Demo of World of Goo Available


There seemed to be a lot of demand for a demo version, so we made one! (download link) This demo contains the entire Chapter 1. More download locations are here. [update: jason over at fileplanet just informed us that they started serving up the demo as well and are also promoting it on their front page! thanks jason!]

Meanwhile, according to metacritic, we (theoretically) have a 97.5 if you average our only two scores that actually seemed to be counted. If you see any reviews online, post them here in the comments. We’re filled with glee over how the game been received so far, thanks to everyone who has written about us!

Update: If you are in a region of the world where you cannot get World of Goo for some reason, the version here is 100% region free.

Update2: World of Goo fan fiction, oh no! (thanks Kieron)

worldofsmiles.jpgUpdate3: 2D BOY has just received documented proof that World of Goo’s age rating (E for Everyone) is accurate.  This is Jack, he’s 4 years old, and he’s already made it to chapter 2!  Way to go Jack! (and thanks for sending the photo, Steve)

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  1. Santi Says:

    This game is amazing. I just beat it yesterday on WiiWare and was absolutely blown away. I won’t spoil anything, but there’s a “red” level in Chapter 2 with a lot of wind. That’s all I’m going to say. I couldn’t believe I was playing a downloadable title.

    Here are my impressions from Chapter 1 (LONG):

    If you’re in a “tl;dr” mode and want to know my verdict on this game, it’s the following: DOWNLOAD. NOW!

    Alright, now for a more detailed version. Keep in mind I played the WiiWare version, just now beat Chapter 1 (didn’t try out Chapter 2 yet) so I’m fairly early into the game, and I haven’t tried co-op. With that being said, let me get into why World of Goo is amazing.

    The game’s presentation is just amazing. The Art style is like few games I’ve seen before, and so is the music. But what really makes this game amazing is its simple, yet so very compelling premise. I’m sure you’ve heard of it already. You build structures with Goo balls in order to get them to the pipe at the exit. You’re like okay fine, that doesn’t sound too good. Then you find out that this is compelling because of a deep physics system. You’re like… okay, this sounds a lot better. But this is a game you actually have to play and experience yourself to truly get it (I know this sounds like a fact sheet, but in this case it’s actually true), it’s like if someone tells you a Pizza is delicious, and they describe the amazing taste that forms with the creamy melted cheese and the sweet tomato sauce, you can imagine what the Pizza tastes like, but you won’t truly understand how amazing it is until you eat a slice yourself. This happens with World of Goo.

    So really, that makes these impressions pretty worthless, since no matter how much or how good I write, you will never get this until you play it. But who cares, I feel like sharing my happiness with you guys anyway. Something that seems amazingly simple becomes much more difficult when you throw in the physics, but when you play, and your structure falls, you won’t be like “Dammit!”, you’ll be more like “…Heh. Silly me”. It’s so hard to describe the joy of playing this game because it’s like nothing you’ve played before. The difficulty ramps up constantly, but since you’ll be understanding the concept of the game a lot better as you progress, you’ll be able to fight this increasing difficulty. It’s hard. And you’ll love that.

    Some people classify this as a puzzle game. I call it a creativity game. It’s a game where the only tools you have at your disposal to be able to drag the Goo balls to the pipe are your experience with life and common sense. You see the Goo balls gathered in point A, and you must get them to point B. But it’s not like in other games where you know how to clear the level because you previously understood a certain mechanic or gimmick of the game (jumping in a Mario game, shooting in Halo, etc etc), it’s because you’ve lived life that you know what to do. It’s common sense. This game doesn’t become second nature when you play like most good games, this game is already first nature from the minute you start the first level.

    And that’s all I have to say. I’ve only cleared Chapter 1 so I’m still a young Padawan when it comes to truly understanding this game. But I already know it’s awesome.

    …Damn, this game rules.

  2. Mitheor Says:

    My review for one of the most important spanish websites.

    And thanks for the demo. I have posted it in some boards.

