Mac Version of World of Goo Releasing this Week


We’re just topping it off with the last few drops of smooth liquid goo, but the Mac version of World of Goo is running beautifully, and should be out this week! Evidence above. (You can see the icon too!)

It will be available right here. (Actually, any order on that page magically get’s all three versions – Windows, Mac, and Linux as they become available)

Much thanks to Allan and our intrepid beta testers! More info soon!

Important update:


32 Responses to “Mac Version of World of Goo Releasing this Week”

  1. Sonic Says:

    I am getting this ASAP!
    cannot wait, have been watching my friends play since release -______-
    lol, soon enough though, great job on making such a fantastic game (i had a shot on their computer, so so fun!!!)

  2. ESMP Says:

    YAAAAY! Finally!!! Can’t wait to get it!

  3. adamagogobaby Says:

    Oh maan I seriously cannot wait. I haven’t looked forward to a game this much since when I was young!

  4. Brad Jensen Says:

    Will steam users get the linux / mac version? I would like to use World of Goo on my linux box.

  5. Tayron Says:

    2DBoy, you rock!!!!:) good job:)

  6. Jakub Steiner Says:

    Looking forward to the Linux port. Tahnk you guys!

  7. Ron Carmel Says:

    people keep asking us if the mac/linux versions will be availble on steam… correct me if i’m wrong, but steam doesn’t run on mac and linux, does it?

  8. pat Says:

    i think they’re asking if they’ll be able to get a linux/mac version if they’ve bought the steam version.

  9. pat Says:

    oh and no steam doesn’t run neither on mac nor on linux

  10. David Amador Says:

    Actually I can run steam on linux using wine. Even world of goo runs fine on wine :)

  11. rama Says:

    awesome! first DRM-free, then Steam, now this. I’ve got a man crush on you guys.

  12. Caleb Says:

    Will this game be able to run in widescreen? I ask because most Macs made in the last few years have been widescreen. The Windows version works great on both widescreen and fullscreen PCs.

  13. Julian Says:

    Any ETA on the Linux version?

  14. Mathieu Says:

    Steam is for Windows. There is no port at this time for the Mac plateform.

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  16. Briankite Says:

    Then i’ll buy it a 2nd time!!!!!!

  17. skillet Says:

    score! any word on requirements for mac? I’m running a humble intel macbook w/GMA950. Please tell me i am ok….

  18. Caleb Says:

    It’s out! Hooray!

  19. Ron Carmel Says:

    this puppy was actually ported to OSX with a mac mini that has a GMA950 in it, so the graphics chip won’t be an issue. we’ll be releasing a mac demo soon as well, so you can take it for a spin on your macbook before you sign on the dotted line :)

  20. skillet Says:

    downloading at this moment. and wiggling joyfully

  21. Sonic Says:

    I saw the download link for a mac demo in the forum, any chance of a mirror?

  22. Dzamir Says:

    Yeaaah! I’m loving the mac version! :D

  23. Daniel Says:

    Then we are all looking for the Linux release! I hope it will be out very soon. This game is such good fun.

  24. Sonic Says:

    Just got the mac demo,
    wow, best game I have played in a long time.
    Solving the tougher puzzles really gives a feeling of achievement!
    Keep up the good… no, more like amazing, work.

  25. kungpoo Says:

    World Of Goo…

    I urge you to try this game and hopefully support indie developers 2DBoy and buy it.

    The premise is that you have to build a scaffolding type structure to get your goo balls to a pipe at the end of each level. It is a very simple concept but it has b…

  26. Michael Says:

    Yes steam runs on Linux using wine ( if you don’t believe me). World of Goo runs on Linux too ( Although wine doesn’t run WoG perfectly (at least not the demo), so I’m looking forward to a native port.

  27. Caleb Says:

    I’m nearly finished with the Mac version of the game and everything is great. I’d say it’s ready to be officially announced.

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  29. Jonas Says:

    Am I the only one experience very poor graphic performance? I run WoG on the very new macbook pro, and it’s not running too smooth, especially not when ther’s a lot of goo balls on the screens.

  30. nishan Says:

    i agree with the above statement about the MBP! its sort of a lagged response a bit. kinda choppy!

  31. superhans Says:

    What’s wrong with the framerate? I would have thought a 2.2ghz Dual Core MacBook pro could run WoG. I’m getting around 5 fps :( It’s not playable.

  32. Tyler Schimpf Says:

    It doesn’t play on my iMac G3…. I’m sad. (It won’t even start…probably requires Quartz Extreme Support as a min…if not Core Image Support.)

    It does however play extremely well on my 6 year old P4 Laptop running Windows XP SP3, with a ATI Radeon 7500 GPU.