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A Special Christmas Miracle

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

Our favorite Christmas gift of all, the extremely handsome IGN guys named us Wii Game of the Year along with six others, Best Puzzle Game (pc), Best Puzzle Game (wii), Best Artistic Design (wii), Best WiiWare Game (wii), Best New IP (wii), and Most Innovative Design (wii). This has been a great year, thank you guys :)

Also, we’ve just been informed that, somehow, we are the #2 top selling pc game on Amazon, second to World of Warcraft.  We’re absolutely stunned, and 1. we will be naming all future games “world of whatever“, and 2. this might be interesting to add to the piracy discussion. (click image for full resolution evidence before someone notices and we disappear! ->)

Update: Just found out we’re #2 Game of the Year over on Gamasutra, thanks to everyone who emailed! We’re one happy 2d boy.

Update 2: The ever wonderful and courageous Rock Paper Shotgun guys made World of Goo Game of the Year, making this the most surreal christmas ever. Thanks Kieron, Jim, Alec, and John <3 I showed my parents, but I’m not sure they understand.

Update 3: Gametunnel Game of the Year! Thanks guys!