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Updates, Balls, Absinthe, DRM, Aug. 24

Sunday, August 24th, 2008
  • wogball.jpgWe got real live balls. Pictured, at right. Leipzig was really fun, thanks to everyone who stopped by! Anyone else lose track of reality at that absinthe place with the skeletons? Were the skeletons really there?
  • Currently working on the box art for retail versions
  • We’re testing everything with humans, and robo-testing for crashes
  • The first round of beta has gone very well, all the reported bugs have been fixed. We’ll do another round, look out for an update from 2D Ron
  • All the movies are done, and music placed. I’m a really horrible animator, but I think it might add to their IDGAF style, so let’s just pretend it’s intentional :)
  • The leaderboards will be cleared out soon as we get the new score reporting api up and going. Screenshot while you can.
  • Mac/Linux versions are in progress. Linux peepz – how do you like your games distributed? Pre-built? Manually link the .o whatever things? What has worked well in the past?
  • We’re going to experiment with no DRM for copies purchased from this site. There are many reasons for this, but we like to think people will be good, and we want to give the best user experience possible.