World of Goo Soundtrack Now Available

Thanks to everyone who wrote in asking about a soundtrack! I probably never would have put this together otherwise. I spent this weekend pulling together all the audio, reconstructing some of the older songs, and “remastering” them all like they do to Snow White DVD’s. The final soundtrack is about 49 minutes long, and all free here. (another mirror is here) Hope you like it! Kyle

Update: Wow, that killed the server fast. Would anybody be able to mirror this file? I’ll try to set up a mirror or two too. If you have one, post a link below in the comments!

Update 2: I just created a temporary mirror here, and provided 4 more download locations. If anyone knows how to create a torrent, please go ahead and send me the link and I’ll post it!

Update 3: The multi-talented Sebastian Wolff has created sheet music for some of the tracks. More info on the forum topic.

283 Responses to “World of Goo Soundtrack Now Available”

  1. Claude Says:

    Thanks Kyle. really yes really
    and you make them for free for sharing, thanks
    these songs are strangely unlike other songs
    i could feel the love in it
    some of them makes me want to tear when i listen to them
    you should work for more games or movies music, kyle, you will be good in it
    world of goo is best game i’ve played, it’s soundtracks are the best melody i’ve heard

    the game give me a strangly loved feeling when i play it, maybe because of the soundtrack, and the warm little signs, saying MOM is watching, and MOM’s cookie, i will never forget its smell, so good

  2. Maurinho Says:

    its just awesome >3

  3. Gabriel Blacher Says:

    Hey 2D Boy .I think its an aewsome sound track,really cool music,i downloaded the world of goo demo at the wii shop, looking foreward to buying it,Thanks and goodbye!

  4. Bassist Says:

    I bought 4 CD copies of World of Goo for myself, but the non-availability of a soundtrack on CD makes me sad.
    Anyway… Kyle, thank you! :)

  5. Andrea Dell'Orco Says:

    Ty very much for this sound track!

  6. Marcelo Says:

    Hey, it is so, so… SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOO-D!

    Goo-dammit! I forgot my webcam on, and when i noticed, i caught myself stupidly smily while playing.

    And the soundtrack, OH MY GOO-D!

    Don’t have enough thumbs up to give to the game, specially the soundtrack.

    We are all eager for the next 2D-Boy project.

    Goo-d bye!

  7. Firestar Says:

    Thanks to you !You have really make an awesome game…
    And an awesome music !!!:p

  8. Gábor Says:

    Wow, thaks guys, that game and soundtrack is AWESOME!

  9. aguy Says:

    I love world of goo and I love world of goo’s muisic

  10. Nik Says:

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i love this its a great sound track but i really hoped you would but the best of times from the video game not that original version….

  11. robert glaros Says:

    the music goes along so well it saddens me to have finished the game
    u are awesome
    how did u do some of this soundtrack?
    it is awesome

  12. ali Says:

    i heared lots of soundtracks …
    however the sound track of this game is just amazing
    i really wanted it bad ,now iam downloading it

    thank you

  13. AYMENDJ Says:

    oh god this music is so relaxing, the anger is off …i can only sit down and listen to it
    and the game is so extremly weird-hard-great intellegence-needy if i may say

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  15. Manuel Says:

    Amazing soundtrack for a game that is at least as beautiful. Wish you luck for the upcoming years !

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  17. Iman Saraei Says:

    You know what guys there is only one game that can compete with World of Goo, which I think is World of Goo 2. Please release it for God’s sake. We’re dying here in Iran. It really was the best game of all time, No kidin’. You are my 2 genius heroes. Thanks a lot and I just can say:

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  19. nintendude794 Says:

    What kind of tools did you use to make this awesome music?

  20. Tutte le musiche di World of Goo scaricabili gratuitamente! | Indie Vault Says:

    […] tutti gli appassionati di World of Goo e delle sue musiche! Kyle Gabler ha appena pubblicato sul sito ufficiale di 2D Boy l’intera colonna sonora del loro pluripremiato puzzle game, ora scaricabile […]

  21. dave Says:

    thank you!

  22. fefe Says:

    Mate thanks for the songs amazing

  23. Brandon 11 Says:

    I loved World of Goo too! Would love to see a sequel!
    The sound track is great as well! Thanks for making it available 2D Boy!

    I have a question though; in track 24, Best of Times, there is some singing. I am curious what language it is in and what it translates to in English? Also could you direct me to any albums with similar music please? Possibly by the same artist? Thank you.

  24. Nick Says:

    I like the cough at the end of Hello MOM

  25. chkdsk1991 Says:

    Thanks for this, I’m loving the game and music is a great part of the experience

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  27. Ben Darling Says:

    Thank you so much. This game is amazing, I could play it for days if the levels continued on, great story and GREAT music. Thank you so much for putting a proper soundtrack together… Brilliant. xx

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  29. Graham Says:

    I’m so glad you guys did this. Thank you so much! The music in this game is fantastic and almost worth playing just for the music alone! Also, the game rules. Keep being awesome.

  30. Sarah Laude Says:

    So Cool… I Love the music, love the game.

  31. Peter Says:

    amazing guys, never let 2d-boy or world of goo die, the goo balls are to cute!

  32. Stephen Hoskins Says:

    I am thinking of using Ogg Vorbis files for music that I am writing. What software did you use to generate the Ogg Vorbis files with?

  33. Dmitry Says:

    One of the best game and really AMAZING soundtrack. Thanks!