World of Goo for Mac is READY


It’s brand new, available right here.  Let us know how it runs!

If you already got the Windows version from this site, you can download the Mac version too, just use your same download link.

Min spec is OSX 10.4 or later, with either Intel cpu or PPC G4 or better. Thanks to everyone who helped us test it! If you want to try first, get the demo here.

69 Responses to “World of Goo for Mac is READY”

  1. Bob Says:

    works great on my 2.2 MacBook Pro @ 1440×900
    this is a game that isnt going to leave my mac anytime soon, thanks for not forgetting us or palming us off with a crappy substandard port like EA would have done, definitely a contender for game of the year, across all formats. :)

  2. Abdou Says:

    Excellent game my friends, you did a great work !
    I didn’t enjoy as much a game since Zuma :)

  3. Kristijn Says:

    WOG doesn’t run smoothly on my late 2008 2.4 Ghz (4G RAM) MBP. Neither on the 9600 nor on the 9400 card. Changing the resolution doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. Performance gets worse after playing for a while, especially on higher levels of the game. It runs fine on a late 2007 MB 2.2 GHz (4GB RAM).

  4. Madison Says:

    Well I tried the demo and I like it a lot. It plays very smooth at 1920×1200 on my MacBook Pro (Dual Core 2 @ 2.6Ghz, 4GBRAM, Nvidea GeForce 8600M GT 256MB) and no hiccups or stutter or anything. Fun! Surfing over to Gametree!

  5. Leon Says:

    I love this game! It runs smoothly on my 2007 MB, no problems at all. Just one thing… I prefer listening to my own music… can I turn music and sound effects off?

    Thanks! :)

  6. mmykle Says:

    This game is great. It runs smoothly, the signs are funny, and the OCD’s are a nice challenge. However… I can’t turn the game music off! Has anyone figured out how to turn it off?

  7. toolbear74 Says:

    Simultaneously jazzed and bummed to learn of the Mac release. Jazzed because my preferred platform is my Mac. Bummed because I already purchased it via Steam.

    Dear 2D Boy, I already adore you. I will adore you so much more if I don’t have to buy your game a 2nd time.

  8. superhans Says:

    The framerate on my MacBook Pro 2.2 dual core is so low, it’s unplayable. Is there a patch coming?

  9. Todd Says:

    Runs really well on my 1Ghz Titanium Powerbook G4. Surprisingly smooth in all but a few exceptions, when it chugs a little, but remains quite playable.

  10. Narayana Says:

    This game is absolutely wonderful and runs great on my Dell Mini 9 (1.6GHz Intel Atom) running 10.5.6.

  11. Daniel Says:

    Hey there,

    I have got a Late 2008 MacBook Pro with 2.4 Ghz, 4GB RAM and the nvidia 9400/9600M GT and the game runs with either one of the cards really really slow. I cant play (well) on the Mac. With Windows on Bootcamp or even in VMWare Fusion I can play without any problems. Is there a fix or does anyone know the issue? Please help because I really love the game.


  12. Oscar Says:

    Gosh!! I’m scared!!
    What a dangerous addictive game!! XD

    I had only 3 old games in my MB Pro, just to play in some nostalgic moments, but WOG is the fourth… and… just downloaded the demo… played for 2 hours or more… went to sleep, and the first thing I did this morning… really the first thing, was to buy it even I’ve found it via torrent. It is so great, that I had to spend such insignificant money for such a great game!! XD

    It was so long time ago that I felt this.

    This is a real game.

  13. Chris Says:

    I also have the crackling sound in the demo. This is on an iMac 1.9 GHz PowerPC G5 running Leopard 10.5.6. It is mostly in the left speaker. Does it do this in the game as well? My son loves the game, but the crackling noise can drive you nuts!

  14. Roger Says:

    Works great on my Hackintosh (MacOS retail 10.5.6) after I changed the resolution in config to my monitor default resolution 1920×1200.

  15. Justin Says:

    Sound does not work and resolution sucks with MacBook 13inch. I have a Mac Mini and the sound and resolution work perfectly. What’s the deal

  16. Diego Says:

    The demo is playable even on mi old g4 cube 450 mhz, great game!!

  17. Cyrus Says:

    Where is the save file on the Mac? I can’t find it, and googling it doesn’t seem to yield any results… I really don’t want to have to re-do all my progress on every Mac I have…

  18. elise Says:


  19. greg Says:

    please how to toggle sound on macosX! :D