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Global Game Jam starts today! Here’s my keynote, “How to Make a Game in 48 Hours”

Friday, January 30th, 2009

The 48-hour Global Game Jam has started! And here’s my “How to Make a Game in 48 Hours” keynote if anyone’s curious.  It began first in New Zealand, and then as the Earth rotates, new jams pop up each hour in each new time zone, beginning at 5pm (each local time) Friday evening, with the last local jam beginning in San Francisco / LA.  It was created and organized by the ever amazing Susan Gold, more info on the jam’s official site here – you can also view each location streaming live. Right now all I see is a bunch of kittens. -Kyle

Update: Several people have asked about the games I showed in the video.  The majority of the fast clips were from the Experimental Gameplay Project. The “tree game” is a little toy called “Big Vine” which you can get here. “Illegal Communication” by Cactus is here and highly recommended. Gish is everywhere and needs no introduction.