3rd and Final Trailer!

Gametrailers just put it up. Only a few more hours to go and World of Goo is released! (We’re quietly and not so quietly freaking out.) Windows version is available here and on Steam and Direct2Drive and Beanstalk and Greenhouse a bit later.

And the other trailer for completeness:

7 Responses to “3rd and Final Trailer!”

  1. Joakim Says:

    Congratulations boys,

    I’ve been following your progress for a long time and it’s really good watching the game go live and IGN giving it a 9.5. I’m off to Paypal hoping my 2D laptop will stand the pressure.

  2. Martin Coxall Says:

    I think that video will give John at Rock Paper Shotgun a tingling in his special place.

    Hey, when John gushes about a game as much as he has about Goo, I sit up and listen.

    And World of Goo truly is as marvelous as all have claimed.

  3. Santi Says:

    I want this so bad, but I’m out of money =(

  4. kylio27 Says:

    I’m gonna get this on wiiware, congrats on all your hard work guys!

  5. Minnow Says:

    Congratulations. It’s so great to see a tiny team working together and ultimately making a game better than an enormous studio could create. You have talent by the bucketload, I expect great things from you!

  6. Tom Brouws Says:

    Question – Steam says ‘This game will unlock in approximately 7 hours’. Why is this later than the 2DBoy site? Aren’t you guys in charge of pressing the red ‘release’ button?

    And, does ‘approximately’ mean it could be earlier or later?

  7. Eric Says:

    Holy god, I just finished WoG, and it was awesome. I haven’t had that much fun playing a game in years. That was old-school Microprose quality, which is incredibly rare these days. I hope this game makes you guys enough to fund yourselves for years.