peter moore hasn’t played world of goo, looks down at it anyway

2D BOY takes it as compliment, honored that world of goo has crept this far into mainstream awareness (also derives sick pleasure from industry bigwig’s indignant, self-righteous incredulity)

here’s the full blog post, in case you’re curious:

happy new year, everyone!

42 Responses to “peter moore hasn’t played world of goo, looks down at it anyway”

  1. lol_nl Says:

    The guy wasn’t too negative about the game, wasn’t he? At least he didn’t explicitly criticize the game…

    But anyway, he is horrible, whatever color his face may be.

  2. Matt Oakes Says:

    Love it. Fifa 98 was the best Fifa game, after that they started adding more and more layers of usless stuff I didn’t want to think about. So no, Fifa 2008 doesn’t get a mention :P

  3. nic freed Says:

    dont worry guys, hes just jealous :P

  4. Alasdair Says:

    The reason he’s so sick with jealousy is that despite EA’s soulless attempts to monopolise the gaming market by buying out every company under the sun, two of its employees can leave, start an indie dev company and STILL outperform them in the charts.


  5. John Evans Says:

    The funny thing is that there seems to be some odd disconnect in his thinking. “The reviewers loved it and I’m sure it’s fun, but I’m surprised to see it so high up”…well, wait. If the reviewers loved it and it’s fun, then it SHOULD be high up, right? Why “surprised”? What missing ingredient is not being shared with us in this chain of logic?

    I have a guess or two, but they’re only guesses.

    By the way, from the news post, I was expecting something much more unkind about your game. I mean, seriously, “surprised to see it so high up” is hardly scathing criticism, guys! ;)

  6. Moore is goo Says:

    Well, Moore is an idiot, so I’d take it as a compliment.

    Plus he’s from EA now, but you probably know all about that.

  7. Roto13 Says:

    I never liked Peter Moore. He screwed over the Dreamcast and the Xbox 1.

  8. SirNuke Says:

    Don’t worry, deep down Peter Moore does love you, 2d boy!

  9. LewieP Says:

    I guess it’s not in the game.

    It’s in the goo.

  10. John Says:

    Congratulations on making a game popular enough that someone as big as Peter Moore feels obligated to care about it. I suppose that can’t be a bad thing.

  11. Nando Says:

    Peter Moore is evil !!!

  12. The Happy Friar Says:

    besides world tour, that was a good list.

    imho, however, price should always be included in a review (you’re going for worth, aren’t you?) and $20 for something like Goo puts it over the top imho.

  13. SicJake Says:

    Nah he didn’t slag the game :p but ya maybe send him a free copy to play with an email saying “This is why Goo is Top 10 soccer boy!”

    I was also peeved that mass effect and and mario kart weren’t higher on the list. Curse of coming out at the begining of the year me thinks.

    GeoWars while fun, didn’t need to be that high on the list, and Tomb Raider? Were ANY TR games any good? I quit after experiencing the horrible controls of the 1st one.

  14. greg Says:

    haha, it means we’re winning! The old crusty curmudgeon elite are all grumble grumble whine whine. Poor guy… :,,(

  15. lumpi Says:

    Wait, a game winning awards for quality that wasn’t produced on a half-a-billion dollar budget? What has the world come to?

  16. andrew Says:


  17. MadTinkerer Says:

    The article Peter was talking about is pretty funny, though: They keep mentioning WoG while talking about the other games. It gets so bad they start defending other games against WoG when they’re supposed to be talking about something else entirely:

    “Kieron Gillen: Seriously, you have no idea how good World of Goo is.”

    “Tom Bramwell: Or Gears of War 2, apparently, you goo-humping monsters.”

  18. Taiyou Says:

    I wouldn’t worry about criticism from the man responsible for the fall of Dreamcast and the poor success of XBOX. Anything that Moore touches gets broken.

  19. Near Says:

    Eh, why is he tugging Fifa’s balls so hard? It really isn’t that impressive or new.
    It’s nice that it’s gonna sell 10million, but that really isn’t a statement about its quality.

  20. Groxx Says:

    This cracked me up. He’s expecting a sports game to come in at the top 10, when that only happens on GameSpot (and similar sites), because there’s a new one EVERY YEAR with minimal improvement – just new numbers to flash at the addicted sports fans.

    As to Mario Kart, I honestly haven’t liked it since the N64 version. They’ve gotten progressively less skills-based with each version, with floatier controls, weaker and easier mini-boosts around corners, and more ways to shoot your opponents instead of outrunning them.

  21. Boudin Says:

    It’s sad that he does not even give interest to the game that beat games he was hopping for an award in these charts.
    He doesn’t even bother thinking “Why these games are more interesting than fifa ?”

    How a game that is not a big production, that does not have a big licence, that is not even in 3D, where you just move balls around making strange things, that doesn’t have any cool and funny DRM, that is cheap little thing can be better that this totaly impressive, never saw, amazing, awesome, ultimate football game ?

    Anyway, I’m happy to see World of Goo getting such great feedbacks, to see games like Braid and Rez HD (my little dreamcast favorite :) ) in this TOP 50

  22. Pete Burgess Says:

    You should link to the top50 page referring WoG, the reviewers comments are SO true.

