world of goo release date

we’re at the nintendo media summit right now and just found out that world of goo will launch on wiiware next Monday, October 13! (pc too). more soon.

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  1. David Amador Says:

    And when is the pc release date?

  2. Different Pixel Blog Says:

    World Of Goo Will Launch On Wiiware Next Monday…

    According to 2dboy the release date for the Wii version of World of Goo is next Monday, October 13. …

  3. Jon Says:

    Massive congratulations!

  4. Olimar_91 Says:

    Awesome. Can’t wait to download it. =)

  5. Wandel Says:

    Does the same go for the (online distributed) PC version as well?

  6. The Happy Friar Says:

    same question. :D

  7. Matt Oakes Says:

    Ditto and WOOOO!!!!!!!!

    Any idea on price in the UK yet?

  8. Spinyanteater Says:


  9. Willie Says:

    I’ve got to wait the whole Weekend!! I guess the last few months has been practice.
    I’m very excited for the full game plus a profanity pack.

  10. Matt Oakes Says:

    Also, just to clarify: Will people in the UK (and the rest of PAL) be able to get it as wiiWare as well as retail and on the PC.

    I’ve already ordered it on the PC and I have 2000 Wii Points for the WiiWare version but I’m hearing from some palces that in PAL the game for the Wii is retail only.

  11. nic freed Says:


  12. Dil999 Says:

    Do the pre-orderers still get it a week early (3 days!?!)

  13. hitmarty Says:

    great finally! just saw the words (pc too)

  14. ZeroCool Says:

    very cool!!! I waited for this game to wait for one year ~ thank you 2dboy!!

  15. Kyrre Says:

    YEAH! Woho! Finally!

  16. Yay Says:

    Awesome! What about the “release date” for pre-orders?

  17. faelnor Says:

    Yay ! And, yes, what about the preorders ?

  18. Eric Says:

    cool. no … wait … crap! still no word on when i can buy it for my Mac. ???

  19. Alasdair/Tair Says:

    Oh. My. God. A year of waiting is about to pay off!! Congratulations guys, this thing is going to sell like Tim Burton hot cakes.

    Also, same question everyone else is asking with regards to preorders.

    Much love!

  20. Ed Says:

    Hate to be boring (as I know I’m not the first to ask), but any news on a Steam release?

  21. Joe Says:

    LMAO. Pre-order for what? A profanity pack that will be asily downloaded for anyone the day after release? Puhleese. Pre-order means you get it early in the business. LAME.

  22. Dirk Says:

    Pre-orders get it when?

  23. Santi Says:

    Any word on WiiWare pricing?

  24. sam Says:

    sorry, I,m so excited I can barely type correctly!


  25. Bobby Says:

    UK realease for Wiiware is Q1 2009 according to IGN…….. great….

  26. cool kid around the block eating ice cream....yea.... Says:

    it comes out 2day woo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Jonty Says:

    WHAT? Q1 2009 in Europe and only on physical media? How is it fair that we should have to pay double for the game over here, several months later, and only get a few extra levels?!

    Absurd. Sorry, but you just lost a sale.

  28. Hobo Says:

    I’m also bummed about the delay of the UK release… I see Steam released it, and then had to withdraw it.. what’s with that?

  29. boulty Says:

    Lost another sale here in UK if it is retail only. I’m not shelling out full amount for a wiiware title no matter how good it is.

  30. Cam Steele Says:

    hey wen is it coming out in the uk on the wii ??????????????

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