World of Goo for Mac is READY


It’s brand new, available right here.  Let us know how it runs!

If you already got the Windows version from this site, you can download the Mac version too, just use your same download link.

Min spec is OSX 10.4 or later, with either Intel cpu or PPC G4 or better. Thanks to everyone who helped us test it! If you want to try first, get the demo here.

69 Responses to “World of Goo for Mac is READY”

  1. pogonomyrmex Says:

    old iBook G4 1.2 GHz here, 1.2 gigs of ram and it works like a charm.

  2. Turadg Aleahmad Says:

    wonderful! That’s some good Mac-y Goo.

    One suggestion: an option to black out the non-goo portion screen in windowed mode. Full screen doesn’t look very good on my large LCD monitor due to scaling. By tabbing out I discovered it also has a windowed mode and a menu option to return to Full Screen. That looks much better, but then I get the desktop distraction. A black background surrounding the Goo area would be great. And then, of course, it would be nice to have the startup mode be a preference.

    Thanks for the Mac port. I’m going to lose a lot of time to this. ;)

  3. Mark Cooke Says:

    I just played through the first chapter on my iMac. Everything is running great.

    Just wish it had wide screen support but that is a minor quibble. :-)

  4. Ron Carmel Says:

    turadg, mark, dig into the package, there’s a file called config.txt in there where you can set screen resolution.

  5. Caleb Says:

    I’ve played it through on my MacBook and everything works great, except for when I moved my save file to my iMac. I could enter all the levels, but the game crashed whenever I clicked continue at the end of the level.

  6. Ruud Says:

    On my early 2008 macbook pro the sound is cracking/stuttering at the end of levels and sometimes with the movies between levels. Sounds like some software mixing/buffering problems.

  7. Kyle Gabler Says:

    Thanks Ruud – we’re working with the creator of the audio library ( to get the crackling sorted out. Luckily, it seems fairly rare. Anyone else hear this? What hardware are you on?

  8. Michael Says:

    Now linux… please :)

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  10. Briankite Says:

    I’ve tested it on my Macbook Pro 15″ 2,33ghz 2go and it was kind of slow
    Really not as smoth as on the Windows version

  11. Fazer Says:

    Will I be able to run Linux vesion of World of Goo if I already bought it on Steam?

    Even if not, WoG works flawlessly through Wine (Windows “emulator” for Linux) ;-)

  12. Wandel Says:

    You guys were planning on a Linux version too right? (Even though it seems to be working fine in Wine)

    I’d be happy to help out with testing :-)

  13. Otis Says:

    It doesn’t run well on my 2006 (I think) macbook. Play smoothly, quit and play again with a very low framerate (fixed itself the 2nd time, didn’t the 3rd time). Also it doesn’t seem to work when I move my pers2.dat from the windows partition to mac.


  14. Adrien Says:

    Great! Thank you so much for porting it to the Mac!
    It runs really smooth on my Core 2 duo iMac.

  15. Todde Says:

    I just bought the game for the Mac. I think this is one of my best game experiences in the last year. This game is funny, refreshing and mindquestioning, finally something one has to think a little bit :-). I like it very much!
    Oh, and it runs fine on my early 2008 MacBook!



  16. hotblack Says:

    Otis. Unfortunately there isn’t save file support between the Mac and Windows version. I believe this was a decision made to keep compatibility between save files on the PPC and Intel Mac versions.

    The performance has been great even on my old iBook G4 so I’m surprised there are problems on a 2006 Macbook. Could there be other background tasks running? I’d check your Energy Saver settings in System Preferences too. Having this set for longer battery life can cause the CPU to perform slower and cause some games to perform worse than normally.

  17. kadi Says:

    The end of the game was disappointing. Too easy.

  18. Paul Thomas Says:

    iMac 24″ Mac OS 10.5.5 3GB

    What a lovely app. Runs fine, nice and smooth – even with eyeTV in the background. You should expose the screen resolution setting to a preference panel – for non-geeks… You’d make a bundle doing this on the iPhone…

  19. Chris Says:

    Got the demo, and it runs perfectly on my late 07 Macbook with a GMA950. Can’t say anything about the rest of the game. I don’t see that much reason to get the full version when I already have it on my Wii.

