Pretty big news…

cover2.png1. World of Goo has gone gold!  I can hardly believe it, but we just submitted a PC gold master to our North American retail partner.  Keep an eye out for this box around the first week of November.  The WiiWare and online releases will likely happen sooner… stay tuned!

2. OCD criteria have been tightened up quite a bit.  Optimization crazy goo suckers will have a field day with them.

3. The names of all beta testers and forum peepz have been added to a special thanks section in the readme file.  Thanks for all your help and support over the last year!

4. We’re putting the final touches on the WiiWare version and expect to submit it to Nintendo for approval this month.

5. We made a last minute decision to change our sound library.  World of Goo now uses irrKlang, which is a lot less expensive than bass and fmod and has a much nicer API.

60 Responses to “Pretty big news…”

  1. Mischief Maker Says:

    So when do us preorder peeps get out grubby mitts on a copy?

  2. Mischief Maker Says:


  3. Thomas Says:

    Same question here, i have been refreshing my gmail every minute now for the last month, waiting for a new beta round, and suddenly this falls into my lap? Now I can finally forget waiting for braid for a minute and do something fun.

    But I seem to remember something about the WII version beeing released first for some reason, so I guess we still have to wait a while for a digital download.

  4. Mitheor Says:


  5. Tinus Says:

    Congratulations guys! :)

  6. X-Tender Says:

    YAY! \o/
    Can’t WAIT!

  7. TERRMITh Says:

    Oh Boy!
    Are you going to publish the game also through Steam? That would be great and very comfortable. ’cause I dont think that retail version will get to Czech Republic :(

  8. Björn Says:

    Woo! I can hardly wait (as if I even have a choice)!

  9. Eli Says:

    Been following your work for a few years; this is quite the accomplishment. Great work, and I’ll confess, I’m completely excited about this.

  10. The Happy Friar Says:

    woot woot!

    but november? :) Man… I try to buy games that will come out in a week & they ALL get delayed until WAY down the line! :D

    Great news!

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  12. Aubrey Says:

    Awesome news! Good luck with no DRM. I’ll be buying it!

    (ex Goo guy, envious of gooey themed games :) )

  13. Alasdair/Tair Says:

    Congratulations guys, you deserve it!! And that is one b-e-a-utiful boxart, I kinda wish I was buying the retail version…

    Still looking forward to release date!

  14. Alasdair/Tair Says:

    ….and oooooh a favicon! yay!

  15. Ian/Roadshow Says:

    Congrats guys.

  16. Wandel Says:

    I’m so happy right now! Yay!

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    […] Mainly because 2D Boy have today announced that World of Goo has finally, at last gone gold and thus should be with us all very shortly. […]

  18. Kyrre Says:

    Congrtz! All hail 2D Boy!

    Also; please make an limited edition with a World of Goo ball!

  19. Sam Says:

    Will the game be available through STEAM?

    I’m really interested on buying on STEAM. Is a very pleasant platform.

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    […] nouvelle aujourd’hui sur le blog de 2D Boy : leur bébé World Of Goo est passé gold ! En clair il a passé les validations de leur éditeur […]

  21. Paul Says:

    YAY! Can’t wait to play the full game! :D

  22. Shinigami Says:

    Goo! Oh, Woo! xD
    When will we, pre-orderers, finally be able to get our (possibly dirty with chapter 1 goo) hands on the final version? I can’t wait as you have guessed.

    By the way, will we be notified through mail? Because I don’t check my old mail often, and it didn’t receive confirmation code in the box, it was lost on the way and I had to re-request (and you guys sent me a new one on other mail box real fast, thanks!)

  23. The Happy Friar Says:

    hey wait… any way a preorder can get a BOX copy instead of a download? I’d rather have a sweet looking box then no box.

  24. Daniel Purvis Says:

    You guys are the frakkin’ bomb!

    *cough*took long enough*cough*


  25. Spliter Says:

    I love the box art, I can’t wait until it comes out.
    Btw, will it be available in Portugal? Or at least to download?

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  27. David McGraw Says:

    CONGO-GRATS! ! ! ! !

  28. Nicky Says:

    F.A.O. Ron/Kyle.

    I was also wondering about what “The Happy Friar” says, as I agree wholeheartedly with his reasoning:

    “hey wait… any way a preorder can get a BOX copy instead of a download? I’d rather have a sweet looking box then no box.”

    I would much rather have a boxed version, as I really like the cover, I also appreciate the time and effort that has been put into this game!

    I would really appreciate if you could make this possible.

    Here’s another idea that could be possible:

    I was just thinking, you could have it so people could download the cover DVD box size, then they could print the cover out themselves.

    See here for what I mean:

  29. Entar Says:

    Congratulations guys! I’ve been following the development for a while and am looking forward to playing it! Go Goo!

