO the biggest flaw in WoG’s game soundtrack was that most songs were too short. This OST solves it very nicely.

    I’m just curious that you didn’t use the original titles for most songs, judging from the names in your old not-nearly-as-awesome-as-the-future-version website.

  80. 2k3 Blog Style » Blog Archive » World of Goo soundtrack Says:

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  81. 81rap Says:


    Thanks for the creation of the best game 2008!

  82. n1ghtm4r Says:

    Thank you Kyle, your music is awesome!

    And I would thank you 2D boys to have brought a wave of innovation and happiness in the game industry

  83. Jérémy Hatton Says:

    Just three words : thanks a lot!!!!
    The Soundtrack is sweet for the ears…

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    […] einnahm, freut sich offensichtlich über den überraschenden Erfolg des Games, denn auf seiner Webseite gibt’s nun den offiziellen Soundtrack zum Gratis-Download (Mehrmals probieren denn sein […]

  85. Jacob Says:

    I LOVE YOU!!!

  86. thomyorkeradio Says:

    thanks you a lot ;-)

  87. Battosai94 Says:

    Thanks 2DBoy for this excellent game (very original) and soundtrack.

  88. Lockinou Says:

    OMG! Thanks for this!
    A perfect soundtrack for a perfect game!

    2dboy rocks!

  89. ness Says:

    Absolutely great, thank you very much =).

  90. Adam Says:

    Awesome soundtrack!

    I didn’t have the chance to hear it in-game yet because I’m away from my Wii until april but the first thing I’ll do when I’m back is downloading the game! I already wanted to play but this genius soundtrack make me want to play it even more.

    Love the sound! Some of the tracks gave me a Beetlejuice feeling and another one reminded me of Clockwork Orange. Virtual Wolrd of Goo kick ass!

    2 thumbs up for 2D boys!

  91. Hank_MD Says:

    Fantastic guys! Thanks for the generosity… best value I spent on a game last year! PLUS one of the best games I have ever played… I’ve described it as one of the most ‘pure’ games I can remember, executed to perfection.

  92. Lionel Says:

    a great soundtrack for a fantastic game !

  93. herunen Says:

    Thanks!! Excellent initiative! Some big companies should do the same!

  94. Nessper Says:

    Thanks a lot for this SoundTrack. It’s wonderful. It ring to my ears like a Danny Elfman’s theme. Really awesome.
    I’m really sorry for all the illegals downloads about the game, it’s sad. But do not despair, the game is a really really good value, like its soudtrack. And everybody knows it ;)

    Good Luck to you

  95. Says:

    Super!! Besten Dank. World of Goo ist super;)

  96. Tayron Says:

    Great. But when will Experimental Gameplay be back online? I really miss it…:(

  97. La banda sonora de World of Goo Gratis Says:

    […] ahora puedes! porque 2D Boy ha tirado la casa por la ventana y está regalando el soundtrack en su web oficial. Vía: Eurogamer ← Anterior | Inicio Comparte esta anotación […]

  98. InkS Says:

    Thanks a lot !

  99. Tube Says:

    Gee, thank you fellas! I just absolutely love the track #3. I somehow connect it to the Lord of the Rings movies, dunno why.

  100. El soundtrack de World of goo GRATIS « fanboyopolis Says:

    […] de el juego de WiiWare World of Goo, obviamente gratis, por lo que te recomiendo que vayas a su website y lo descargues ya que vale mucho la […]

  101. Lynk Hirosue Says:

    Ah merci beaucoup, j’aime beaucoup les musiques ^_^

    Ah Thank a lot, I like very much the musics :)

  102. Alfonso Says:

    Os estoy agradecido en muchos aspectos. Empezando por haberme hecho pasar un rato estupendo jugando a World of Goo en mi Wii y además en mi idioma. Pero es que esta banda sonora, que nos ofrecéis de manera totalmente gratuita, es la guinda del pastel. Por fin puedo jubilar la versión RIP que tenía guardada ( y que habré escuchado así como diez millones de veces: mi pista favorita, la alfombra roja).

    Os merecéis lo mejor en vuestra carrera profesional. Mi más sincero, sentido y enorme agradecimiento.

    Thanks, thanks, thanks!!! I love you, 2D Boy!!!