  3. Ross B Says:

    Chapter 4 is by far the best chapter, especially the dialogue with… *ahem*… also, the you also have a Eurogamer review of the PC version, they split them over wii/PC reviews

  4. Christophor Rick Says:

    Or you can win a free copy of the game at Gamers Daily News who is giving away 5 copies in the
    What Will you DO with your GOO contest

    Just in case you already know you want the game.

  5. ZomBuster Says:

    No hope the next 2 reviews are 10s and you are on the top of the list (until the bad reviews come)

  6. Rex Says:

    Best review Ive read so far, the junior mint/toothpick analogy is dead on.

    I especially like this guys idea about the create-a-bridge sandbox.

  7. Emil Enhörning Says:

    Is there a demo for mac-users?

  8. Rich Says:

    I’ve not gone past the menu screen yet, as I’m at work, but I managed to get that far on Ubuntu with Wine!! :D

  9. thetruthisspoken Says:

    There’s a review up on Crave Online today. They loved it too.

  10. The Poisoned Sponge Says:

    I did my reivew here:

    But then I’ve already been linked by 2DBoy, who are awesome!

    I love you 2DBoy!

  11. Deserteagle Says:

    Just wanted to share our review with you:

    Thanks guys for making such a beautiful, inspired, and wonderfully creative game.

    Last summer, I spotted a Tower of Goo shirt at the local Target. It was the last once, and only available in small :(

    Any idea who carries these shirts now?

  12. Aron Says:

    When is the linux version going to be ready?
    Im dying to play this game!

  13. Mokus Says:

    After playing Armadillo Run, I knew at first sight I would dig this game. I am nearly through level 3 and have been telling all my friends! Congrats on the game!

  14. ehud Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks, the game is absolutely brilliant…
    I’m also an indie games programmer (well, in my spare time) and seeing such an innovative title produced by independent developers is really awesome.

  15. gradgames Says:

    My review is up on my blog:

  16. GamesAjare » WORLD OF GOO DEMO Says:

    […] ir trazando una especie de mecano con vida propia un poco blandurrio. La gravedad pesa. Acaba de aparecer la demo para que la probéis y además un vídeo lanzamiento muy […]

  17. David Amador Says:

    Since everyone is sharing reviews, here’s mine:

  18. John"Spanky"Stokes Says:

    We have not played yet…but put up an article on our site as well…

    Really looking forward to playing this!

  19. John"Spanky"Stokes Says:

    We have not played it yet, but we just put up a review…

    I am really looking forward to playing this though!

  20. samich Says:

    So has the steam activation been possible yet? i want to be able to go at some more gooey achievments and do some stuff in this game :) cant wait for the steam activation!

  21. The Happy Friar Says:

    got a teacher @ work who has a mac to use a PC just for this game. She wants the mac version ASAP though, she hate’s windows. :)

  22. AlbeyAmakiir Says:

    Loved the demo, but holding out for the Wii version. Speaking of which, I’m in a PAL region, so I understand we’re getting a boxed version. I hope the price difference from the wiipoints version isn’t that big.

    You must release a soundtrack! The music is epic!

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    […] of Goo Gestern, da nun als Demo verf

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    […] of Goo Demo 2DBoy has released a demo version of their recently released game, World of Goo. Upon learning this news, I immediately downloaded […]

  25. Louai Al-Obaidi Says:

    That demo was awesome. I tip my hat to you 2D boy, you actually managed to make trusses fun. I can tell this game will be a hit with engineers (I’m an engineering student myself), so I’m going to make sure all my cohorts know about this game. Now to figure out as to whether I should bother wait for the Wii version to hit my country or just download the PC version now.

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    […] La démo de ce petit jeu à tarif réduit (20$) est disponible ici. […]

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    […] if you haven’t checked out World of Goo already, I highly recommend it. There’s a demo floating around if you’d like a taste before forking out to support one of the greatest indie titles in recent […]

  28. AriesT Says:

    Oh my god, it is awesome!
    I remember playing Tower of Goo a while ago and then it already was awesome. This game is so great. I’ll buy it, if I can pay via PayPal. ;)

    And btw. the soundtrack is the best I’ve ever listened to in an independent game like yours!