  30. Ron Carmel Says:

    friar, nicky, we’re not set up to ship boxes so pre-orders will have to be digital downloads. that said, if you prefer the box, we could send you a refund and you can go buy it at the store when it comes out. we’ll keep you on our pre-order list so that you’ll get the profanity pack when we release it. if anyone prefers this option just send us an email from the contact page.

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  34. Windburn Says:

    Congratulations guys :)
    Was a real pleasure experiencing the journey with you all, and I wish you all the best with WoG’s sales and post-production overall greatness!

  35. The Happy Friar Says:

    re: Ron Carmel

    thanks. Do you know what stores will carry the game? It’s not listed on (yet?). If there’s a place near me then that’s what I’ll do: refund & get the box.

  36. fraserofthenight Says:

    Let’s go shopping!

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  38. Taiyou Says:

    Are you still preventing us europeans from buying the game on WiiWare?

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  41. Loco Says:

    Woo hoo! I checked my email and saw congradulations message about you going gold. I’m going to be thinking about that every time I hear gold standard in my macro lecture in 15 minutes :(.

    Gah, can’t wait to finally play the full game :D.

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  43. ratm Says:

    Do we, preorder guys, get this before November?

  44. Ryan Says:

    Congrats! I was just wondering the other day when it was going to finally come out! Can’t wait to get my preorder, and I’m totally gifting this to my parents’ Wii as soon as it goes live on WiiWare, I think they’ll love it.

    And I’ll continue the thread of requesting a Steam version. I won’t buy it since I already pre-ordered, but I think you’ll get a lot more exposure on Steam than anywhere else.

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  47. Nicky Says:

    Hi Ron, Thanks for the reply!

    Will it be available to buy in the shops here in the UK? If so I probably will take you up on your offer of a refund. Why I ask, is because I had so much hastle getting a hold of Switchball & Crazy Machines 2 on Disc.

    Nearly everywhere I tried said that they couldn’t ship them to an non US address. But after a lot of looking I found somewhere that I could get them from.

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    […] 2D Boy has announced that World of the Goo, the IGF award-winning physics construction game, has announced that the PC version of the game has gone gold. The Wii version, with delightful co-operative multiplayer, is expected to be submitted to Nintendo for LotCheck later this month. Congrats, Kyle and Ron! […]

  50. KuchenGeorge Says:

    Congrats Boys!!! I´m really looking forward to this game.
    This is a sure buying! Hope its gonna be a success for you and the humanity!

  51. Patrick JS Says:

    Hey, I just read your GameCathedral interview – will the added, European content be like “downloadable” content for the other versions, or even just the PC version? Also, will you call the profanity pack the non-PC version, or ignore pun-potential altogether?

  52. HANGBoY Says:

    ! (:D) woot

  53. lafe Says:


  54. lafe Says:

    one game i will buy

  55. Thomas Dahle Says:

    4 days until the the game will be released (as it should be released this summer…summer ends 22nd september)

    Also, we who pre-ordered the game shall get it one week before the official release…which means the official release will not be released this summer.

    I’m not an angry man, just remindning the developers to keep their promises.

  56. The Happy Friar Says:

    um…. did you read the new post you commented on? It’s coming out in november, preorders will be ~a week before the public release.

  57. ZuggZugg Says:

    First off, congrats on finally finishing the game. If the Chapter 1 preview is any indication of the quality of the game, I’m sure many will be happy with all the effort and extra time put into the final product.

    I’ve been waiting all summer for this release. I’ve been checking 2DBoy’s website daily for months and pre-ordered in the spring.

    Mr. Friar, did you read the original post that Thomas commented on? The boxed version is expected in the first week of November, WiiWare and Online expected sooner. Sooner could mean anything like in 5 minutes say…or 5 minutes before the first week of November.

    Thomas was just pointing out that 2DBoy made a commitment that the game was expected in the summer. The summer ends in 3 days by my count. In addition 2DBoy committed to a 1 week advance availability for pre-orders.

    Thomas is just pointing out that 2DBoy didn’t technically meet their commitments, although it sounds like they’re not too far off. ;^) While I hate being promised something and having to wait longer than originally planned, I also appreciate that games development like any artform takes time to get it right. I much prefer the development approach based on quality versus artificial dates.

    Blah blah…

  58. Ron Carmel Says:

    it’s true, we didn’t meet our commitment to ship this summer, and i apologize. it really is a matter of putting out something we’re proud of vs something that’s on time. i can understand people being disappointed and even pissed off, so if any of you regret pre-ordering, just send us an email via our contact page and we’ll send you a refund. look on the bright side, for every day that you sit around waiting, we’re working our little butts off. feel better now? :)

  59. timmy Says:

    any idea when the mac/linux version will be released?

  60. Shinigami Says:

    “for every day that you sit around waiting, we’re working our little butts off. feel better now?”
    Well that does sound promising enough to make me wait for the game to finally ship to my e-mail! :)