Making Art for World of Goo

I’ve been enjoying David Hellman’s “making of” art for Braid, and when designers like Edmund’s show how stuff is made. If anyone’s curious, here’s how I’ve been making scenes for World of Goo, slowed down just a bit. Video below. kyle

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  1. Artiom Says:

    Oh that was soooooooo awesome!!!
    Thanks for sharing it ^^

    BTW what’s the magic gear?

  2. Treyo Says:

    Totally awesome! This actually reminds me a lot more of Dan Paladin’s Castle Crashers videos ( ) than David Hellman’s explanations… but anyway, I love all you indie guys who are willing to show us how you work and thanx for showing us the awesomeness that is the art in World of Goo!

    Yay! :D

  3. Ixis Says:

    Awesome man,

    What program did you use to make that? Is it from the previous Macromedia line?

  4. Kyle Gabler Says:

    thanks, cool I hadn’t seen that castle crashers vid. I’m using Photoshop.

  5. John H. Says:

    Anyone who knows Photoshop will probably be able to tell what’s happening each step in the way. It’s like a tutorial in asset production all in one video!

  6. Ixis Says:

    It’s not totally photoshop, I think… Unless it’s using some CS3 stuff I’ve never seen before.

  7. David Hellman Says:

    Grand Theft Auto 4 : XBOX and PS3 :: World of Goo : Wii.

  8. spliter Says:

    it looks awesome!
    Photoshop, huh? On the start it looks much more like vector art.
    The music is simply awesome!
    Great thanks for sharing the work with us, it’s really great to see how pros do that!

  9. PatrickJS Says:

    That’s a fantastic video, quite neat.
    I also just finished playing Kyle’s song on Audiosurf – I didn’t do fantastically (I’m Scorpi12 on there), but it got me thinking – is there going to be a soundtrack release of World of Goo? You know, so I can play it on Audiosurf and those old-fashioned radios.

  10. Ballisticsfood Says:

    David Hellman:
    “Grand Theft Auto 4 : XBOX and PS3 :: World of Goo : Wii.”

    Forget not the poor, impoverished PC gamers, for whom this game was intended!

    Anyways, nice video, although I can see quite clearly where you slowed it down a bit.

  11. Samo Says:

    Give me the game not some videos, better deliver it soon, i payed for it. Is this Duke Nukem ???

  12. James Says:

    Samo: Chill Dude. A lot of us payed for it and have been patiently waiting for it. Would you rather have a crappy product or a kickin-ass game? I didn’t think so. Keep your yapper shut.

  13. David McGraw Says:

    Awesome! Man, it took me an hour or so to put together that level I submitted on the forumns, and you did this in a minute-and-a-half. *sniffles*

  14. PatrickJS Says:

    I just read this article where we FINALLY get an idea of a solid-ish release date. I hope nobody’s absolutely exasperated with Wii’s lack of space by then

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  16. SolShine7 Says:

    Very cool. I found about this site from a film magazine. I forgot which one.

  17. Taiyou Says:

    I’ve heard some rumours suggesting that World of Goo won’t come to Europe via WiiWare, instead it would be sold on DVD.

    Is it true?


  18. Flavio.Rodriguez Says:

    its pure STATE-OF-ART!


  19. Greg Says:

    That’s so sweet, I love this image in particular. Vector in Photoshop o_O, cool. I usually use Illustrator for all my vector arts, but I actually caught the “record-a-sped-up-video” bug a few weeks ago (from Dan doing his thing on the castle crashers blog) and put one to the tune of my Super-Pope hat for the dinos. Mike (our programmer) is due to put out one of him coding. Very informative ;) it will feature a Rick Rollin’ soundtrack.

  20. Nick Says:

    pls to release the game now. kthxbai.

  21. UsF Says:

    I second that request. :x

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  24. ngajoe Says:

    …I miss gooey updates… :'(

  25. Jessica Says:

    That’s really amazing how they put it all together. It doesn’t look like it took that long, but I guess that’s because it’s sped up lol =P

  26. Rikki Says:

    Extremely cool to see it in action. If that was Photoshop though, what is the conversion process to make it an animated game level?

    The things like the rotating cogs and the hair presumably have to be tagged in someway so the game engine knows to animate them. How is that done?

  27. Matt Says:

    What version of photoshop is it?

  28. Filmes da TV Says:

    My guess is that the animated parts are “separated” from this background, animated as individual elements and put together with some level description file, like “this part goes on x=200, y=300”, and so on