world of goo coming to wiiware in europe!

wogc-small.jpgever since we realized that releasing world of goo as a wii retail game in europe is unfair to those on the other side of the atlantic, we’ve been in discussions with our european publisher about how to make things right.

today, we’re happy to announce that world of goo will be coming to wiiware in europe after all!  we’ve started the submission process and hope to release it sometime in december.  we’d like to thank our publisher, RTL Games, for being flexible and working with us on this course correction.

we’re anticipating some questions about this, so let’s try to answer them:

Q: how much will world of goo cost on wiiware in europe?
A: most likely the same as in the americas: 1500 points.

Q: will the pc version be available in europe too?
A: yes, at the same time as the retail release, hopefully late december.  it will cost 19.99 euros and will be available in retail stores (to be announced), through steam and other digital downloads services, and on (an incorrect price is currently listed).

Q: will there be an extra chapter for europe?
A: no.  everyone will get the same version of the game.

Q: why is it not available in europe now?
A: we need to put the final touches on translations, get european age ratings, and go through nintendo’s approval process.  the retail pc version also needs to get manufactured and shipped to retail stores.

Q: i am european and i am still angry with you.
Thank you, user000299174, for contacting the World of Goo Corporation’s new cost effective customer service center.  Your feedback is very important to us.  A highly efficient customer service specialist will contact you regarding your query very shortly.  When prompted, please provide the following case identification code: WG-77415823/B.

43 Responses to “world of goo coming to wiiware in europe!”

  1. Chris Says:

    So this means no chapter 6 for anyone? Or does this mean it’s coming later? I kinda got my hopes up when I saw Kyle post this on the forum in a Ch. 6 topic.
    “We should have an interesting update regarding the fate of the 6th chapter soon, I hope this coming week.

    But, any add-on content we make, I want to make available to everyone in the world, in some way or another. Nobody will be without it. We learned our lesson!”
    The “Nobody will be without it” line gave me the impression that he meant Ch. 6, but I suppose it could have just been referring to any other add-on content. So, are we still gonna see goo on the moon?

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  3. Phil Says:

    And when are we going to be seeing World of Goo: The Movie?

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  5. Mike Oxytnx. Says:

    Brilliant news, we really do love you, 2D Boy.

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  8. Roto13 Says:

    So does this mean there’s not going to be an extra chapter in the retail version?

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  10. Mzen Says:

    2D Boy, I really admire the originality of your game (a friend of mine got the cracked version on pc, damn pirate lol, I only played the first level and decided to drop it immediately because I’ve decided to get it on the Wii), but I can’t help but wonder about the destiny of the supposed “extra chapter”.

    I wouldn’t be worried if I bought it on the pc, but honestly I’m tired of pc gaming, I only care for consoles now. My question is about Nintendo’s awful online service, we all know that add-ons and patches are really not their thing (but things are looking up, with the recent Guitar Hero and Megaman 9), so I can’t help but wonder… If you and your team really create a new chapter, will it be available on WiiWare?

    That’s the only reason I was looking forward for the boxed version in Europe, I don’t want Wii users like me feeling left if the new stuff is a pc-only offer.

    Once again thank you for giving us such a wonderful piece of gaming!

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  12. wsippel Says:

    I would have bought the retail version, but this decision still makes me very happy. I guess I’ll use the money I saved due to the game being on WiiWare to gift World of Goo to a few people. Guys, you rock!

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  15. Taiyou Says:

    I’m glad you guys reconsidered this. I’ll buy it as soon as it’s out.


  16. nils Says:

    wow!!! what great news!!!!!!!!!!!
    once again: i love you, 2d boy.

    greetings from italy,

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  18. oliver12345 Says:

    Thank you, guys! I can’t wait! I’ll download that great game on it’s release day. Greetings from Germany. :)

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  20. Alexander Lund Says:

    Thank you!

    Well, thats all I need to say. Thank you soooo much!

    /Alex (Sweden)

  21. wideawakewesley Says:

    This is a great decision and having played the demo, I will definitely be buying the game and telling everyone else to buy it too!

    Please start work on World of Goo 2 or bring us some DLC in the form of chapter 6!




