2D BOY is taking a nap

ron and kyle will be taking a much needed break for the next couple of weeks with only sporadic access to email.  if this is an urgent matter, please hang up and dial 911.

23 Responses to “2D BOY is taking a nap”

  1. Wetterdew Says:

    2D Boy deserves a nice long hibernation.

  2. Santa Says:

    You totally deserve it.

    Can’t wait to hear about your next project.

    Also people should be respectful and not send a crapload of emails to 2D Boy.

  3. DeKapral Says:

    A break well deserved. Just give us a not if the wii version in Europe is released. And if you come up with another great idea.

  4. Tinus Says:

    Have a good one!

  5. DEFE Says:

    Enjoy your nap, fellas! Merry Christmas, or whatever holidays you guys celebrate.

  6. Lucas Says:

    Thanks again for all your works, you need to take a break now ^_^
    PS! please tell us European fans when World of Goo will be released on Wiiware! (so we’ll run to buy it)
    Happy Holiday seasons!

  7. Vince Says:

    You deserve it (sigh).

    BUT COME BACK SOON! (Please?)

    -The Awesome Vince

    P.S. I own your game on WiiWare. :)

    P.P.S. Your cat is cool.

  8. Hah Says:

    Well, now is the time when a massive game-breaking bug is discovered all at once by everyone.

    = )

  9. Heh Says:

    Always love the humor :)

  10. DEFE Says:

    “P.P.S. Your cat is cool.”
    Woah! Woah! Where might I find a photograph of this cat?

  11. Igorel Says:

    Have a nice nap! :)

  12. Keiran Says:

    Cool, you deserve the rest after just an amazing creation you have brought into my life. I LOVE GOO!!!

  13. Mitja Says:

    Linux version frist, then nap. :D

  14. Phil Says:



    Wake up and make us more awesome games damn it!

  15. scott Says:

    Enjoy Your Nap!

  16. YES!!!! Says:


  17. Klaus Says:

    I agree: enjoy your much-deserved vacation! I hope it’ll be relaxing, pleasant and sunny!

    And, of course, as soon as you’re back, we’ll hear about the now available Linux Version, so we can order it again ;-)

  18. Mike Says:

    Happy Holidays, hope the ideas are still flowing for some more gaming greatness from you guys, in the new year.

  19. Gow Says:

    Typical, we do a nice review of the game and you go on holiday!

    Well if you want to read it http://www.thirteen1.com, it’s in issue 9!

    Oh, and enjoy your time off, you definitley deserve it for such a cracking game! :)

  20. Alex Says:

    The linux version would indeed be marvellous. Although it turns out it runs perfectly on wine, so I’ve just been playing it in Linux using that. I actually just finished the game this minute. Brilliant!

    Have a great vacation!

  21. Faron Says:

    so no Linux Version for the Hollidays.

    Have a nice Chrismas and a happy new year.

  22. RON Says:

    my english name is ron, too, my english is not good,i came from china ,i love world of goo very much !
    i have got 1348 balls in the game now,it spent me 260hours,i think some Results in leaderboard is Fake ,like Small Divide 17bolls ,Super Fuse Challenge Time35 bolls,UpperShaft 59bolls,Particularly in most balls leaderboard ,
    i love u ,2D boy!!
    Please give us a real version of the ranking,thank u!

  23. ron Says:

    ….I CAN NOT SEE MY reply LOL