    Best game of the year, no question; the Wii version is manic with 4 players (you need to add multi-player specific levels and competitive ones.


  23. Marko Says:

    World Of Goo is one of the best game ever.
    2DBoy, you have to make some more levels for download to Wiiware. Please, the whole world is begging for som more levels:)

  24. GIJOE Says:

    Jealousy! fantastic you guys made Ea jealous!That is just great!
    Let them rot in their own arrogance, mwhaahahahaha.

    no seriously, you made a good job. Its time to delete my pirated version and buy a real copy directly from you guys! good job

  25. vanarbulax Says:

    Oh noes! How dare that list be filled with games which fill us with escapist joy and brings something new and original to the table? Reviewers and consumers just don’t want good old mundane reality simulating games which would be far more realistic, interactive, social and challenging if you just, ya know, picked up a ball. Instead they seem to be opting instead for engrossing fantasy worlds which allow us to experience things we never would in real life in a way far more immersive and interactive than films or books.

  26. DtD Software Says:

    I’m suprised he was suprised, sports games have always had a narrow user base, and are generally hard to pick up. They’ve also gone down in popularity over the years.

    (Disclaimer: Personal observances only, not statistical at all.)

  27. Tayron Says:

    Peter is a moron. Don’t worry, WE LOVE YOU!:)

  28. Ardia Says:

    Just bought World Of Goo, even though I got it (*cough* illegally) a few weeks ago.

    Had to feed the GooBalls!

    Toronto LOVES YOU 2dboy!

  29. Mike Taylor Says:

    When will the Linux version be available? I’ve been waiting forever to buy it.

  30. Jdar Says:

    Someone as close minded as Peter Moore shouldn’t be legally allowed to take part in making games at all.

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  32. Nero Says:

    Um, so he hasn’t played the game and still am surprised it’s that high. Stop being surprised over something you don’t know anything about.. Whatever, you are still number 1 to me.

  33. Graham Says:

    I’m sorry, but Peter’s surprise at World of Goo is completely understandable. World of Goo doesn’t deserve to be among games like Gears 2, Fallout 3, and GTA4. Maybe it would have in 1994, but games like this just aren’t game of the year material in 2009. I purchased World of Goo and I buy a lot of Indie games, because I think it’s important to support small developers, but the truth of the matter is these games just aren’t in the same league as the other “Triple A” titles on that list. World of Goo is a great game for what it is. And its developers are clearly very talented and have great ideas. But a team that small will never be able to compete with big guys like EA, Ubi, 2K, etc. I wish they could!

    As far as Peter Moore goes, he’s been nothing but good for EA Sports. 2008 saw some of the best sports games since the 16-bit era. And if you think Peter didn’t have something to do with that you are mistaken.

  34. Shogun Says:

    This guy represents the odd thinking of the gaming industry:

    A good game needs:

    At least 50 developers working on the title for at least 3 years in order to make an old idea shine with new graphics

    A good game doesnt need:

    Creativity and new ideas

    The whole idea of making game after game that fit into an existing genre is just the wrong way, and the Goos came along to prove that!

    EA Sports is world leader in non-creativity, with sequels to their own games coming out year after year.

  35. Not Bernard Says:

    That really was one of the most amusing articles I’ve read in a while. I wonder what he would have said if you guys still worked for EA?

  36. Toeofdoom Says:

    Graham: I’d give your argument more credibility if you said something more than “Big name games are good because they have big names.” Maybe you haven’t noticed, but a team that size JUST DID compete with EA, 2K and ubisoft.

    In my book, Fallout 3, Gears 2 and almost every other game I’ve played arent in the same league as World of Goo. That league has World of Goo, Psychonauts, Portal, Audiosurf and maybe Penny Arcade Adventures with the first 2 right at the top.

    Because they’re that much fun.

    Disclaimer: Some games do not make that list simply because I havent played them yet (for example if they aren’t on PC).

  37. Romanista Says:

    WoG sure deserves its place, but i agree that fifa 09 is a brilliant innovative iteration of the series, and for that it would be a goog gesture to include it this year

  38. Werner Says:

    Well, outside of the sports games fanatics I think fifa09 deserves not to be anywhere in the list, seriously EA ruined its reputation with those games over the years. Fifa09 same as Fifa 08 exceppt different player lists, same as Fifa07 except different player lists. There are a huge load of people buying those games every year, and every year outside of the sports games fanatics everybody else scratches their head how EA can get away with all this :-)
    The entire EA sports line was the reason I did not buy any game from EA for 10 years!
    Hell I even did not look at the rest of the stuff they were releasing thinking they either run the next studio into the ground or run the next sequel of a sequel of a sequel!

  39. ZoFreX Says:

    Update: He has now played it, and likes it! :)

  40. Guido Says:

    No FIFA game will ever make it into any best-of list I will ever make. No other EA sports game either. They’re boring, and they stopped innovating around 1995.

  41. Sslaxx Says:

    Considering what EA did to Origin and Bullfrog (and Maxis for that matter), and what they’re in grave danger of doing with Bioware – especially with their horrible take on DRM – they can rot.

  42. Jason Says:

    Way to show EA, 2D Boy! That’s epic pwnage!