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  24. Sami Says:

    It’s not unfair! I wanted the retail release! Damn it! (Probably won’t buy the game anymore.)

  25. PhazonGC Says:

    Very good decision, even if I had bought the Wii-Retail-Version. I’ve bought and played through the Donwload-PC-Version and I’m really looking forward to play Co-Op on Wii.

    Is Chapter 7 going to be released as downloadable content or did you skip working on that chapter?

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  28. Daniel Says:

    Wow, thanks for realizing your mistake and correcting it! I loved the PC demo, but I want to play the game on Wii and I was conflicted about paying retail price for a game everyone else would get much earlier and cheaper. Let’s hope Nintendo’s approval process won’t take too long!

    One question: Will the translated versions of the game have the option to change the language to English? I would prefer that.

  29. Sadpanda Says:

    Im european and I love you 2D Boy!

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  31. hotblack Says:

    Nice one guys. Great that you’ve realised this was a problem and been able to work to resolve it. Thank you 2dboy!

  32. Orpheon Says:

    Thank you!!! Thank you, thank you thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!

    I was this close to purchasing the PC version out of desperation – yet we all know that the WiiWare build is the definitive must-have title.

    What graces Europe grace the land down-under, looking forward to playing your creation soon.


  33. Compiler Says:

    Glad to read that the game will come to Europe.

    I’ll be buying it for my Wii. The worst is that I prefer physical software, I don’t like downloads, but this time I’ll make the effort.

    I hope that the Wii version will be “updatable” like the other Wii channels (I mean, you can update channels like the “Internet channel” or VC games). This way, you can distribute the game updates through the Wiiware shop. People who already paid for the game would be able to update it.

    Think that a game like World of Goo can be the current-gen Lemmings. So please create lots of extra levels, add nice extra features, create map editors, something like that.

    And a note: 20 US$ are 15 EUR in exchange, but people in Europe does not earn the same money that people in US. Here the “standard” salary is about 800 to 1000 EUR / month… so 1500 Wii Points are maybe “A BIT” high price. I would prefer to pay 25 EUR in physical format rather than 15 EUR in download format.

    Maybe 12 EUR (1200 Wiipoints) would be a better price so that lots of people buy it.

    Thanks for your time :)

  34. Marybelle Stryk Says:

    You know that they’re selling the game in amazon for 40 euros. I hope you guys are getting a big chunk of that and not RTL. It’ll only come to Germany in Feb 2009. guess we’ll all have to wait. I don’t mind all that (price and wait) to support independent game developers. You rock!

  35. Andy Says:

    I am delighted about this decision. Although the extra-chapter that we were promised as recompense for having overpriced delayed games in europe was something I was looking forward to. I am a little disappointed as to the pricing: Wii points being more expensive in the UK the price seems more substantial. Just because we are used to being overcharged does not make it right.

    Similarly 20 euros is a significant chunk more than 20 dollars. (for the PC version). (over 25 dollars, at today’s exchange rate).

    I shall be purchasing it, however, to in some way atone for the fact that I am currently playing a pirated copy – and wish to support 2Dboy. Keep up the good work.

  36. Canyarion Says:

    Awesome news! It is once again an instant-buy title for me.

  37. Ami Says:


  38. Cochonou Says:

    How comes the european digital download version costs 20 euros ? I can understand the retail version being more expensive because of the physical content, but why would someone buy the steam version at 20 euros when they can get the same game directly from 2DBoy at 20 dollars (less than 16 euros) ?

  39. Kieron Wilkinson Says:

    Yes! Yes yes yes!!!! Thank you! I’ve loved world of goo ever since I saw in in the independent games compo a few years ago. I don’t have a Windows PC anymore, but I have a Wii, so finally I will be able to play this game via WiiiWare. You have made me happy :)

  40. Andrew Savory Says:

    I’m still very angry with you.

    But … thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou

  41. user000299174 Says:

    I’m still a bit angry.

    I’ll pirate the game until it is available.
    Too bad, i really wanted to buy it.

    Case identification code: WG-77415823/B.

  42. Pak Karamu Says:

    Happy new year

  43. TragicLlama Says:

    Shame on you, user000299174. You jerk.