    Gabler, which programs and software do you use for the music? I’m looking for a partner or an engagement in some videogame but I could find a team who wants to. I am also a composer and you got my honest respect!

  29. otsdr Says:

    I wanted to buy this game from Steam, but it it’s “currently unavailable” in my “region” (Romania). Is there a good reason for that?

  30. ArthurD Says:

    I’ll give it a try for sure, your game looks great. You got 18/20 on, which is the most read videogames website in France…

    I wish you a great success in the future ;]



  31. cbvivi Says:

    will you please release some hi-def wallpaper plz
    love this game very much

  32. darad Says:

    please make an beta-test-programm for the mac-version…


    or, let me ask, when will we see an mac-demo?

  33. Jonathan Says:

    The game just got an A on Another fine review, bringing your average (based on the three scores up on metacritic) up to 98.3! Congratulations!

  34. Chris Z. Says:

    Congrats on shipping guys, I’ve been excited about this game since I saw it at the IGF Award Ceremony this past GDC.

  35. Samich Says:

    is there any steam activation yet though? because i havent been able to get it to work and am i doing it wrong if that…

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  37. Goo-Tastic! | Heaving Dead Cats Says:

    […] World of Goo is Goo-tastic! Anyhoo, I was TRYING to do something today, and ended up finding this little gem of a game. It’s a good price and totally addictive. I think it was just released to wiiware or whatever that’s called on the 13th of October. So give it a try and tell me what you think. You can get the PC version here. And get the demo of Level One here. […]

  38. Sonic4Ever Says:



    If I were rich I would gift this game for the ENTIRE PEOPLE ON EARTH

  39. Noobos Says:

    There is a problem with game saving in Czech version of Windows XP… It has been solved by this unofficial bug-fix:

    (It’s caused by “á” id address)
    I love you 2DBoy! :)

  40. Tamias Says:

    Hey, 2D Boy! My brother and I downloaded your game last night over WiiWare, and only put it down because he had to go to school this morning. Our verdict? Simply stunning. The most addicting Wii game since Brawl, and much more enjoyable than Mario Kart (our humble opinions).

    For those sifting through the comments, wondering whether or not to download, here’s a little breakdown of what your $15 is getting:

    PRESENTATION – Crisp, clean, gooey. The most original puzzle experience in years. Side-splitting dialog.

    GRAPHICS – Easily WiiWare’s best looking game. Everything is clean and simply colored, and looks wonderful in motion. Generous use of fancy 3D backgrounds, sprite/texture/poly morphing, and complex particle systems. Some levels are drier than others, while some will blow you away in similar fashion to Mario Galaxy.

    SOUND – The blobs of goo make cute, varied sounds that somehow never become repetitive. Otherwise, the score is exceptional: epic when it needs to be, with emotional brass solos and frenetic drumlines; soothing when it needs to be second to the action, swept with realistic harps and woodwinds. The soundtrack also sounds quite inexplicably “industrial,” which works, seeing how prominent a mechanic the ominous World of Goo Corporation becomes throughout the game. In short, the soundtrack simply instills excitement and the urge to play: perfect.

    GAMEPLAY – Mechanics refined to the wire, and to be blunt: one of the most fun puzzle games of the generation, if not the history of puzzle games. Some camera issues in the more frantic levels; it doesn’t move quite quick enough when you need to zoom to the bottom of the field to fortify the tower’s base. Multiplayer is a hit, aside from the fact that 2P, 3P, and 4P are at the mercy of 1P’s camera controls.

    REPLAY – For a downloadable game, you get your money’s worth: 4+ chapters, based on the seasons, provide at least 5 hours of gameplay. Robust co-op, special (and sometimes nearly impossible) “OCD” goals for each level, and a fun, mysterious WiiConnect24 mode (what’s up there, anyway?) lengthen the experience. Possible level pack downloads could potentially make this even more of a must have than it already is.

