World of Greenhouse


We just launched on Greenhouse, the brand new, developer friendly game store run by Penny Arcade and Hothead Games. Currently the Windows version is available, and we’ll also have the Mac and Linux versions on there soon.

And for completeness, you can also get the game on Steam, Beanstalk, Direct2Drive, WiiWare, and a region-free version directly from us.

Meanwhile, World of Goo continues to take over babies (evidence documented by Darren and Mr. Schafer)

9 Responses to “World of Greenhouse”

  1. UsF Says:

    A game store for gamers, by gamers? Oh noes. :D A perpetuum mobile.

  2. David Amador Says:

    Cool! It would be nice to know how many copies did you sell till now. Is it almost a best-seller now ? ehheeh

  3. The Happy Friar Says:

    what about getting on garage games too?

    My kids love this game too. A few more people @ work are interested too. :D

  4. Michael Says:

    Played through the demo using wine, can’t wait for the full (linux) version! Any ETA on when “soon” will be? Will you get the game cross-platform from Greenhouse, e.g. will I be able to use the linux version if I buy the win version now?

  5. weirdo. Says:

    Wow, just WOW! Your game has lot of charisma as they say! Got my hands on it, and I loved it, going to buy my own copy soon as I get some money on my hands. (Sucks to be student) I hope that we can see this game on few portables in near future ;) If possible on Pandora, going to get that and can’t think any better game for it than this. Keep up the good work and bring the 2D art back to the map!

  6. pcgdonola Says:

    Not sure where to write this but in their latest issue PC Gamer UK gave WoG a stonking 93%, beating Fallout 3 in the same issue! The review should be up on soon.

    Excellent job guys!

  7. Eclipse Says:

    Congrats guys, i’m a long time 2D Boy fan and the final game is up to my best expectations, long live to indie gaming

  8. nckomodo Says:

    Wonderful job 2dboy, WoG is absolutely brilliant and charming.

  9. Naib Says:

    Damb! I tried the “world of goo” demo via WINE and DAMB!!! too much fun

    now waiting for the linux client before I buy