we’re back, almost

Update: Ok, all systems appear to be functioning.

Hi everyone, we’re in the process of moving to a new server, so some parts of this site are still gradually coming back online.  Our old web hosting provider (bluehost, avoid them!) canceled our account with no warning for using too much of our “unlimited” resources.  If you emailed or tried to contact us in the last 24 hours, you might want to try again. The good news is, there’s actually a level about crappy web hosts in World of Goo!

20 Responses to “we’re back, almost”

  1. Mathieu Says:

    We have similar issues with our hosting provider… What is your new one?

  2. Toval Says:

    As a Bluehost tech agent, I’m sorry. I didn’t even realize that you guys were the ones to make Goo until I spoke with a bunch of people complaining about your site being down.

    I know it isn’t really a consolation to you, but a lot of us at Bluehost really empathize with our customers and would love to be able to do nothing more than make everything as fantastic as possible. . . but company policy (and a powerful need to eat once in a while) trumps anything we tech guys can do.

    I hope the move went smoothly for you and good luck on theplanet.

  3. Moritz Says:

    again my question if I can make a level or get the sourcecode!

  4. Ron Carmel Says:

    thanks for the kind words, toval, 2dboy.com is now in stable condition and off of life support ;)

  5. Dont Listen to Toval Says:

    Don’t listen to Toval, Bluehost doesn’t care about anything! Their service is junk and they can’t deliver what they promise.

  6. Kyle Gabler Says:

    We moved to a dedicated server with hostgator. It’s been great so far…

    So, in regard to bluehost, sure, it’s understandable to expect that everyone on the service should play fair. If a client (ie. us) is causing a problem, it seems fair that we should be notified so we can correct the problem. We are not malicious users by any means. There was no notification, just abrupt termination of service, and a cold response when we called tech support.

    I really don’t want to turn this into a thread trashing any particular hosting service, but given our history with this particular service, I would strongly discourage anyone with a mild amount of web traffic from using bluehost. Or any shared hosting service.

    We have some more unsettling information about the service, that I invite Ron to share.

  7. He's right, don't listen to Toval Says:

    “As a Bluehost tech agent, I’m sorry. I didn’t even realize that you guys were the ones to make Goo until I spoke with a bunch of people complaining about your site being down.”

    That’s exactly the problem, nobody gives a crap. I’ve been through several shared-hosting services and they’re all the same. Poor quality, inadequate service, and when you try to quit, they shuffle you around and ignore you as long as possible so they can keep charging you.

    It’s good to know that after the fact Bluehost finally decided to wonder “hm, whose site did we just cancel?” Too bad it was a lucrative one.

  8. jp Says:

    I’m just wondering, I’m using bluehost and even though I have a had a couple of problems, whenever I go to the live chat they are very kind and fix any problems I have as fast as they can. I hope I don’t have the same problems with them since my site is working fine… as of now…

  9. Toval Says:

    I had a reply to “Don’t Listen to Toval” and “He’s right, don’t listen to Toval” but decided to erase it.

    Ron, Kyle, as a gamer, I support you guys and what you are doing. I get paid today and I’ll be purchasing a copy of Goo this afternoon.

    I’m sorry the company I work for shafted you, but I (and many other tech agents I work with) wish you guys the best of luck.

    Keep up the good work!

  10. Chris Evans Says:

    Good to see you back working in one piece again guys :)

    Re: Bluehost, I have never had any trouble, though I guess with my minimal bandwidth requirements I am in no trouble of getting treated like yourselves!

  11. Keiran Says:

    Hey, I just want to thank you for this great an amazing game you have created. Keep up the good work.

  12. The Happy Friar Says:

    let’s trust the rambling of people who don’t even want to post their own name to bash a company… :/

    Ironicly, when I have a problem & called tech support about my DSL, they said there was no problem, everything is as it should be. After 30 minutes it was figured out the service I was getting, how much I was being changed & what I was told I would be getting were all different! :D

  13. scott Says:

    oh the server farm level about the 99.99% satisfaction

  14. desillusionnist Says:

    I buy your games when Linux version are released.
    see you later

  15. ChrisGrenard Says:

    I just wanted to say that I recently switched to Bluehost, and I wanted to chime in on their support. I recognize that the service things are sorta lies (there’s really no such thing as “unlimited” bandwidth), but the service has consistently been fast and only was down once for about 2 hours for me.

    Now if you want to talk crappy serving, let’s talk about PowWeb…. ugh, they might have the slowest phpMyAdmin I’ve *ever* used.

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  17. Fred Hicks Says:

    Of the three hosting providers I’ve had a chance to experience — bluehost, lunarpages, and midphase — I’ve *generally* had the most positive experience with bluehost. Which isn’t to say they haven’t done some no-notice bull with me; they have. But in that case I jettisoned the one site of several I run over to another service, with a dedicated server, and it worked out well enough.

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  19. Nick Says:

    bluehost / hostmonster (same company) suck, they did the same to my forum: http://mm-rs.org or http://mm-rs.com

  20. Loyd Says:

    It is bad enough bluehost killed your account without warning but to have one of their employees (Toval) come here and troll forum over the issue is despicable. Shame, shame, shame on Toval and bluehost. Very, very very unprofessional.