Leipzig! And some mini-goo updates

I’m (2D Kyle) going to be at Leipzig next week demoing World of Goo, trying to be the best booth babe I can be. Will any other indie devs be around? Come say hi!

Here’s what’s happening with World of Goo right now.  (we should list stuff like this more frequently…)

  • Translations into 5 languages (english, spanish, french, italian, german) is 91% done. I hope one day we’ll be able to do Japanese too…
  • Cut-scenes: finishing up the very last end-of-game sequence, and the credits movie
  • OCD: We’re putting in “OCD Flags” for each level, “Obsessive Completion Distinction”, received if you complete a level under under extremely difficult criteria (ie. extremely high ball count, very fast, etc)
  • Playtesting: we’re having friends and family play through the whole game, on camera, so we can tune level difficulty, find out if objectives are unclear, confusing, etc. Thanks to the Flashbang guys for kicking this off!

25 Responses to “Leipzig! And some mini-goo updates”

  1. JD Says:

    Which hall/booth are you going to be exactly at the GC?


  2. Marius Says:

    Oh my god… You put near-impossible achievements in? My free time is going to be ruined! >_

  3. saveljev Says:

    “Translation” – what about Russian ?

  4. Bobbyballs Says:

    Yeah gimme more goooooooooooooo! The OCD stuff sounds cool but still I don’t understand the score some people reached on some of the first chapter level.

  5. Marius Says:

    Bobbyballs: Check the forum. There you can find instructions/help for most levels.

  6. Robert Says:

    Oh cool, changed my not-going-this-year to let’s-just-do-it. Where’ll you hang around? Business Center or somewhere at Nintendo’s setup?

  7. Nic Freed Says:

    Hey dude, those achievments sound awsome, i have a feeling that the replay value on this just increased by about 5 million :)

  8. Kyle Gabler Says:

    I’m not sure which hall/room/etc we’ll be in, but I’ll try to post here when I find out – or, follow the sound of screaming gooballs!

  9. conso Says:


    I know, this is offtopic, but I couldn’t find a contact-adress and just can’t stand asking: Would you please port World of Goo to the Pandora?
    Pandora is a nice linux-based, really open and powerfull
    handheld console. It will probably release in November.
    The community has high interest in indy-games and World of Goo just seems like a perfect startup-title for the console.

    If you want to know the technical details of it, most info is available on openpandora.org
    Pandoras ARM-core can be overclocked to 900Mhz permanently and the sgx can make use of both openGL ES 1.1 and 2.0

    I would be very thankful for response.



  10. Morten Says:

    Well, since the game will be released this summer, (as written in the blog) there is a maximum of 11 days (as of 20th august) until the game must be released, since summer ends 31th august. Also, for us who pre-ordered the game, it will be maximum 4 days (as of 20th august), since we’ll get the game one week before the official release.

  11. Smee Says:

    I’m very interested to hear that you’re taping the playtest sessions. It sounds like the sort of thing Valve do, which is reportedly one of the reasons for why their games are so good. It’s impressive that you guys are taking the time and effort to do something like that. I can’t wait for the release.

  12. Marius Says:

    I’m trying to organise a last-minute trip to Leipzig. (Didn’t realise it was so close by until now :P)
    So, the event already started and all, do you know where you are yet?

  13. Kyle Gabler Says:

    Yes, I’m in the activision section, the one that not is the activision/blizzard section. I’ll be there Friday, if you want to drop by.

  14. dave Says:

    I saw Morten’s comment about “maximum of 11 days” and wanted to calm everyone’s excitement just a bit. Summer actually ends September 22nd, during the Autumnal Equinox.

    I’m as excited about this as anyone, trust me, but I also want a nice stable release. As long as they keep us in the loop with updates like this, I’ll be happy.

  15. Marius Says:

    I’m probably going to be in Leipzig Sunday. Sooo… Are there any world of goo stands/2dboy people on Sunday?

  16. Kyle Gabler Says:

    Hey Marius, I think saturday is the last day of GC? Friday (tomorrow) is the last day I’ll be around. If you’re able, you should stop by and maximize the score in every single level!

  17. Marius Says:

    Actually, only the GC Business Center is open until Saturday. The regular “GC Games + Entertainment (public exhibition halls)” are open sunday as well.

    So what’s the setup then? Are there a bunch of Wiis unattended which run different games, one of which is world of goo?
    And yeah, I’ll probably try to get some nice scores, but Not on all of them. Some take hours :P
    Going up: yes
    Small divide: yes
    Hang low: probably
    Impale sticky: possibly
    Ivy towers: If it hasn’t been done yet
    Flying machine: has been done
    Fisty reaches out: probably not
    Tower of goo: Hell no, but I might beat all the other scores
    Tumbler: Probably not, assuming you fixed the bug. I don’t know a good strategy yet.
    Chain: Has probably been done
    Ode to the bruidgebuilder: Think not
    Regurgitating pumping station: No highscore to beat
    Drool: Might beat the original highscore. Won’t go for optimum.
    Fly away: Nah

    I mean, I do like showing off, but I can play the same game at home :P

    What have you got running btw? Beta1, beta2, or some fancy different Wii version we haven’t seen yet?

  18. Evan Says:

    Any idea on the WiiWare release time-frame? This is definitely one of my most anticipated titles for the service…


  19. Kyle Gabler Says:

    Marius – I’m demoing the whole game, all levels.

    Evan – We don’t have a precise date (not ours to set) but I will be trying to post updates like this one more frequently as everything comes together.

  20. wesley Says:

    not buying this game any more, as you are not releasing it on wiiware in europe. How foolish.

  21. Lesly Says:

    This game in the version of Wiiware is divided
    in chapters?
    How much one chapter?

  22. Taiyou Says:

    It was on my buy list but I’m not dumb enough to pay ~$20 more than USA people to play the same game with 5 more stages. I was really looking forward to World of Goo, but this Europe discrimination shit has made me ignore the game. I hope it really sinks here, so you both learn the lesson.

  23. Marius Says:

    “If you’re able, you should stop by and maximize the score in every single level!”
    As I said, I won’t have the time. But if you send me all the levels for the PC, I’ll give you some values for the OCD achievements ;)

  24. Ralf N. Says:

    I do hope you are also shipping/offering the game in Holland / The Netherlands

    If you do, unless you want to target children, you need not translate at all.
    For this kind of game it doesn’t matter much, but for story driven games we definately always prefer the language of origin.

    You can’t translate culture.

  25. Tal Says:

    Marius – for Ivy towers and Thumbler – i completed both of their OCD, the trick is to leave a chain made of 2 Goos attached to the pump, they will dangle from it and wont fall off, then you can get all of your goos into that chain, afterwards release the bottom goo, and the other one will be sucked in as well.

    works for any level with enough green goos.