  20. Truck Says:

    First, I thought it would be Windows only when friends said ‘get the demo, just, get the demo.’ Then when someone told me the filename for the dmg I went “Yay! but, Intel only, I’ll bet…” and then I fired it up on the mac mini, and … YAY! GOO! (um, ppc G4, 1.42 ghz, 1gb ram, 10.4.11, ATI chipset, 32mb, AGP ) – I’ll test it on some other of my PPC boxen (I like ppc boxen) and see how low it can go.

    But. Guys. Seriously. You made a game that rules AND runs on ppc mac. I mean. Seriously. Who else has done that? Ok Blizzard, but just about NO ONE ELSE.

    And I have no idea how someone can think this game can END that’s like saying “oh, yeah, I had blocks when I was a kid, I beat them, they were too easy.” I mean, at one point I realized I could probably get the goo building to start ROLLING and then it would be “OK how fast can I get it to roll” and then it would be “can I make a ramp and jump things” and then… I mean seriously. This game rules because it’s so open ended.

    Want to buy now for osX (: Would love it if you had Goobuntu, a Linux that came with Goo (:

    Seriously, I was looking forward to Spore because it was supposed to be THIS FUN. Goo blows Spore AWAY.

  21. Cochonou Says:

    Runs great on a 1,33 Ghz Powerbook G4 with 1.5 GB of RAM. I tried the demo yesterday, and I’m already addicted to the full version !

  22. !! Says:

    the most satisfying game i’ve played in a long time. runs AMAZING for my subGhZ iBook G4. not a stutter or blip. good work.

  23. Says:

    World of Goo on Mac…

    Besser spät als nie… seit Sonntag gibt es World of Goo nun auch für den Mac und schwups, hab ich es mir geköft. World of Goo ist ein Physik Puzzel Spiel der Firma 2D Boy und hat bereits mehrere Preise abgeräumt. Das Schlimme …

  24. Groxx Says:

    Just nabbed the Mac version, on a Macbook Pro 3,1 (bought mid 2008).
    Tried editing the config file, but it just blows up the menu to be too large for the screen, even when I set it to 1024*768 (my screen goes 1440*900), and widescreen just extends beyond the screen in every direction.
    Strangely enough, the opening animations look just fine. The loading words appear at the proper size and location, and the 2D Boy logo works as it ‘should’ on all resolutions I’ve tried. The menu, though, only seems to accept 800*600.
    I haven’t tried many settings, but just a FYI that changing it doesn’t seem to work at all for me.

    Sound doesn’t seem to be crackling, and runs very smoothly. Excellent game, excellent performance :)

  25. Rich Salter Says:

    Demo runs beautifully on my 1GHz 17″ PowerBook G4!
    Nice work folks :-D

  26. Danijel Says:

    Love it! and yea it shuld be nice with some Screen options, like widescreen, full/no-full screen and so on, but i love it like hell :D just tryied it

  27. Askedrelic Says:

    Loving this on my iMac 2ghz with shitty ATI HD2400. Needs to have a “unlock all levels” cheat code, I don’t want to play through EVERYthing again…

  28. Tekl Says:

    Really nice game. I also have problems with the custom resolution in the config file on my white iMac 24″. Glad that 960×600 (the exactly half of 1920×1200) is working. I’m also surprised that changing the language to German works in the demo.

    Some Questions to the developer/seller:
    – How many levels does the full version have?
    – Is it also translated into German?
    – Is there an easier way to configure the resolution/language?
    – Will the full version work with 1920×1200 pixels?
    – What are future plans? Do customers get new levels for free or for a few bucks?

  29. deviantmonk Says:

    Awesome game! Works great on my Mac Pro.

    Being able to adjust screen size from within the game would be great (a bit of pixelation on my 26″ monitor) but other than that absolutely no complaints.

    This game has definitely stunted my productivity…

  30. Eric Says:

    I love the game, but I’ve noted one problem – on my Core2Duo Macbook Pro (OSX 10.5), sound doesn’t play through my external CoreAudio soundcard (a Presonus Firebox). To hear any sound or music I have to go into the OSX Sound Settings menu and set the Audio Output to “Built In Audio”. I probably won’t monitor this thread, but feel free to e-mail for troubleshooting.

    Thanks again for a great game :).

