Where’s World of Goo?

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  1. Wetterdew Says:

    Do the PC versions come with instruction guides?

    I don’t think I’ve ever bought a PC game before…

  2. Chris Says:

    I see it! It’s right next to World of Warcraft. See it? Huh? Huh?

  3. Emanuel Says:

    hi guys i have the game on wii and i love it (and you for making it)! but theres something that cached my eye how come you dont have a WoG forum?

    oh can somebody plz tell me is there something at the end of WoG corp. or is just a joke?

    -the thankful sign painter

  4. Hah Says:

    Emanuel; check the top-right of this website for the list of links. Forum is one of them.

  5. DtD Software Says:

    What stores is it at exactly? Target or Walmart hopefully?


  6. Ciro Says:

    Just leaving another venezuelan flag around here x-D

    Love the box, but I already bought the game for PC (pre-ordered!) and for the Wii, a “gift” for my office, I just really wanted to catch more souls to worship World of Goo :-P

  7. Kyle Gabler Says:

    This is a photo Ron took in Best Buy.

    In the US: Best Buy, Sam’s Club, GameStop

    In Canada: Walmart Canada

    And there’s always Amazon.com. The Euro version should be available in mid-December, we’ll post about it when we know more, what stores, etc. Watch out, World of Warcraft!

  8. Emanuel Says:

    thanks hah i didnt expected such fast reply thanks you!

    yeah! another venezuelian flag soon we will conquer the world *evil luaght*. ;-)

  9. Tom Says:

    Wow! Good on ya! Great to see indie-devs in stores!

  10. Álmos Says:

    Is there any chance that I could make a similar photo in Hungary someday? :P

  11. Mark Says:

    As a linux user i have been wondering the exact same thing.

  12. Adam Says:

    Can I order a linux boxed version somewhere?

  13. Wetterdew Says:

    Let’s see…World of…hmm…there’s Conflict…there’s Warcraft…

    Ah! There it is. Goo. My safe, beautiful haven from all the struggles in the world.

  14. Phil Says:

    Great placement being next to WoW. Now everyone who buys World of Goo will be made aware of World of Warcraft. Blizzard really ought to call and thank you guys. :D

    Anyway, this is great to see and good luck. Hopefully this retail release will help get WoG the sales it deserves. I’d love to see a World of Goo commercial. Do you guys have enough funds to make that happen?

  15. Derek Says:

    Where would you prefer us to buy? I assume if we buy through the website, you get to keep all $20 (or close to it), but if we buy the retail version, there’s going to be a bigger cut from the retailer, the distributor, the publisher, etc., but I suspect you also want retail sales to justify the shelf space and increase retail distribution.

  16. SuBWaReZ Says:

    Great news !!

  17. Russian WOG FAN Says:

    will this miracle be in russia ?

  18. Ron Carmel Says:

    @Phil: thanks for the tip, i just emailed blizzard about this :)

    @Derek: yes, you’re right, we see the largest portion of the payment from purchases on our website, about $19 after paypal take their cut. from retail sales the share will be MUCH lower. there are lots of people taking a bite out of that $20 pie.

  19. Tayron Says:

    congratz ppl:) proud of you 2dboy;)

  20. Keiran Says:

    @ Ron: Then I shall buy it on the website, even though it be nice to have the box :D. I just gotta wait a couple of days until I get paid.

  21. Stinus Says:

    You may not know, but recently WoG was awarded 6 out of 6 in a review in the Danish newspaper Politiken (http://politiken.dk/tjek/digitalt/spil/article599455.ece). This obviously attracted my attention, and now I desperately want to buy the game. But I can’t find it anywhere here in Denmark.
    Like Keiran I would love to have the box – especially since I want it to be a christmas present for my 6 year old son.
    Isn’t it possible to buy the boxed game from your website? Perhaps adding a few dollars to the price?

  22. Koralina Says:

    Don’t be fooled – this is the secretly released World of Goo MMORPG!

  23. Phillip Says:

    Is that for mac?

  24. logame Says:

    When will be released(in physical format) the game in Spain?

    How much will it cost?

  25. Chris Says:

    iPhone version gets my money! Takers?

  26. 王一飞 Says:


  27. Surakshith Says:

    yes an Iphone version will be amazing :)
    I have this game for wii
    and would love to see it on my phone

  28. DtD Software Says:

    Just bought the Wii version and it is downloading! Can’t wait! (I’ll be downloading the PC version soon aswell, so I can have Goo on my laptop ;) )

    As for ports, perhaps if there is every a C++ compiler for Google Android, I can get Goo for my GooGle Android (which I don’t have yet, but whatever ;) )


  29. PatrickJS Says:

    I have still not found it in Canada – is it a non-Quebec thing, perhaps?

  30. Tom Brouws Says:

    Stinus: The European version will come out in December, if I recall correctly. You can then buy it from a few stores and online shops.

  31. Tom Brouws Says:



  32. Tom Brouws Says:



    (If this is a double post I apologize, my internet is buggy.)

  33. Ran Says:

    Places like Target and Walmart are anxious to see if the sales of World of Goo at Best Buy are any good to help them decide whether to take a gamble on a virtual “unknown” and bring it into their stores. Best Buy has done a great job supporting the title, placing it in every store in their chain. Hopefully all of us who know about the game and are used to buying our games digitally have spread the word enough to our not-as-technologically inclined friends so this beauty of a box will sell at Best Buy and spread to Target, Walmart, and beyond! (Could anything really be beyond Walmart? Maybe Starbucks…)

  34. Dodo Says:

    I don’t understand the “Phyton”
    I know …
    I’m noob …

  35. amdmen Says:

    i cant wait the moon phase to play it!

  36. scott Says:

    is there a point to this?

  37. Spliter Says:

    seems like WoG got himself a reputation ;)
    keep it up!

  38. Bousnorkee Says:

    I’m going to buy both the downloaded and the retail version. You people deserve all the support you can get and I deserve a boxed version. :-D

  39. jason Says:

    very nice, congratulations!

  40. Sonic Says:

    Молодцы парни…клёвая игра =)

  41. Phillip Says:

    I want that game…

  42. LyokoJames Says:

    Is this for austrailia too?

  43. Ethan Says:

    Wow, they sold out THAT quick? That’s amazing! Keep up the goo-d work!

  44. Ethan Says:

    Oh, they just were sent in… That’s entirely different. Still, goo-d luck!

  45. Sami Says:

    Why will PC owners get a retail version if Wii owners won’t!?

  46. Tom Brouws Says:

    @Sami: If you want to pay € 50 for it instead of € 15 the boxed version would be great.

  47. Dee Says:

    The version we can download via the site is DRM free (WooHoo!!), but is the boxed version also DRM free?

  48. Tamias Says:

    It took me and three sales associates forty-five minutes to find the box set at Best Buy yesterday :X Their computer showed they had four units, but we couldn’t find ’em anywhere! Turns out some moron had stocked them behind “Marriage Rush 2” in the Casual Games section…. It wasn’t by World of Warcraft at all T_T

    The good news is, now I have the Wii version, the downloaded version, and the retail version, and I finally feel like I’ve paid enough proportional to how good this game is. All I can do is thank 2D Boy for such a sublimely profound, hilarious, and contemplative game, and I’ll be supporting you guys buying whatever crazy contraption you pump out next, regardless of the reviews.

    You’ve shown me and many others that making a great game is not about the numbers, but about the heart. I can’t wait to see where this takes you.


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