Sexy Indie Game Shirts!

People with sharp eyes have been noticing indie game art appearing on t-shirts in Target recently. We’re absolutely thrilled – For the last 6 months or so, Kyle Gray, Edmund, and myself have been working with our retail buddy to launch an indie apparel label – the goal: take art from indie games, and get them on t- shirts in major retail chains, with a CD of the game (or game demo) attached. Because, of course! Indie art is bloddy fantastic, so why not! Currently, we have 8 designs doing a test run in Target – six from the Experimental Gameplay Project, and two from Edmund’s back catalog including some Gish lost levels. Our evil plan is to get indie games into the hands of an audience that would otherwise never know that indie games exist. Fingers crossed this does ok, because I want 4th grade kids everywhere wearing velociraptors.

Kyle Gray flips out in Florida!

Anyway, I can’t tell you how giddy we are that we actually have a shot to get indie games out there in a sexy and fashionable way. If you are a developer and want to design a shirt for the next batch (you have to have a game you are willing to ship on the shirt’s CD too) let me know.

40 Responses to “Sexy Indie Game Shirts!”

  1. Kyle Pulver Says:

    Totally fucking awesome, man. ;D

  2. Mike Says:

    Any chance the shirts will be available for mail order for those of us who don’t live in the US?

  3. Kyle Gabler Says:

    It’s retail for now, but we’re hoping to get them online too. In the meantime, I just saw this, FIGHT! :)

  4. John Says:

    Is this going nationwide or just select regions?

  5. Mitheor Says:


    Let us know when its online. ^_^

  6. Kyle Gabler Says:

    It’s already nationwide, just not in all 2,500 Target stores yet. It depends how well the program performs. (Buy, guys, buy!!) Each game has gone through ESRB, even our little crappy experimental gameplay games, and surprisingly most of them were ok for kids

  7. Hunty Says:

    Neat, but you missed the easiest one: a plain black t-shirt with a copy of In the Pit! :)

  8. haineux Says:

    What are the system requirements for the games? Mac? PC? Is there a list of what’s available now and what is in the pipe for the next batch?

  9. Sifu Peng Says:

    Is this the earth-shattering distribution method that will take indie games to the next level? I’m simply baffled by the brilliance of the idea.

  10. Kyle Gabler Says:

    Hunty, I am wearing an In the Pit shirt right now!

    haineux, I think most of the games are for PC only. Three of them are Flash, so multiplatform. Or, if you want to be sneaky about it, most of the games are freely available on and on Edmund’s site (linked above)

    We’re not sure what’s in the next batch yet, but we are taking submissions and seeing what’s suitable for going to other retailers as well. Thanks, sifupeng, we hope it doesn’t all fall to pieces, good seeing you at gdc!

  11. Eric Says:

    So, where can I buy these?

  12. Erin Fernandez Says:

    Hey Kyle, what stores are these available in? If you put up a list and my Target is on it, I’ll buy as many as my sad little budget can afford. (But I don’t want to make a trip and realize they’re not there…!) I imagine other readers feel the same way.

  13. Kyle Gabler Says:

    I haven’t seen them in stores myself yet, but I do have a list of current California locations:

    191 Anaheim (S of LA)

    273 Modesto (East of San Fran)

    276 Victorville (outside LA)

    289 Cerritos (by Anaheim & S of LA)

    291 Riverside Arlington (by LA)

    294 North Hollywood (by LA)

    299 North Ridge (N. LA)

    309 Santa Maria (between San Fran and LA)

    310 Sacramento Arden (N. of San Fran)

    314 Fresno South (btwn San Fran & LA)

    316 Bakersfield (by LA)

    320 Colma (San Fran area)

    330 Pleasant Hill (east of San Fran.)

    937 Santa Rosa South (N. of San Fran)

    1029 Encinitas (San Diego area)

    1054 Tanforan (San Fran)

    1100 Thousand Oaks (LA area)

    1121 Birdcage Citrus Heights (NO IDEA)

    1293 Costa Mesa (Newport Beach area)

    1305 Cerritos West (S. LA)

    1362 Burbank (one by San Jose and LA – not sure which location)

    1428 SAN LEANDRO BAYFAIR (San Fran)
    1805 VISALIA (N. of LA)

    1819 ANTIOCH SLATTEN RANCH (N. San Fran)

    2019 WHITTIER (LA)

  14. Treyo Says:

    I’m in love. This is one of the coolest ideas ever. You don’t list my Pasadena store, but I’m probably going to find myself one of these other stores because these are just too awesome, and I need one! :D …there’s one for Tower of Goo… why not one for World of Goo with a demo? I would love for more people to hear about your totally awesome game! Go product placement!

  15. Carter Says:

    Ha, if you go to and search for Compass Marketing, sure enough, buncha little indie games with ratings. Gish and Attack of the Killer Swarm got Teen ratings, Tri-achnid got E10+, and the rest got E.

  16. Tanner Says:

    So is the Gish one the full game?
    Or just some Lost Levels?
    Or both?

  17. Ben Johnson Says:

    I think this is a great idea. It seems like it’s essentially the webcomics business model, and getting it into Target at a $12 price point feels like quite a videogame marketing coup. When I hit up the Colma Target on Monday, they were mostly sold out (still plenty of Rock Band t-shirts, though). Luckily I managed to find a Gravity Head shirt buried behind some other non-related shirts. Yay!

  18. tabacco Says:

    The Citrus Heights one is near Sacramento, CA by the way.

  19. stickboybob Says:

    weeha! u want want one!

  20. stickboybob Says:

    i mean I want one

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  22. Cocktastic Says:

    That guy looks GHEY!!!!

  23. Lars Says:

    “most of the games are for PC only.”

    Excellent, so I can use them on Linux then.

  24. Hunty Says:

    awww, boing boing says this project is going squish. :(

  25. tabacco Says:

    just checked target… They’re definitely on the way out. 30% off and only smalls and mediums left :(

  26. Peter Says:

    Thats AWSOME I’m heeading over to target and buying on of every single one! I hope my mom will let me though….

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  28. Tinus Says:

    What an excellent idea! Shame I live so far away, I’d really like to get my hands on one of those shirts somehow.

  29. joanne Says:

    hey on i love you sexy games i though i would fine a sex game but saddley i didn’t see it

    love kelsei on i love you sexy games

  30. delicious mark hubery Says:

    Blog Hopper…

    Hi There. I’m blog hopping….

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  33. Qbus Says:

    Not in my target… Mt Kisco, NY

    too bad too… then again i already own Gish and got a pre-order of world of goo

  34. Lucy Says:

    What an excellent idea

  35. clweeks Says:

    Can someone provide complete info on this? When I first saw this somewhere I started looking in all my local Targets stores (I live in suburban Minneapolis — home of the Target chain) and never found one. I just now decided to Google around for it and find that maybe they’ve been pulled? That blows. Any news?

  36. macattack Says:

    Sweet!!! I got one of the tower of goo ones plus one for my friend. :P

  37. sonny-boy Says:

    cool stuff

    btw the shirt the guy is wearing is not 2Dboy, its a London Police shirt and can be purchased from (UK)

  38. Ciro Says:

    Hey guys!, could you tell us if this business went well? Did you sell a lot of t-shirts? Did you engaged people into playing games and wearing sexy apparel?


  39. Bunny Mazonas Says:

    Please please PLEASE start offering these internationally! My OH and I both love tower of goo/world of goo, robot and the city that built him, gravity head… we NEEEEEEEEED these tshirts!

  40. Sexy Games Says:

    These shirts r too cool