  31. Kevin Says:

    Wow, this game is utterly fantastic…I’m absolutely blown away, and it runs well on my pitiful iMac 700 MHz PowerPC G4 running 10.4.11.

  32. Andrew Says:

    I’ve got a not-too-shabby 1.8GHz Dual CPU G5… this evening I downloaded the demos of this, and of “The Princess Bride Game” (a game by a professional development studio with Hollywood backing)… TPBG stutters along, even during the cutscenes it barely manages to keep the sound in sync with the video, and at least one section just plain didn’t work.

    World of Goo, on the other hand (programmed by – what, two people?) worked perfectly; animation “smooth as butter” as iSteve might say. A proper Mac port that actually works! Keep it up 2dboy – you’re one step ahead of the big boys on this one.

    Guess which game just got my money!

  33. Mark Cooke Says:


    Editing config.txt to set a resolution of 1900×1200 (24 inch iMac native resolution) works pretty well. The intro splash screens, the level select screen once a world is selected, and gameplay screens work fine.

    The main menu is broken though and doesn’t appear to scale correctly. The globe is partially on screen but the menu options in the lower right corner for example are off screen with no way to access them. Not a big issue since I can change to a different resolution but would be great to have fixed. Thanks!

  34. Bubble Says:

    Awesome game!

    I have a 1440 x 900 20′ iMac and I tried setting the resolution in the config file as well. As people have mentioned, with the exception of the main menu, the game runs pretty well. I noticed that the continue cord that drops down at the end of a level doesn’t position itself correctly either. It looks like there needs to be more work done to make the game work in all resolutions.

    I think this has been said, but, it would make a lot of sense to have the settings configurable from within the program, even if it requires a restart to take effect. I keep clicking on profiles in the main menu thinking that I’ll be able to change my resolution there.

  35. Bubble Says:

    This is no ordinary iMac :)

  36. Rezmason Says:

    Runs nice on my dual core MacBook. I hope this is just the first of many games from the Experimental Gameplay project that make it to the Mac platform.

  37. Adam Hepton Says:

    I just don’t get why other games aren’t available across platforms as easily as the mighty World of Goo is: I have played this on my Windows desktop PC and my netbook PC under both Windows and Linux (via WINE, but native support is coming) with the absolute minimum of hassle. Nice work, 2D Boy!

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  39. korishmen Says:

    First thanx for fantastic game and for mac-ver! Very nice!

  40. RazZziel Says:

    Now, port it to Linux, and I’ll absolutely love you.

  41. Karl Says:

    Runs great. Thanks!

  42. Lars Says:

    The Mac demo seems to run great, but I have no sound on my external audio interface using CoreAudio (a TC Electronic Konnekt 24D).

  43. Thomas Micka Says:

    This is a great demo. It runs really well on my new late 2008 Macbook Pro.

  44. SHIVA Says:

    i banned all games from my mac – but this im gonna keep for sure!
    its working great on my powermac g5 ppc.
    keep gooing!

  45. J6hn Says:

    It runs really slowly on my Core 2 Duo late 2008 iMac…. choppy frame rate,

  46. Linus Says:

    I’ve just bought the new Macbook 2,4ghz Alu, and downloaded the game demo, but i dosen’t run smooth at all, it’s a VERY low frame rate. Is there something i can do to fix this problem or is the Mac just not good enought for World of Goo?! :O

  47. KeKo Says:

    It runs really slowly on my Core 2 Duo late 2008 MacBook Pro (Nvidia 9600GT) on MacOS, If play on my boot camp partition (Windows XP) It runs perfectly, it flights!!! Maybe an energy saving issue???

  48. gepinniw Says:

    I have it running on my 2.4 GHz unibody macbook pro, and I’m finding it is REALLY laggy. Funny thing is, it runs better on “better battery life” settings, which is using the 9400M GPU, rather than the better 9600m GT GPU!

  49. andyw Says:

    Bought a copy last night and downloaded – worked perfectly on the default resolution on my 17″ MBP (didn’t know I could change it until I read this – that should definitely be in an options screen!). Will try it on the screens native resolution (1900×1200) at lunch time.

    PS – I hate you guys, I bought this at 11:30 last night and didn’t go to bed until 3am because I was enjoying it so much! There goes sleep for the rest of my life!

