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Leipzig! And some mini-goo updates

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

I’m (2D Kyle) going to be at Leipzig next week demoing World of Goo, trying to be the best booth babe I can be. Will any other indie devs be around? Come say hi!

Here’s what’s happening with World of Goo right now.  (we should list stuff like this more frequently…)

  • Translations into 5 languages (english, spanish, french, italian, german) is 91% done. I hope one day we’ll be able to do Japanese too…
  • Cut-scenes: finishing up the very last end-of-game sequence, and the credits movie
  • OCD: We’re putting in “OCD Flags” for each level, “Obsessive Completion Distinction”, received if you complete a level under under extremely difficult criteria (ie. extremely high ball count, very fast, etc)
  • Playtesting: we’re having friends and family play through the whole game, on camera, so we can tune level difficulty, find out if objectives are unclear, confusing, etc. Thanks to the Flashbang guys for kicking this off!