Video Review (spoiler warning)

We debated whether or not to post this, since it contains some big spoilers. But Stephen has such great things to say, and says them so well, it hurt not to.  Also, World of Goo comes out TOMORROW! (…but actually available a little early)

10 Responses to “Video Review (spoiler warning)”

  1. Shinigami Says:

    Aww thats too bad, but it seems I missed it. You promised to post a link during the weekend in your blog where people like me who pre-ordered and had their e-mail changed later could enter their new e-mail and receive the game and activation code.
    Only the code will do since I plan to use the game with steam anyways. But I guess I missed it somewhere… did I?

  2. Nick Says:

    I pretty much agree with everything the reviewer said, except that there have been a few recent games that moved me. In particular Bioshock, the Half-Life/Portal series, and Castlevania Aria/Dawn of sorrow.

  3. Snap Says:

    I bought the game tonight using the link above. I received an email to download just the Windows version. Will the link include a Mac version as well tomorrow?

  4. Alex Says:

    Just my luck. Ready to buy WoG on the Wii, it crashed. I sent it in and i better get it back fast. Does nintendo know what im going through right now?

  5. Ryan Says:

    Nooooooo… Don’t spoil chapter 4 for people! Getting there was one of my favorite things about the game… Let other people discover it on their own!

  6. fraserofthenight Says:

    I’m VERY glad I finished the game (twice!) before watching that review. There are WAY too many spoilers in there (it has the end cut scene!). I think it should have only showed scenes/levels from chapters 1, 2, and 5, the surprise of seeing new crazy levels is one of the things that makes this game so amazing.

  7. ngajoe Says:

    Congrats, 2DBoys, that is a masterpeice you’ve got there. I’m really glad I finished the game before watching that review–finding my expectations stretched every level was a great experience.

    I’m really glad you guys went out on a limb and did something different. Kudos!

  8. David Amador Says:

    I’ve also made a review in case you are interested.

  9. ricardo Says:

    I´m a mexican guy and I´m really excited ´bout this game, that´s terrific, fun, challenge game, I download this game and also 3 of my friends. It worth every penny we spend.We expected a level editor in a DLC there is the only suggest.

    – quote IGN Wii-
    “If only all casual games were of this quality. The developers took the time to create some nice visuals, a unique art style, and motion controls that actually fit the experience. But here’s the real evidence: my parents and some friends frequently stop by my room to see what crappy Wii game I’m playing. After watching me play World of Goo! for a few minutes, they all said, “Wow, I kind of want to play this!”

    Saludos desde Mexico!

    Ricardo (13 years old): from Mexico city

    Sorry ´bout my english

  10. florin Says:

    it’s just perfect !