World of Goo Visits Nintendo, Japan

im.jpgNintendo President Iwata and game design overlord of our hearts Miyamoto played World of Goo last week – and they liked it! Today, Iwata mentioned it as a part of a presentation in Japan – here’s a translated text version and video (our little mention is at 29:00)

We are honored they even know we exist. Thanks, as always, to Dan and Tom at Nintendo!

9 Responses to “World of Goo Visits Nintendo, Japan”

  1. lumpi Says:

    You proud smug! And rightfully so! Congrats on the Miyamoto-praise!

  2. Entar Says:

    “Initially, two developers started this development project, and most recently, one developer has been added to the team, which brings the total development members to three.” What? Who is this third person?

  3. Kyle Gabler Says:

    Our friend Allan Blomquist is helping us get the game to run on Wii. He’s also the guy behind It Might Be NES – an emulator that lets you run NES games on PS1. He drinks a lot of Snapple to fuel his brain.

  4. David McGraw Says:

    Awesome! Congrats Guys!

  5. Ben Johnson Says:


  6. Flam Says:

    Great !
    It seems that those top guys at Nintendo… really like games, wherever they come from :-)

  7. Kyle Pulver Says:

    Wow man, nice. Congrats.

  8. Matt Says:

    Miyamoto liked your game…that has to be one of the most awesome things in the world for you.

  9. Rodri Says:

    Kyle Gabler, Ron Carmel, 2D Boy….



    Well… You’ve Made it!


    You… Kyle Gabler n’ Ron Carmel, you have inspired me to Keep making Games!! Who would say that a couple of Kids (Teens) would get that far?

    Now… I’m making a Game… But it will be Cooler to be Played for Wii than in a PC… I really wan’t to know… What did YOU do to Submit YOUR Game to NINTENDO?

    Making Comics, Videos and GAMES are my LIFE!! Please let me know…

    Well, Thanks….