  103. JJ Says:

    Thanks thanks thanks that’s so nice !!!

  104. oliver12345 Says:

    Thank you very much for this free download. I love the music.

  105. Carlos Says:

    Thanks for the great work!
    About the server issues: what about distributing the soundtrack using bittorrent? I believe that would solve your problems.

  106. Emol Says:

    At laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast!. I’m happy for today :)

  107. Nicolas Says:

    I have the game on the Wii, Mac and PC (the last one thanks to a contest on Facebook ^__^ Thanks 2D boys for the signed copy!). Well now I won’t have to start the game on one of my machines to listen to the wonderful ‘Music of Goo’. An MP3 player should be easier to carry :P

  108. Ben From Bordeaux Says:

    Thanks you so much for this incredible score ! I have downloaded World of Goo on WiiWare and it is fantastic. The best Goos ever !
    Merci beaucoup 2D Boy !!!

  109. Peter Says:

    Thank you so much! I loved World of Goo, and I hope freebies like this get more people interested in the game, and will encourage (*crosses fingers*) sequels/DLC.

  110. bonbon123 Says:

    Felicitations 2D Boy! Why..a gift for me?! It feels like the holidays all over again! *open file….I mean..unwrap gift* Wow! A World of Goo soundtrack, you shouldn’t have! I shall go listen……….now.

    Thanking you for your genorousity.


  111. SweetToothsDentist Says:

    Thanks so much for this guys ^___^

    “Best of Times” is contending for my favorite video game theme of all time right now \m/

  112. John Says:

    Is there a good square image I can use as album art for my iPod? I set the album art to be that banner but my iPod crops it.

  113. World Of Goo free soundtrack now avaiable ! Says:

    […] delle simpaticissime bolle arrampicanti. L’archivio è scaricabile dal sito ufficiale a questo indirizzo, data la mole di download hanno creato vari mirror, se non vi dovessero funzionare ne ho fatto uno […]

  114. spleenboy Says:

    Thank you for this great gift. Listening to the soundtrack makes me want to play the game again. This is definitely the best…video game soundtrack…ever.

  115. Mark Howell Says:

    Thank you much! Amazing soundtrack. I’ve been listening to the files installed by the game, but now I can truly experience the music! Just so you know, I’d happily pay $15 for an art-filled, professionally-pressed soundtrack on CD if you ever release one!

  116. Robert Snitchler Says:

    It tastes soo GOO’d!!
    Thank You!! Kyle Gabler for making an awesome soundtrack and Thank You 2D Boy for making such an awesome game!

  117. chasingdharma Says:

    The soundtrack is amazing! Thank you!

  118. Server Juegos - Noticias, información y novedades » La banda sonora de World of Goo Gratis Says:

    […] ahora puedes! porque 2D Boy ha tirado la casa por la ventana y está regalando el soundtrack en su web oficial. Vía: […]

  119. Mark C Says:

    The game was amazing, but the soundtrack took it to a whole new level. Sometimes I play it just to listen to the music. This is a really fantastic gift you have given us! Thank you so much!

  120. Mark Says:

    No lossless versions? That is kinda disappointing; I don’t include lossy music in my library. And I was looking forward to this too. :(

  121. Sebastian Wolff Says:

    Hah, this post would explain the 250% peak on my website :)

    Thanks again for the amazing music – and thanks for sharing it for free! I agree with what’s been said about being willing to buy a shiny CD, if that’s an option you guys are willing to consider. Perhaps for your next ground-breaking game project…

  122. Matthias Says:


  123. André Says:

    Just… perfect!

  124. Alon Says:

    You’re Fudging Brilliant!
    Steak Sauce and more!

    10x from Israel

  125. Rindi123 Says:

    I love your game!
    So I uploaded the soundtrack on Rapidshare.

    Her is the link:

    Feel free to add it to your mirror list.
    If you dont want me to publish it this way, just let me know and I will remove it!

  126. Wulf Says:

    *in love*

  127. cusman Says:

    love that game… the art style and soundtrack are huge reasons in addition to the gameplay.

