Nintendo, Submitted for Approval


We just submitted World of Goo to Nintendo! Now we just cross our fingers and hope we did everything right…  If it passes on the first try, we should know a WiiWare release date very soon.

Meanwhile, Breaking News: Madonna the Cat plays World of Goo:


11 Responses to “Nintendo, Submitted for Approval”

  1. shadow Says:

    oh cool good jobs!!!!

    I bet it’ll definitely pass~

    Nintendo is that kind isn’t =P

  2. The Happy Friar Says:

    yeah! I’ll have to tell my brother when it’s accounced. he’s big in to wiiware.

  3. Nick Says:

    hehe, funny cat animation. I don’t think nintendo will have any problems with the game.

  4. Alasdair/Tair Says:

    She’s beaten my highscore already!

    Soon I will beat you, Big Winner Aunty Madonna…

  5. SAVELJEV Says:

    WHERE THE PC VERSION ????????????????????

  6. Filip Says:

    how much time after the approval would the europeans have to wait for the wii version?

  7. Ricky Says:

    Holy crap and a half, congratulations guys!!!!!!

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  9. Ballisticsfood Says:

    oooohhh. Release draws ever closer….

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  11. Rodri Says:

    Well… You’ve Made it!


    You… Kyle Gabler n’ Ron Carmel, you have inspired me to Keep making Games!! Who would say that a couple of Kids (Teens) would get that far?

    Now… I’m making a Game… But it will be Cooler to be Played for Wii than in a PC… I really wan’t to know… What did YOU do to Submit YOUR Game to NINTENDO?

    Making Comics, Videos and GAMES are my LIFE!! Please let me know…

    Well, Thanks….