Just found out…

Nintendo of Spain has invited us to a fun press even here in Madrid. Here are some new friends. We just found out this morning World of Goo will be available on WiiWare in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, this Friday the 19th. ¡Bueno!

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  1. bert Says:


  2. Demian Says:

    You’re here in Madrid?
    Mola! (Cool!)
    Enjoy the city. There are lots of places to go to have a “tapa” and a beer.

  3. Kuranes Says:

    Hey, guys!

    Are you really in Madrid? Do yo have any “official” schedule or something like that? Would be great to meet you in person or, at least, assist to your press conference, if possible.

  4. Matt Oakes Says:

    Thank you!!!!

    Cant wait for friday now :)

    I love you 2d boy!!

  5. Simon Says:

    Great! I’m looking forward to play it together with my brother this weekend. I got already the PC version, but I really want to play the game with friends =)

    Have fun in Madrid!

  6. Iversen Says:

    Smashing news! I’m gonna sneak it onto my kids’ Wii and have a blast once they find out it’s there.

  7. ness Says:

    Wohoo! Thank you, i will definitively download it this Friday on my Wii =).

  8. A good Goo Says:

    It was so nice event, thanks for coming to Spain and thanks for being so nice this morning ;-)
    Buena suerte!!

  9. Phil Says:

    Thanks from New Zealand. I’ll be downloading

  10. Manray Says:

    Hi Kyle!
    It’s… you!

  11. Lucas Says:

    Friday the 19th? WoooooooW finally, you guys are great ^^

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  13. Laza Says:

    This is great! Nintendo.de refused to tell any launch date…

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  15. Bad pic Says:

    You have choosen a bad pic.
    A lot of young people in Spain hate bullfighting and dissected animals in walls.

  16. SnoMelli Says:

    Youhou !!!! I have just test the wiiware this morning and i can dowload it today.
    After tested more than 10 times the demo on pc, i will can play to the entire game on my wii. I’m so happy. I run to buy a wii points card.

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  18. bert Says:

    it’s on there!! can’t wait to get home and install it!!!

  19. usualsuspect Says:

    Just downloaded it via WiiWare & finished the tutorial levels, cool game, original & fun to play. Nice work guys!

  20. Lucas Says:

    Downloaded it on Wiiware… only a Word: AWESOME!!!

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  22. Cardboardwarrior Says:

    Hey 2Dboy! You’ve made off with half of IGNs Wii awards this year as well!

  23. Fabrice Says:

    Just wanted to congratulate you guys on your game. I’ve just downloaded it today on Wiiware and it’s really top Nintendo-quality stuff. Amazing job!

  24. Rossobainco Says:

    Really want to play World of Goo… Any word on a WiiWare release in Japan? It would be a hot over here for sure.

  25. Rossobainco Says:


  26. Taiyou Says:

    I was one of the angry europeans pissed of when it was supposed to come out on disc and not as a WiiWare game here. Now I’m a happy buyer, it’s worth every single euro of the 15€ it costs.

    Thanks for your hard work bringing the game here!

  27. ToxieDogg Says:

    World Of Goo is excellent! I’ve been hearing good things about this game for some time now and decided to download it onto my Wii when the Official Nintendo Mag in the UK gave it 95%. I’m sooooo glad I did, everybody should give it a go :)

    Thanks, 2D Boy!

  28. LostOverThere Says:

    I’m very happy now! I’ll be gooing it up in a few days.

  29. blrg Says:

    Best game on the Wii in 2008 easily.

    Overall the quality is easily on par with top tier Nintendo games.

    Amazing work

  30. Gunder Says:

    Downloaded via WiiWare. Thank you for a truly original and entertaining game!

  31. Fiomtec Says:

    Damn it, you were in Madrid and you didn’t host any kind of reception?. Damn you! ;)

    Also, please, no photos with bulls. I’m so tired of going out of Spain and only listening to blah blah toros bla blah

  32. Logan Says:

    Thank you also from New Zealand!!

    World of goo was one of the deciding reasons in my purchase of a wii and was disappointed when it wasn’t in the store, but now IT IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. nintendo is best Says:

    who doent love nintendo?