  128. Tayron Says:

    can’t fail to notice some of the WoG music is used ion your proto’s at ;)

  129. 2D Boy libera a trilha sonora de World of Goo de graça! - Continue » Says:

    […] É importante lembrar que os arquivos já estão no seu computador, caso você tenha a versão de PC, dentro da pasta do Steam. Por outro lado, o arquivo zipado na página do 2D Boy vem com as faixas nomeadas, numeradas e ainda com uma capinha bacana. Então, se você tiver comprado a versão de Wii, ou simplesmente é fresco como eu e gosta de tudo bonitinho para tocar no Winamp, baixe a trilha aqui. […]

  130. Oscar Says:

    Thanks a lot for the music.
    It’s wonderful.

  131. Easty Says:

    Thanks for that. You’re awesome, and I hope your game sells really well, because it deserves to.

  132. Adam Says:

    This goes right in my iPod!

  133. chercus Says:

    Thanks Kyle, it’s great stuff even though there’s some audio clipping.

  134. Trilha de World of Goo para download na faixa! « First Stage Says:

    […] para quem quiser baixar (e você deve baixar), basta clicar aqui e preparar o seu […]

  135. Tony Says:

    There’s a sound pop at 1:35 in “Regurgitation Pumping Station,” and the very end of “The Goo Filled Hills” is edited a little weirdly, but other than that, I love me some musical goo. Thanks!

  136. Wladmir - Brazil Says:

    Hey guys, thanks a lot!! Thanks by the game and now by the soundtrack. I bought for my Wii last weekend and the game is really awesome!! Congratulations!

  137. Daniel Barrack Says:

    i can offer you a mirror i do have some rules though. contact me at my email if you would like to talk to me about it. foxtrot

  138. mallus Says:

    Thanks a ton.

  139. ag Says:

    thanks a LOT.
    thanks to the torrent creator too, it’s very fast ;-)

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    Is it time to fire Intern Perry for being negative about Killzone 2!?
    SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: “”, url: “” });……

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    […] […]

  142. Cap'n Lee Says:

    Thanks a tonne

  143. Thwarted Again » Blog Archive » World of Goo Soundtrack Says:

    […] World of Goo. One of the many awesome things about the game is the music which Kyle wrote. They have now released the sound track and it is free. Go download it and listen because it is super awesome and several of the tracks are […]

  144. Michael Says:


    What about some cover art to go along with this? :-)

  145. Arthur Protasio Says:


    I’ll never forget my drop-tearing-moments when I first heard the soundtrack for Ms. Beautiful Goo and the red carpet stage.

    Your relationship with the community is admirable and catering to your fans is part of the experience. Thank you 2D-Goo Boys :)

  146. wusa Says:

    I LOVE YOU 2DBOY <3<3 ;-) Awesome

  147. Txentxubros Says:

    I bought World of Goo for Wii and it’s awesome!
    I love its music so I’m very happy for your gift.


  148. Fil Razorback Says:

    Thanks for releasing this soundtrack.
    2DBoy’s dedication is much appreciated.

  149. iLM Says:

    Thanks !!!!!!

  150. Cogzwell Says:

    oh thank you great overlords! thank you!

  151. Michael Braverman Says:

    yes! i’ve been hoping for a soundtrack since i got the game! i love you 2D Boy!

  152. gratyngrogg Says:

    Hooray! I’ve longed for this for what surely must have been ages! I’m downloading them now and will surely spread the love to all like a sick love virus.

  153. ObeliX Says:

    Wow, finally. World of Goo has one of the best soundtracks ever made. Great work!

  154. Spellman Says:

    You guys are true artists! World of Goo is already a more than reasonable price, and then you go ahead and offer your soundtrack for free. And it’s packed with extended mixes; that’s quite a treat. It’s not very often we get developers as talented as you who aren’t milking it for everything its worth. (*cough*, see any game with Downloadable Content priced equal to the price of the game or more, or any $30 soundtrack out there)

    You can bet I’ll be buying World of Goo 2, for sure! And I’m sure whatever else you come up with will be just as cool.

  155. JT Says:

    Awesome, just downloaded and this stuff is inspiring… all computer generated…

  156. MacTooth Says:

    I know the word ‘legend’ i tossed around a lot by the media, brandishing football players and such ‘legends’ but you guys are truely legends. Simply amazing, both the game and the soundtrack.

    Keep up the good work!

