Demo of World of Goo Available


There seemed to be a lot of demand for a demo version, so we made one! (download link) This demo contains the entire Chapter 1. More download locations are here. [update: jason over at fileplanet just informed us that they started serving up the demo as well and are also promoting it on their front page! thanks jason!]

Meanwhile, according to metacritic, we (theoretically) have a 97.5 if you average our only two scores that actually seemed to be counted. If you see any reviews online, post them here in the comments. We’re filled with glee over how the game been received so far, thanks to everyone who has written about us!

Update: If you are in a region of the world where you cannot get World of Goo for some reason, the version here is 100% region free.

Update2: World of Goo fan fiction, oh no! (thanks Kieron)

worldofsmiles.jpgUpdate3: 2D BOY has just received documented proof that World of Goo’s age rating (E for Everyone) is accurate.  This is Jack, he’s 4 years old, and he’s already made it to chapter 2!  Way to go Jack! (and thanks for sending the photo, Steve)

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  1. Xesier » World of Goo Says:

    […] kein Spiel für mich. Wer noch nicht wirklich weiß, ob es etwas für ihn ist, sollte die Demo ausprobieren und sich danach […]

  2. tdk Says:

    awesome game really!! but i guess you’ve heard that alot these days ;) just wanted to let you know that the demo runs great with Wine 1.0 in Ubuntu 8.10beta. But this will definitly be the first linux-nativ game for me to buy when it comes out.

  3. emir Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Wiiware version of the game. Please make dlc available soon.

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    […] I was able to snag a demo from here: […]

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    […]  להורדת הדמו הרשמי (טרי מהתנור!) […]

  6. Game jabber » Blog Archive » Post-Goo comments Says:

    […] of Goo is a superb puzzle game that you should play. With the demo now available, and it also available on Steam (hurrah), what are you waiting […]

  7. Anthony Says:

    OMGosh goo world is so good. I think it’s one of my favorite games EVER. still working on my tower. anyways thanks for all the hard work you guys put into it.

  8. Roto13 Says:

  9. World of Goo - intryck « Farbror Atlas Says:

    […] till att ladda hem demot av World of […]

  10. aemo Says:

    I happened to read this review and it led me here.

  11. Dylan Says:

    My 3-year-old is also having a great time with it (mostly the freeform tower building part). She loves the goos and often wonders how they talk.

    Great work guys!

  12. pkt-zer0 Says:

    World of Goo is apparently Tim Schafer approved, now.

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    […] So far the game has received high marks by the critics and fans alike, and there’s also a demo to try out. Shit, it can be […]

  14. Twenty Sided » Blog Archive » World of Goo Says:

    […] Please, I invite you to wreck your productivity by getting the demo. […]

  15. Jonathan Says:

    Kotaku has just published their review:

    Looks like another high grade.

  16. robert Says:

    thats amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Martin Says:

    Consolevania have now reviewed it and I am currently downloading the demo.
    I’d be buying the game itself if I wasn’t broke all the time :)

  18. Web Dev | Movies | Music | Games | Design :: Will Goldstone Dot com v5.0 :: Says:

    […] Ok you got me, this is more of an honorable mention as its another example (one of too few sadly) of Indie games crossing over to the mainstream. Other examples in recent memory such as Darwinia and Alien Hominid made the leap succesfully, and now World of Goo has finally made the leap from being a student project, to a commercial product, and its a great simple game, all about building.. with goo! its a fairly straightforward and highly addictive physics based affair, that you can grab a demo of right here […]

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    […] “world of goo“, it’s really good game, you can try demo. And search in youtube, finding a lot of […]

  20. World of Goo en Beta sur Mac | GameUp Says:

    […] Depuis quelques semaines World of Goo se répand avec succès sur PC et Wii. Puzzle-game coloré, il a été réalisé par deux développeurs indépendants (2DBoy). Alors si vous êtes amateur de jeux et possesseur de Mac (je sens un gros potentiel d’audience là), vous serez on ne peut plus heureux d’apprendre que la bêta Mac de World of Goo est disponible gratuitement. (et pour les autres : test, video, demo) […]

  21. Christy Says:

    I’ve got a review up on

    Loved the game, guys!

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    […] it, you’ll love it. Een demo is beschikbaar en op de officiële site kan je het volledige spel kopen voor slechts […]

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    […] more solitary affair – but no less wonderful – is World of Goo (Wii/PC). If you know the Experimental Gameplay prototype that was “Tower of Goo”, then […]

  24. World of Goo fan Says:

    Can I just ask, is this game coming to Wiware for the EU? I’ve played through the Demo over and over but I want more I want the Wiiware version please 2DBoy give it to us needy EU kids who want World of Goo (WoG)

  25. jim Says:

    It’s the best puzzle game ever!

  26. Lili Says:

    I thing: it’s a good game.