The Gift of Goo!

World of Goo is a game, and it doesn’t always come in a box, so sometimes it can be tricky to stick a digital game like this under a tree, or in a sock, or wrapped in paper. Luckily, the elves have devised a few options for the adventurous gifters of Goo!

  • Gifting for PC & Mac: Now, when you order the game, you can customize a download page with a recipient’s name, and a message from you! If you like box copies more, you can find them on and Best Buy. You are also welcome to burn the downloaded game to a CD.
  • Gifting for Wii: The Wii version is sold exclusively on WiiWare, so you can use the WiiWare gifting system. Another option, is to get a Wii Points card at any of the big retailers. World of Goo is 1500 Wii points.

If you need any card or wrapping ideas, there is a semi-secret collection of images for printing located here.  Maybe try changing the captions on these happy holiday friends:

13 Responses to “The Gift of Goo!”

  1. Chris Says:

    Very nice. Just in time for the holidays. My cousin will love his goo.

  2. dan banan Says:

    pretty please make an iphone version? :D

  3. Chris Davidson Says:

    Excellent. Does this mean I can buy gift copies in the next few days and then email out the links to the respective download pages in a couple of weeks?

  4. Lazyeo Says:

    I love this game,great!

  5. Pushy3 Says:

    Hi i have a ask: At the German Amazon site is the following text: World of Goo[…]Dieser Artikel wird am 11. Dezember 2008 erscheinen.
    Translate: This article will be on 11 December 2008 appear.

  6. Iversen Says:

    Ok, when will it hit the European Wii Shop? What’s the hold up? Come on guys, give us the goo already! My kids need to play this on their Wii, so I can keep my MacBook to myself.

    I bought the game online for the computers in the house and it must be the best $20 I’ve spent in a long time. I just finished it and I feel and urge to pimp it on everybody around me – is that good?

  7. Wetterdew Says:

    I’m going to use that to wrap up my small presents!

    But I’m sending this game via Wii, so I won’t be able to wrap that up.

  8. Ron Carmel Says:

    @chris davidson
    yes, that’s exactly what it means!

  9. Gollum Says:

    Question: if I buy it now, and get a nice download link – how long will this link be valid?

    I like to do all my christmas shopping early – did it all, but could use this as a nice little addition. Thus, if I pay today, receive the link to the modified DL-site – will that link still work on Dec 24th?

    And… any chance of seeing an example of what this looks like?


  10. Jfed Says:

    Y’all are win topped with awesomesauce.

    Teh Intarwebz. :)

  11. Patrick Says:

    What would be nice is if you could make available a graphic that could be printed and placed into a CD case. I’m burning a CD for my wife as a xmas present and it would be great to have some art to make the present more fun to open.


    — Patrick

  12. Jojo Says:

    This is brilliant! I’m a fan of giving games that require a brain, and this is just in time for the holidays. Thanks, guys. :D

  13. dkx Says:

    Box version at retails please, so that I could have a physical one. Please make the packaging as fun as the game, tetrahedron shape, fake furs and yes, exploding goo balls. It would be great if you guys have a repackaged deluxe version, with soundtracks, extra levels, posters, and goo dolls, all furry and cushy and plushy.