  157. 2dboy fan Says:

    For free?
    SOMEBODY PINCH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  158. Fishman Says:

    An excellent game and an excellent sound track a few times when I have played it people have stopped by and commented on the nice music.

  159. Brian Boyko Says:

    I’d like to use some of these songs in some YouTube videos I’m making for the Web site. Can I get your permission to do so?

    — Brian Boyko

  160. Nintendo Wii » Blog Archive » Free World of Goo soundtrack gently caresses your ears Says:

    […] [Via 2D Boy] […]

  161. Pouya Says:

    hi 2dboy,i love you in a real mean.
    i’m from iran and if you dont mind i;m playing a crack version.
    WORLD OF GOO is the BEST!!!

  162. ED Says:

    you guys are amazing keep up the good work!!!

  163. Lightfire Says:

    I just uploaded it on my account. If you want, take it as a mirror, cause rapidshare is like its name says really fast even for non premium users and it’s not shutting down cause of traffic

  164. Lightfire Says:

    whoops forgot to thank you for this amazing peace of art.

  165. Icebox Says:

    Hey Kyle! Wondering, What are the lyrics to the Chanting in “Best Of Times”? I would like to know, interested in being able to sing this great, great music!

  166. World of Goo soundtrack - iPhone ringtone set | carl. Says:

    […] fun Wiiware puzzler entitled World of Goo did all Goo fans a HUGE favor and released the World of Goo soundtrack to the public. Oh yeah, he did us an even bigger solid and released it all for free. That’s […]

  167. Nick Says:

    Since everyone else has already said it, it seems almost pointless for me to do so as well, but I feel the need to anyway: thank you. You are an inspiration to us all.

  168. Carl Mckinney Says:

    I love this soundtrack! So much so Ive created iPhone formatted ringtones for some of my favorite tracks and made them available in all their gooey glory. The mediafire link to the rimgtones is posted in the World of Goo post on my blog ( Sorry; I would post the link directly, but Im writing this on my iPhone, which is embarrasingly without cut and paste and its 6am.

    Thank you so SO much 2Dboy.

    with love,


  169. Keiran Says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!

  170. When A Man Crying Says:

    World Of Goo is one of the great games that i played in my life.

  171. George Says:

    Holy jesus! This sounds freaking awesome! I love the soundtrack so much, and I don’t even have the game.


  172. Serpoo Says:

    Dudes… this is such a present XD.
    Thanks a lot, by the way… I still love playing Goo XD.

  173. Walzlager Says:

    awasome one of the best soundtrack i have seen on my years of gamer

    I Love you 2D Boy

    I wait for the sequel

  174. Madison Says:

    Thanks a lot! This is great stuff. :-)

  175. World of Goo – Soundtrack available » F!XMBR Says:

    […] World of Goo habe ich schon mehrfach berichtet. Seit heute ist der Soundtrack zum Spiel zu haben. Und wie soll es anders sein – for free. Die Server sind im Moment ein wenig überlastet, schaut […]

  176. miggols99 Says:

    Love this! Thanks a lot :) I wish other game companies would do this..

  177. F.A.T. » make permanent asphalt mosaics with linoleum Says:

    […] Costar is Matt Mechtley, used this cc-licensed photo, music by Kyle Gabler. […]

  178. Becky Stern Says:

    […] photo by Flickr user mojunk. The music is “Regurgitation Pumping Station” from the World of Goo soundtrack by Kyle Gabler; used with permission. Reposted from CRAFT. Asphalt Linoleum Mosaics video | January […]

  179. Diego Says:

    Simply awesome.

    Really Thank You.
    I have a lot of Game Soundtrack in my MP3; i’m listening now.

    Red Carpet Music is amazing; Jessica I <3 your voice.

  180. Tekl Says:

    I rarely play small games on my Computer and I haven’t bought any game after my C64 times. I was really pleased to read about two independent developers who take the time to make a Mac port of their game. The screenshots looked nice and so I tried the demo version of WoG. I was so fascinated about the music and atmosphere that I quitted the first level to go to your page to buy the game. It was definitely the game music which has infected me. Well the game is really nice, but without the music it would be as half as nice.

    It’s still incredible that two people not just manage to create a great game but also take the time and energy to create music better and more professional than in many commercial games.

