We are changing our game’s name to “The Award Winning World of Goo”

At the Spike VGA’s we got indie game of the year! From Niel Patrick Harris, Dr. Horrible himself! He doesn’t actually know who we are, but that’s ok because he’s busy being awesome. This was an audience award, so thanks to everyone who voted!

20 Responses to “We are changing our game’s name to “The Award Winning World of Goo””

  1. Jeffrey Rosen Says:

    Seeing Ron on TV (and your stand-in head on a stick) was seriously one of the most inspirational things I’ve ever seen. Great job!

  2. Mikel Salazar Says:

    Congratulations! Now try to surpass yourselves. After all, with this award you can become more than “indies”, you can create a big, dark, and loveless corporation. That’s the price of being too awesome.

  3. windam Says:


  4. Alasdair Says:

    Congratulations again guys…so much for the peaceful nap eh?

  5. Nando Says:

    A well deserved award. Congratulations and keep up being awesome yourselves!

  6. Andres Says:


  7. Cardboardwarrior Says:

    They might not know you, but we still love you 2Dboy!

  8. Simon Says:


  9. Keiran Says:

    Link to video! :(

  10. Wetterdew Says:



    i voted for you (if that comes as a surprise)

  11. Keiran Says:

    I Just saw it!!! It gave me chills! Woo, very good job. You more than deserve it!. I love you 2D Boy!

  12. Phil Says:

    Hey, I actually watched that.

    I also voted for World of Goo about 6 or 7 times :D

  13. Lucas Says:

    I vote for your game about 3 or 4 times!
    You deserve the victory and you make it against great games like braid or eden…
    Sure, WOG is the best ^^

    HURRAY \o/

  14. Nero Says:

    Well deserved boys! World of Goo was truly like nothing I’ve ever played before. Just stunning.

  15. Mike Says:

    Congratulations on IGN’s Wii Game of the Year as well!


  16. David McGraw Says:

    Kick ass, guys! Stay motivated, and do what you do! MAKE G00d GAMES!

  17. David Bruant Says:

    Guys, your game is GOOnna be legend…. wait for it…

    DARYYYYYYY !!! (I couldn’t help doing this joke !)

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  19. John Garham Says:

    Ron is the man!

  20. DrByte Says:

    2dboy rulezzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!