Crayon Physics is Ready

Everyone probably already knows, but just in case, our friend and cohort’s Crayon Physics was just released last week, for both PC and iPhone. The demo is here, and you can buy it directly here.

In honor of it’s release, here are 3 fun facts about Petri Purho, the mysterious creator of Crayon Physics Deluxe. (2.5 of them are true) He rides a unicycle. He has built a working computer out of post-it notes. He is a magician and can make you disappear. So buy it!

16 Responses to “Crayon Physics is Ready”

  1. Bioran23 Says:

    I gave the game a spin, and it’s certainly a catchy and interesting game to play.

    But nowhere near as good as WoG, though. :P

  2. Tayron Says:

    It’s an awesome game:) I pre-ordered it:) it really rocks:)

  3. Bobbyballs Says:

    Hey, I bought this game in the morning, I had been looking forward to it for a long time and I have to admit the game is a big disapointment compared to WOG. The gameplay doesn’t get any harder through the levels, I went through the game without any chalenge, it would have been much better if shapes had angles limitation given for each level, if screws were also limitated or ink had limits to bring a real challenge to the player once the first island is completed. For a game awarded by an indy game design fest it really lacks the magic and the fun I had playing WOG.

  4. Maks Verver Says:

    I must admit I was quite disappointed by the demo, too. The game looks great and I like the concept (even though I can’t draw my way out of a paper bag) but the demo just wasn’t challenging or interesting at all. In the first three levels you don’t even draw anything!

    Maybe this is because the demo features only the first couple of levels, and the full game picks up after that. If so, the demo does a poor job of showcasing the game’s ingenuity. Alternatively, the game just may not be that great (or, at least, aimed at a less demanding player base). The demo doesn’t really motivate me to buy a copy and find out.

  5. Hogwash Says:


    I have to wonder sometimes… I enjoyed WoG very much but why are all of the previous posters bitching about Crayon Physics Deluxe when the two games are nowhere near the same? The only similarity is that they “involve” physics in their gameplay. Aside from that they are supposed to be enjoyed as two separate experiences.

    Crayon Physics Deluxe is another wonderful game. The whole point to the game is it isn’t supposed to be hard, it’s supposed to be whatever you make it. You decide how complex or how simple the solutions.

    Perhaps people are afraid of new things, after all gamers are so used to being held by the hand when it comes to gameplay that when a new and great game such as Crayon Physics Deluxe comes along with truly open-ended sandbox gameplay, they don’t know what to do and start panicking.

    I guess it’s great for anyone who appreciates the fact that Crayon Physics Deluxe is a real step forward in the world of gaming. Unfortunately it’s a huge loss to those who just “don’t get it”.

    Oh well, to bad for those people…

    I’m going back to play some more Crayon Physics Deluxe.

    BTW, it comes with a built-in, easy to use, Level Editor and your Levels can be published so that the entire community of Crayon Physics Deluxe players can download them and play them, and vice versa.

    What an amazing game!

  6. MadTinkerer Says:

    To be fair to the Crayon Physics guys, the WoG demo is ridiculously comprehensive. It only has a few Goo types, but not since Doom has a demo version of a game contained as many levels.

    The standard number of levels in a demo is one. Less than one in the case of Left 4 Dead demo (which was still darn good). The WoG demo ruins nearly all other demos just by having so much content. The WoG demo also ruins other demos by being a demo of WoG, which most games can’t compare to in terms of instant gratification.

  7. Louai Al-Obaidi Says:

    I agree with the others, the demo just didn’t sell me on the game. Unfortunately, as mindblowingly awesome as the mechanics are, the puzzles themselves were just uninspired. The demo was only fun when I decided to pass over the obvious answer to a level and tried to solve it in a more roundabout way.

  8. Zolkowski Says:

    To be honest I was also disappointed with the demo, but once I had actually purchased the full game, I did not realize that the demo actually cut out a lot. Like when I made uneven squares in the demo, it still acted like it was even.. but in the full game the physics actually work on the shape you drew rather than just making it into a basic shape.. there’s also the ropes that they add in there, where you can make interesting pulley systems.

    The editor is where it shines, you can do what you want with the game… as well as many user-generated levels that are possible.. the game is definitely worth 20 bucks, stop being such ignorant world of goo fanboys and try the game out. There are other great indie games out there that isn’t just world of goo.

  9. Bobbyballs Says:

    Ok i’m gonna deepen my opinion on what I stated before the game itself is not bad i’ve played more and nearly completed all stars, the main reason I got disapointed by the game is just the lack of replayability, there is no stats or score which is imho very annoying to chalenge yourself without goal or records of what you did past. I’d have found important to have a statitistic when the level is completed with the number of ball lost, time to complete the level, total lenght of stroke used to complete. These stats would have made the game greater. Anyhow I don’t regret my 20$ spent, it’s fun to play with the physics and a refreshing game so yes support indy game so Click buy it now play it and make your opinion

  10. Tayron Says:

    You don’t challenge yourself for stats in CPD…you challenge yourself to come out with the most wackiest and original solutions. The “collect the star” thing is just a thread in a weave. The game’s point isn’t to show you how much you suck at it….the point is for you to release your creativity…express yourself :)

  11. Boudin Says:

    I’ve pre-ordered it, and I think it’s a great game.
    It just feels a little strange because there’s no real difficulty and not one way to accomplish a level.
    The idea of the game is to find a creative way to get the star(s). It’s not usual.
    There’s no score, nothing to challenge with, the only challenge is to think about a new way to end a level and make it “real”.

    It’s a very good game, but not interesting for thoses who only want to challenge with other players.

  12. Towncrier Says:

    Okay, Crayon Physics Deluxe has just been updated with additional challenges and extra stars to earn plus there are different bonuses depending on how complex / elegant your solutions are.

    Now everyone can quit their bitching and complaining. So go get it!

  13. quakster Says:

    In case you people are still on the verge of buying the game, Petri just updated the game with more stuff.

  14. Richard Says:

  15. Bobbyballs Says:

    Yep game has been updated with solution record system now it is totally what I expected from such a game since release 53 and 54 it would be a total mistake not to buy this game as a menu has been added with the update and stars rewarding players for completing the requiement for each solution:

    Ways you’ve solved the level:

    Elegant Solution
    Old School Solution
    Awesome Solution

    Also stats have been added for Time – Objects – Pins – Ropes and Ball Nudges

    and replays were added to so now everyone can enjoy playing and replaying levels =)

  16. Ark Says:

    Hello !
    I love World of Goo and Crayon Physic but i want crayon for ubuntu (.deb , .tar , . ) please give it’s linux version .