  181. Dav’s bit o the web » World of Goo Says:

    […] not alone with my opinion of the sound track, apparently enough people pestered the author to publish it and one crazy fan even transcribed it by […]

  182. TAEL Says:


  183. tickticktickboom | der rest aus dem netz Says:

    […] birgt aber in den höheren Leveln die eine oder andere physikalische Kopfnuss. Durch den genialen Soundtrack wird man auf eine epische Reise geschickt und die abgefahrene Hintergrundgeschichte leistet ihr […]

  184. Simon Cooper Says:

    Got it on my permanent playlist now, it’s fantastic!

    You may have given it out free, but I want to pay for it. Seriously – I want to give you some money for providing this. Somehow…?

  185. ali Says:


  186. Mike Taylor Says:

    What tools were used to create the soundtrack? I like writing music, but all I get are crappy sounding MIDI’s. Does anyone have any idea what software these guys used, or what software could create songs that sound professionally mixed like these do?

  187. Balon Says:


  188. Beto Says:

    Since I heard the music in the game a became a believer of World of Goo!!!! Thanks for putting the soundtrack online!

  189. MasterMind Says:

    A very fast miror for the soundtrack :) .

  190. Gremhiilzoone Says:

    Thanks for the game men! You rock and it should have been a hard work to make such a incredible game with a team of 3 developers… I bought my on Wii Ware, were my best 40R$ (equal to 15 dollars) ever spent on downloadable software! Thank you for the game and the beautiful soundtrack and I hope you make new awesome games like this :D

  191. World of Goo soundtrack cool, free « Says:

    […] it at 2D Boy’s website for free. Mmmmm, […]

  192. MistMage Says:

    Happiness! And remastered too! What a day!

  193. Java Says:

    Thank u so much !

    U guys so great!
    im waiting for new adventures! ;)

  194. Paul Says:

    No way! Just today I was thinking I wish I had the soundtrack! THANKS GUYS

    GREAT GAME!!!!

  195. Mark O Says:

    Hi guys,

    I hope you don’t mind, but i’ve made a time lapse video of my recent trip to NYC with the Ending Music as the soundtrack. The sequence of the photos were unedited, only by the order taken – and the music fit so well!

    I hope you like it.

    All the best,

    Mark O

  196. zeldana Says:

    This is absolutely fabulous! I’m stuck on the Ode to the Bridge Builder level in my game (WiiWare) but I’ve listened to the soundtrack all the way through multiple times. Keep up the awesome work!

  197. CHIP-LINUX-Blog » Blog Archiv » Jetzt für Linux: World of Goo downloaden Says:

    […] Die Linux-Version gibt’s hier. Die Vollversion kostet 20 US-Dollar. Den coolen Soundtrack von World of Goo gibt’s übrigens gratis: Soundtrack downloaden […]

  198. Zetsu Says:

    Incroyable, le jeu bénéficie d’une ambiance visuel, déjà, extraordinaire mais alors l’ambiance sonore c’est la cerise sur le gâteau, les musiques sont envoutantes et tout comme le jeu, addictif. Grand merci à vous, chapapa!

    Petit par le budget, grand par le talent, merci!

  199. Jacob Roecker Says:

    Thanks for putting this soundtrack up online. It’s great!

    Can I use some of the music as the backdrop for some “ubuntu” commercials? I’m working to launch later this summer. We could use the background music.

    Your call! It should let you know how much I like it to want to “copy” it.

    Thanks again!

  200. [Análisis] World of goo « Escuadrón Pikmin Says:

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  201. UbuntuArte » Blog Archive » World of Goo Says:

    […] Además la banda sonora la componen un total de 27 pistas, que está disponible para su descarga gratuita: […]

  202. Dave Says:

    Will this be released on CD eventually? MP3s are lossy, and based on some user comments, some of the tracks have audio glitches. A CD fixing both of these problems would be much appreciated by the audiophiles such as myself.

  203. Jonas Says:

    Thanks Tango!

