World of Goo Trailer 2

wogct2.jpgBrand new World of Goo trailer made for the really fun Nintendo WiiWare Press Day. Thanks to our friends at Nintendo for including us!

Trailer #2 – vimeo
Trailer #2 – hi-res xvid

Trailer #2 – hi-res divx

Trailer #1 – hi-res quicktime
Trialer #1 – dailymotion

26 Responses to “World of Goo Trailer 2”

  1. DiGi Says:

    When? Wheeeen? :D Very nice trailer…

  2. Robert Says:


  3. Matt Oakes Says:

    Looks cool, but disapointed there was no mention of a release date though :(

  4. Björn Says:

    Awesome with extra sprinkles!

  5. lumpi Says:

    It’s amazing what you guys all have done with the original idea. There are 2 second clips in that trailer which would want me to play this game alone.

  6. Qxlb3r Says:

    Yes, that’s definitely going to be a masterpiece. Awesome work!

  7. Fi Says:


  8. Aron Says:

    Pleeeeeaaaaaase release a soundtrack cd/mp3/something!

    I just love the style of your music.

  9. David McGraw Says:



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  11. Edmundo Says:

    Have you guys tried putting your videos up on ? It’s like the trendy place to upload user-made videos.

  12. Boost Says:

    who did the music?

  13. Boost Says:

    nm. Kyle Gabler, “Best of Times”

  14. David Hellman Says:

    This will be the first Wii game I’ve bought since…

    Hm. …

  15. axcho Says:

    Your trailers are always so stirringly epic! How do you do it? I just can’t get enough of that music. Excellent work! :D I’m proud to have pre-ordered the game. :)

    Speaking of music, are you still planning to involve musicians for real instrument recordings, or are you going to stick with synthesized sounds?

  16. Kasi Says:

    Truly some piece of art you made there. Can’t wait for the release – but it seems like i have too ;)

  17. Patrick Says:

    Ooh, cool new music that wasn’t in the beta! Nice! This is coming out as a Wiiware launch game, right? So, middle of May?

  18. Entar Says:

    Pretty cool, though I think I liked the first one better. Still looking forward to the game :-)

  19. UsF Says:

    On one side I am happy to see new additions, getting the game to perfection and all that media, on the other hand I am disappointed a bit, as I thought that I’d be playing already. :/

  20. Entar Says:

    On second thought, the second trailer is really growing on me. That’s a toughy – the second one is definitely more epic. Good job with both.

  21. Ballisticsfood Says:

    !! The music on the level Going up is in fact The Visitor !!
    Nice one.
    Oh, and your amazing drumming skillz leave me in awe. ;D

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  24. Nick Says:

    release the game already!!! :

  25. Chet Says:

    Could you post different file types of the first trailer? It won’t work on my computer.

  26. Kirk Says:

    I just hope the music in the game is as good as in the trailers otherwise I think it will lose a lot if the impact and feeling that the trailer conveys.