A Special Christmas Miracle

Our favorite Christmas gift of all, the extremely handsome IGN guys named us Wii Game of the Year along with six others, Best Puzzle Game (pc), Best Puzzle Game (wii), Best Artistic Design (wii), Best WiiWare Game (wii), Best New IP (wii), and Most Innovative Design (wii). This has been a great year, thank you guys :)

Also, we’ve just been informed that, somehow, we are the #2 top selling pc game on Amazon, second to World of Warcraft.  We’re absolutely stunned, and 1. we will be naming all future games “world of whatever“, and 2. this might be interesting to add to the piracy discussion. (click image for full resolution evidence before someone notices and we disappear! ->)

Update: Just found out we’re #2 Game of the Year over on Gamasutra, thanks to everyone who emailed! We’re one happy 2d boy.

Update 2: The ever wonderful and courageous Rock Paper Shotgun guys made World of Goo Game of the Year, making this the most surreal christmas ever. Thanks Kieron, Jim, Alec, and John <3 I showed my parents, but I’m not sure they understand.

Update 3: Gametunnel Game of the Year! Thanks guys!

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    […] indie game, World of Goo earned it the No. 1 rank on Amazon’s top ten best-selling PC games recently, albeit temporarily, among giants like World of Warcraft, Spore, Left-4-Dead, and Fallout3. This […]

  2. RunAway Says:

    Wow congrats :D I really enjoy this game :D
    About the pirate question, I think that in this case “pirate to try and, maybe, buy” doesn’t apply because of the demo wich offers the complete 1st chapter of the game. I think is enough to decite to buy or not a game :)

  3. lol_nl Says:

    Browsing through IGN’s list, I noticed you guys were also nominated for IGN’s “Best Artistic Design” (pc), “Best Original Score” (Wii), “Best Family Game” (Pc) and “most innovative design” (pc)!

  4. mortenb Says:


    I think it is awesome someone will develop a game on linux, As much as
    I like to play Goo. I’m waiting for the linux version. Please hurry.

  5. projektfriedhof.net Says:

    World of Goo ein wundervolles 2D Spiel…

    World of Goo ist ein 2D Physics Spiel, das von einem kleinen Label vertrieben wird und ohne DRM auskommt. Sobald eine Linux Testversion verfügbar ist gibt es ein Update wie sich das Spiel anfühlt.Es schaut aber auf jeden Fall sehr kurzweilig aus. Abe…

  6. pro Says:

    Guys, now you’re even on 1# place in PC Games category on amazon….

  7. Brainkite Says:

    One explication to this:
    You are the best!

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    […] Christmas present). Rather, it’s Nintendo trying to bend your ear with an e-mail advert for award-winning WiiWare hit World of […]

  9. cfazendin.com - robot from the future? » Zeno Clash developer comments on torrent Says:

    […] The developers of the hit game World of Goo, 2D Boy had a really interesting post in their blog on piracy statistics: 90%.  Although they do make mention later on of being the #2 top seller on Amazon. […]

  10. James Eduard @ business long distance services Says:

    Well its a good game and its very impressive. Good job guys you made it very well its nice. It’s too bad to be pirated.goodluck guys.