  204. » Blog Archive » Get the World of Goo soundtrack for free Says:

    […] Filed under: Culture, Nintendo Wii Fans of great games and game music have a fan in 2D Boy, which happens to have made a great game with great music: World of Goo. The developer is such a fan of its fans that it has made the game’s soundtrack available for free via its website. […]

  205. Porsupah Says:

    Easy, free mirror method:

    The restriction is that files served through it can’t exceed 50MB, so this would have to be split in two. But if you’ve got, say,, you’d just serve a link to instead. It’s a network provided by a number of large universities and companies worldwide, no strings or catches, so it’s as robust as possible, and will only hit the host once every day or two, to ensure the distributed cache remains reasonably current.

  206. Martin Says:

    Great piece of music!

    I love it, thanks!

  207. bauer Says:

    thank you very much!!!!
    i always loved the music because it was giving the game such a great atmossphere

  208. Manuel Mora Says:

    Congratulations for the success!! (and for the OST too) :D

  209. Maverick aka mmavipc Says:

    I can host a mirror on my website. just send me an email

  210. MooCow Says:

    Wait…. a FREE soundtrack? O.o

    Ok, so I’m not gonna be popular for asking this but… how about a square cover art? Just the same art but with the bottom filled with black and the “missing part” of the sky to make it square? There’s nothing worst than an album cover that sticks out of a nice grid of albums in iTunes. ;)

  211. MooCow Says:

    So… how about an MMORPG sequel?

    World of WarGoo! :D

  212. Hans im Glück » Blog Archive » World of Goo Says:

    […] Musical nicht der Fall aber trotzdem mag es Musicals ). Deshalb fand ich es sehr cool als ich auf dem Blog den Beitrag zur Musik […]

  213. World Of Goo, un juego tan excelente como su música | Says:

    […] el tema, cuenta con una banda de sonido tan buena con todos los temas orquestados, que pueden descargar el album completo en forma gratuita lo cual se los recomiendo para disfrutarla en todo […]

  214. Oxygene77 Says:

    Thanks for putting this soundtrack up online. It’s great!
    And congratulations for the success!
    Maybe another 2DBoy game soon.. :)

  215. parcerita Says:

    Thanks for posting!

  216. AO Says:

    You guys have definitely raised the bar, the bar is so high it looks like a blurry dot at this point. Great game, excellent music, fair price, no DRM, Immersive game play, stunning graphics…

    I am definitely looking forward to your next game, but first (of course) I need to finish World of Goo.



  217. PoLo Says:

    Absolutely awesome! One of the best games I have ever played. One of the best soundtracks I have ever heard. Others finished games just left me, this is still inside of me :-) Thanks a lot !

  218. Sectoid Says:

    Wow, played part of the demo and already consider this one of the best OST’s in recent games! The music is awesome, it’s half the fun of the game, or more :)
    Great that you released it for free! Thank you very much!!

  219. Seven Says:

    The music is pretty sweet, however one piece sounds identical to Legend of Zelda Majora’s mask music. On Day 3 at night and when your on the moon. It sounds familiar like it belongs in the game.

    Were you inspired by that music?

  220. shs Says:

    world of goo is the best!

  221. World of Goo | Thomas Welt Says:

    […] Den zugehörigen Soundtrack gibt es kostenlos unter […]

  222. Jonas Says:

    Damn this is awesome! Especially Best of Times, that one pwns big time. But i hear ALOT of “shshshshshshshshshshs” in the background in alot of the tracks, it kinda annoys me :/ Is there anyway to get rid of that? You can hear it in Best of Times etc.

  223. Mike Says:



    And 2D boy <3

  224. Ed Says:

    This is an awesome soundtrack!
    Thank you!!!

  225. World Of Goo soundtrack - free Says:

    […]…-for-download/ […]

  226. mrd Says:

    You know… World of Goo is I think the only game I have ever bought twice (PC and Wii) and in no small part that was due to the brilliant music that just completed and complimented the rest in a totally fantastic package.

    Fantastic work and thank you.

  227. Takahahshi Says:

    Can the songs be used in film, I’m not sure about the copyrights. I’m making a film for my high school’s film fest and wanted to know if they are OK to use in a short animation.

  228. Roro Says:

    I just changed Red Carpet to the original ripped version, I prefer the original version to the dance remix…
    The rest of the soundtrack is … brilliant

  229. Geekshow » Blog Archive » Review – World of Goo (WiiWare/PC) Says:

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  231. Héctor Says:

    Un grandioso sountrack para un increible juego, excelente musica

  232. German Says:

    Awesome Soundtrack for an Awesome Game! Thank-you!