  50. andyw Says:

    OK – had a good long session at lunch at it worked fine with the revised resolution. This game is awesome guys – I’m totally addicted (and I hate you for it!) ;o)

  51. Bob Says:

    works great on my 2.2 MacBook Pro @ 1440×900
    this is a game that isnt going to leave my mac anytime soon, thanks for not forgetting us or palming us off with a crappy substandard port like EA would have done, definitely a contender for game of the year, across all formats. :)

  52. Abdou Says:

    Excellent game my friends, you did a great work !
    I didn’t enjoy as much a game since Zuma :)

  53. Kristijn Says:

    WOG doesn’t run smoothly on my late 2008 2.4 Ghz (4G RAM) MBP. Neither on the 9600 nor on the 9400 card. Changing the resolution doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. Performance gets worse after playing for a while, especially on higher levels of the game. It runs fine on a late 2007 MB 2.2 GHz (4GB RAM).

  54. Madison Says:

    Well I tried the demo and I like it a lot. It plays very smooth at 1920×1200 on my MacBook Pro (Dual Core 2 @ 2.6Ghz, 4GBRAM, Nvidea GeForce 8600M GT 256MB) and no hiccups or stutter or anything. Fun! Surfing over to Gametree!

  55. Leon Says:

    I love this game! It runs smoothly on my 2007 MB, no problems at all. Just one thing… I prefer listening to my own music… can I turn music and sound effects off?

    Thanks! :)

  56. mmykle Says:

    This game is great. It runs smoothly, the signs are funny, and the OCD’s are a nice challenge. However… I can’t turn the game music off! Has anyone figured out how to turn it off?

  57. toolbear74 Says:

    Simultaneously jazzed and bummed to learn of the Mac release. Jazzed because my preferred platform is my Mac. Bummed because I already purchased it via Steam.

    Dear 2D Boy, I already adore you. I will adore you so much more if I don’t have to buy your game a 2nd time.

  58. superhans Says:

    The framerate on my MacBook Pro 2.2 dual core is so low, it’s unplayable. Is there a patch coming?

  59. Todd Says:

    Runs really well on my 1Ghz Titanium Powerbook G4. Surprisingly smooth in all but a few exceptions, when it chugs a little, but remains quite playable.

  60. Narayana Says:

    This game is absolutely wonderful and runs great on my Dell Mini 9 (1.6GHz Intel Atom) running 10.5.6.

  61. Daniel Says:

    Hey there,

    I have got a Late 2008 MacBook Pro with 2.4 Ghz, 4GB RAM and the nvidia 9400/9600M GT and the game runs with either one of the cards really really slow. I cant play (well) on the Mac. With Windows on Bootcamp or even in VMWare Fusion I can play without any problems. Is there a fix or does anyone know the issue? Please help because I really love the game.


  62. Oscar Says:

    Gosh!! I’m scared!!
    What a dangerous addictive game!! XD

    I had only 3 old games in my MB Pro, just to play in some nostalgic moments, but WOG is the fourth… and… just downloaded the demo… played for 2 hours or more… went to sleep, and the first thing I did this morning… really the first thing, was to buy it even I’ve found it via torrent. It is so great, that I had to spend such insignificant money for such a great game!! XD

    It was so long time ago that I felt this.

    This is a real game.

  63. Chris Says:

    I also have the crackling sound in the demo. This is on an iMac 1.9 GHz PowerPC G5 running Leopard 10.5.6. It is mostly in the left speaker. Does it do this in the game as well? My son loves the game, but the crackling noise can drive you nuts!

  64. Roger Says:

    Works great on my Hackintosh (MacOS retail 10.5.6) after I changed the resolution in config to my monitor default resolution 1920×1200.

  65. Justin Says:

    Sound does not work and resolution sucks with MacBook 13inch. I have a Mac Mini and the sound and resolution work perfectly. What’s the deal

  66. Diego Says:

    The demo is playable even on mi old g4 cube 450 mhz, great game!!

  67. Cyrus Says:

    Where is the save file on the Mac? I can’t find it, and googling it doesn’t seem to yield any results… I really don’t want to have to re-do all my progress on every Mac I have…

  68. elise Says:


  69. greg Says:

    please how to toggle sound on macosX! :D