Connections of Goo

This wonderfully out-of-the-ordinary-review caught my attention –

beauty2.jpgWorld of Goo is a game about industrialization, alienation in the modern world, post-modern commentaries on consumer culture, and the downfall of technologically advanced societies. It is all there for those who want it and it demands interpretation, but for those not interested, it is not mandatory. […] This game is a quietly subversive joy.” (link)

From a blog called Experience Points, with smart reviews that are focused more on theme analysis, than button presses.  Of course, that’s all crazy. World of Goo is a physics game about squealing little balls!


21 Responses to “Connections of Goo”

  1. Alasdair Says:

    And so the mystery of MOM continues…

  2. Nick Says:


  3. Marco Says:

    ahahahaha LOL :)

  4. Chris Evans Says:

    MOM again eh…hmm most puzzling :D

  5. ZomBuster Says:

    Hehe… connections within the world of goo

    They mean of course the gooballs that are connected

  6. The Happy Friar Says:

    some people over anaylize everything. ;D

  7. Phasma Felis Says:

    Some like to analyze, some don’t like to analyze…and others don’t even know how to *spell* analyze. :)

  8. Dillon Riecke Says:

    “Are you coming home?
    Love, MOM”

    I AM!

  9. pkt-zer0 Says:

  10. pkt-zer0 Says:

    Heh, the hidden message became a bit more hidden than I intended. Might want to check the way you parse news comments.

  11. vanarbulax Says:

    MOM can see me!

  12. Cardboardwarrior Says:

    Man, I should go visit MOM. She makes the greatest cookies.

  13. John Q Says:

    I agree with this review. Prior to playing World of Goo I used to be a card carrying Republican. Now my political ideology can be best described as “left of Karl Marx.” I have acquired a new perspective on life and plan on leading the proletariat to a glorious revolution.

    Just follow the narrative in WoG. Oil, OPEC, Building 7… the clues are in the game.

  14. Scott Juster Says:

    I should have known it was only a matter of time until MOM found Experience Points. I should have visited her more often…

    Seriously though, thanks for visiting the site. Both Jorge and I loved the game and we can’t wait for your next one. Keep up the great work!

  15. Moritz Says:

    is it possible to create an own chapter/level?

    Great game anyway!!!

    PS how did you make the game???
    Could you give me the sourcecode of the Demo????

  16. agustin Says:

    jajajaa LOL
    que buen juegoo :)
    se lo voy a pasar a todos mis amigos
    lo voy a hacer re conosidoo :)

  17. Spliter Says:

    Heh… It’s funny how People can over analyze everything, be it a simple book where they try to find a hidden text, or a game like world of goo… I say Simplicity All the Way!

    John Q : It’s called communism We already had that Karl Marx ideology in Poland, now everyone is happy that it ended. For the sake of everyone, don’t do it.

  18. Brice Morrison Says:

    Haha, that’s really interesting. But then again, I’m all for deconstructionism…if the work seems to say something, then it’s there. Maybe you guys have some hidden thoughts about industrialism? :-)

    Also, since this is my first time posting on the 2D Boy blog, I’d like to comment that I love how this game has come so far out of the “How to Prototype a game in 7 days” semester long sprint you all did. Great work!

  19. T Says:

    I also wrote about this game :p Though it’s a bit nerdy.

    Anyway, thanks for such a great game.

  20. wenwen Says:

    love this game! looking forward to your next one!

  21. Noah Weiner Says:

    I interpreted it as having meaning. Even if the creator didn’t mean to, he likely subconsciously added a deeper meaning into it. That’s what makes this game art.