  233. Ionescu Says:

    Music is so great

  234. Luciano Says:

    Thanks for you work!!! a hug from Argentina
    (and thanks to the mac version)

  235. mastagamer Says:

    Buen sitio, encontr

  236. Indie Vault » La strategia di Kyle Says:

    […] sono diventati uno dei tratti stilistici distintivi del gioco. Come bene sono state integrate le tracce già composte per molti degli […]

  237. fartooti Says:

    thanks, i want say something more but poor English

  238. fartooti Says:

    thanks, i want say something more but poor English
    so i say it in Farsi.
    بازی خیلی عالی بود، متاسفانه تو ایران بازیه شما قابل خرید نیست، چه آنلاین و چه از مغازه. به کاره خوبتون ادامه بدین

  239. cheemzy Says:

    great soundtrack for game, terima kasih.. salam kenal

  240. Diego (Ziriguidum) Says:

    Olá, sou do Brasil e vim aqui só pra parabenizar pelo ótimo trabalho com as músicas, e claro, com esse jogo que é o mais viciante desde mario kart do super nintendo *-*’

    Hi, i’m from Brazil and came hero just to congratulate for the great work with the musics, and of course, with this game wich is the most addictive game since super nintendo’s mario kart *-*’ (sorry the poor english)

  241. ModAddict » World Of Goo - Bande son téléchargeable Says:

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    […] 2d Boy, logo após o lançamento do excelente puzzle “World of Goo“: eles simplesmente liberaram gratuitamente para download a trilha sonora do game. Este tipo de coisa demonstra um respeito muito grande pelos fãs, e mostra que o dinheiro não é […]

  244. VGPC, Video Games Podcast » Blog Archive » World of Goo – Regurgitation Pumping Station Says:

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  245. Roihu Says:

    You guys put the OST online for free…?
    You guys made this game by yourselves…?
    You guys constantly ask/listen the fans for help…?
    I love you guys.
    I’m definitely looking forward to future games by you guys.
    Excellent soundtrack, by the way. Especially Red Carpet.
    (I actually went fanboy when I typed “World of Goo OST” and it instantly took me to this page and saw you guys put it online for free.)

  246. nish Says:

    is there the second part of world of goo
    when it will be released

  247. John O’Duinn’s Soapbox » World of Goo (on wii) Says:

    […] still holding true. Its a great game. The soundtrack is so good, the company made it available as a separate download.  All just […]

  248. Yxo Says:

    THANK U!

  249. robby ochs Says:

    I beat world of goo on wii. how did you made the music kyly and did you played
    world of goo music on the piano ron?

  250. Fede Says:

    hello everybody i’m federico, and i live in argentina. i like very much this music. i am studing privated english because i speak spanish and its so difficult. Sorry if it has an error. thanks very much.

  251. daMax Says:

    I just love u.

  252. Claude Says:

    Thanks Kyle. really yes really
    and you make them for free for sharing, thanks
    these songs are strangely unlike other songs
    i could feel the love in it
    some of them makes me want to tear when i listen to them
    you should work for more games or movies music, kyle, you will be good in it
    world of goo is best game i’ve played, it’s soundtracks are the best melody i’ve heard

    the game give me a strangly loved feeling when i play it, maybe because of the soundtrack, and the warm little signs, saying MOM is watching, and MOM’s cookie, i will never forget its smell, so good

  253. Maurinho Says:

    its just awesome >3

  254. Gabriel Blacher Says:

    Hey 2D Boy .I think its an aewsome sound track,really cool music,i downloaded the world of goo demo at the wii shop, looking foreward to buying it,Thanks and goodbye!

  255. Bassist Says:

    I bought 4 CD copies of World of Goo for myself, but the non-availability of a soundtrack on CD makes me sad.
    Anyway… Kyle, thank you! :)

  256. Andrea Dell'Orco Says:

    Ty very much for this sound track!

  257. Marcelo Says:

    Hey, it is so, so… SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOO-D!

    Goo-dammit! I forgot my webcam on, and when i noticed, i caught myself stupidly smily while playing.