    Buy this game. Support indie development. This game proves, beyond anything else, that the size of your team matters little when you’ve got a commitment to such a refined, enjoyable final product.

    A couple questions for 2D Boy:

    – Will you release an official soundtrack for the game? I mean as either a free download, a physical disc, or paid download over iTunes? I would buy. You guys are the only ones who have the original recordings of the music… and sometimes a game rip just don’t cut it.

    – Will there be expandable level packs, and will they be available for the WiiWare version of the game?

    – If either of those questions have already been asked or answered, will you please forgive me?

    Thanks for taking the time out to read this, and thanks for this little gooey masterpiece!


  41. Zach Says:

    Please make a mac demo version ASAP. =)

  42. Ben Johnson Says:

    Congratulations, 2dBoys. I’ve been talking up World of Goo to everybody who has already bought my game that came out this week (Dead Space).

  43. Caleb Nelson Says:

    I’m running boot camp just so I can play this game. Really excited for the Mac version, but I’ll wait until it’s good and ready. Great job guys.

  44. planchitecto Says:

    WOG just got another 10! This one is from Nintendo World Report


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  46. charon12 Says:

    Destructoid just published their review. I didn’t read the whole thing, but they liked it a lot. World of Goo got a 9.5.

  47. newuser Says:

    Hello dev !!

    Nice job, really amazing.
    Just for info, a french website on videogames gave you a 19/20.
    Same way for comments from author and from readers.

    Here is the link:

  48. charon12 Says:

    And now, with Destructoid’s review added, World of Goo’s Metacritic score is “97/100 Universal Acclaim.” Way to go Ron and Kyle and everyone who made this possible. Enjoy this hard-earned and well-deserved praise.

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    […] kein Spiel für mich. Wer noch nicht wirklich weiß, ob es etwas für ihn ist, sollte die Demo ausprobieren und sich danach […]

  52. tdk Says:

    awesome game really!! but i guess you’ve heard that alot these days ;) just wanted to let you know that the demo runs great with Wine 1.0 in Ubuntu 8.10beta. But this will definitly be the first linux-nativ game for me to buy when it comes out.

  53. emir Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Wiiware version of the game. Please make dlc available soon.

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  57. Anthony Says:

    OMGosh goo world is so good. I think it’s one of my favorite games EVER. still working on my tower. anyways thanks for all the hard work you guys put into it.

  58. Roto13 Says:

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    […] till att ladda hem demot av World of […]

  60. aemo Says:

    I happened to read this review and it led me here.

  61. Dylan Says:

    My 3-year-old is also having a great time with it (mostly the freeform tower building part). She loves the goos and often wonders how they talk.

    Great work guys!

  62. pkt-zer0 Says:

    World of Goo is apparently Tim Schafer approved, now.

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    […] Please, I invite you to wreck your productivity by getting the demo. […]

  65. Jonathan Says:

    Kotaku has just published their review:

    Looks like another high grade.

  66. robert Says:

    thats amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Martin Says:

    Consolevania have now reviewed it and I am currently downloading the demo.
    I’d be buying the game itself if I wasn’t broke all the time :)

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    […] Ok you got me, this is more of an honorable mention as its another example (one of too few sadly) of Indie games crossing over to the mainstream. Other examples in recent memory such as Darwinia and Alien Hominid made the leap succesfully, and now World of Goo has finally made the leap from being a student project, to a commercial product, and its a great simple game, all about building.. with goo! its a fairly straightforward and highly addictive physics based affair, that you can grab a demo of right here […]

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  71. Christy Says:

    I’ve got a review up on

    Loved the game, guys!

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  74. World of Goo fan Says:

    Can I just ask, is this game coming to Wiware for the EU? I’ve played through the Demo over and over but I want more I want the Wiiware version please 2DBoy give it to us needy EU kids who want World of Goo (WoG)

  75. jim Says:

    It’s the best puzzle game ever!

  76. Lili Says:

    I thing: it’s a good game.