    And the soundtrack, OH MY GOO-D!

    Don’t have enough thumbs up to give to the game, specially the soundtrack.

    We are all eager for the next 2D-Boy project.

    Goo-d bye!

  258. Firestar Says:

    Thanks to you !You have really make an awesome game…
    And an awesome music !!!:p

  259. Gábor Says:

    Wow, thaks guys, that game and soundtrack is AWESOME!

  260. aguy Says:

    I love world of goo and I love world of goo’s muisic

  261. Nik Says:

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i love this its a great sound track but i really hoped you would but the best of times from the video game not that original version….

  262. robert glaros Says:

    the music goes along so well it saddens me to have finished the game
    u are awesome
    how did u do some of this soundtrack?
    it is awesome

  263. ali Says:

    i heared lots of soundtracks …
    however the sound track of this game is just amazing
    i really wanted it bad ,now iam downloading it

    thank you

  264. AYMENDJ Says:

    oh god this music is so relaxing, the anger is off …i can only sit down and listen to it
    and the game is so extremly weird-hard-great intellegence-needy if i may say

  265. World of Goo: 2D al poder | Aikawa Says:

    […] juegos y no tener que hacer todo desde cero. Y si les gustó la banda de sonido, también pueden descargarla en forma gratuita. Pueden bajar la demo desde el sitio oficial y está disponible para Win,Mac y […]

  266. Manuel Says:

    Amazing soundtrack for a game that is at least as beautiful. Wish you luck for the upcoming years !

  267. Capture the Hill » The Humble Indie Game Bundle Says:

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  268. Iman Saraei Says:

    You know what guys there is only one game that can compete with World of Goo, which I think is World of Goo 2. Please release it for God’s sake. We’re dying here in Iran. It really was the best game of all time, No kidin’. You are my 2 genius heroes. Thanks a lot and I just can say:

  269. Tutte le musiche di World of Goo scaricabili gratuitamente! « Indie Vault Says:

    […] tutti gli appassionati di World of Goo e delle sue musiche! Kyle Gabler ha appena pubblicato sul sito ufficiale di 2D Boy l’intera colonna sonora del loro pluripremiato puzzle game, ora scaricabile […]

  270. nintendude794 Says:

    What kind of tools did you use to make this awesome music?

  271. Tutte le musiche di World of Goo scaricabili gratuitamente! | Indie Vault Says:

    […] tutti gli appassionati di World of Goo e delle sue musiche! Kyle Gabler ha appena pubblicato sul sito ufficiale di 2D Boy l’intera colonna sonora del loro pluripremiato puzzle game, ora scaricabile […]

  272. dave Says:

    thank you!

  273. fefe Says:

    Mate thanks for the songs amazing

  274. Brandon 11 Says:

    I loved World of Goo too! Would love to see a sequel!
    The sound track is great as well! Thanks for making it available 2D Boy!

    I have a question though; in track 24, Best of Times, there is some singing. I am curious what language it is in and what it translates to in English? Also could you direct me to any albums with similar music please? Possibly by the same artist? Thank you.

  275. Nick Says:

    I like the cough at the end of Hello MOM

  276. chkdsk1991 Says:

    Thanks for this, I’m loving the game and music is a great part of the experience

  277. Sound of Goo « craig-ign Blog Says:

    […] […]

  278. Ben Darling Says:

    Thank you so much. This game is amazing, I could play it for days if the levels continued on, great story and GREAT music. Thank you so much for putting a proper soundtrack together… Brilliant. xx

  279. World Of Goo: el juego que arrasa « JUEGOS GRATIS ESPAÑOL Says:

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  280. Graham Says:

    I’m so glad you guys did this. Thank you so much! The music in this game is fantastic and almost worth playing just for the music alone! Also, the game rules. Keep being awesome.

  281. Sarah Laude Says:

    So Cool… I Love the music, love the game.

  282. Peter Says:

    amazing guys, never let 2d-boy or world of goo die, the goo balls are to cute!

  283. Stephen Hoskins Says:

    I am thinking of using Ogg Vorbis files for music that I am writing. What software did you use to generate the Ogg Vorbis files with?

  284. Dmitry Says:

    One of the best game and really AMAZING soundtrack. Thanks!