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Sexy Indie Game Shirts!

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

People with sharp eyes have been noticing indie game art appearing on t-shirts in Target recently. We’re absolutely thrilled – For the last 6 months or so, Kyle Gray, Edmund, and myself have been working with our retail buddy to launch an indie apparel label – the goal: take art from indie games, and get them on t- shirts in major retail chains, with a CD of the game (or game demo) attached. Because, of course! Indie art is bloddy fantastic, so why not! Currently, we have 8 designs doing a test run in Target – six from the Experimental Gameplay Project, and two from Edmund’s back catalog including some Gish lost levels. Our evil plan is to get indie games into the hands of an audience that would otherwise never know that indie games exist. Fingers crossed this does ok, because I want 4th grade kids everywhere wearing velociraptors.

Kyle Gray flips out in Florida!

Anyway, I can’t tell you how giddy we are that we actually have a shot to get indie games out there in a sexy and fashionable way. If you are a developer and want to design a shirt for the next batch (you have to have a game you are willing to ship on the shirt’s CD too) let me know.

Goo News: Level Design Competition, Music Remix, Hearts for British People

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008


  • Forum mods have just started a level design competition. There seems to be a sub-competition emerging to see who can come up with the most sadistic way to kill the poor little goos
  • J. Hulgan listened to the game’s main theme from the trailer, sampled it, got together some more instruments (like a theremin!) and made a completely re-imagined deliciously evil mix
  • pcgameruk_march2008t.jpgI met one of the totally sweet bloddy class UK PC Gamer gents at GDC. And by “met” I mean, “he poured beer a pint on places that weren’t his mouth” which made me like him even more. Then it turns out his other PC Gamer mate Tom Francis had just written an ace preview of World of Goo. “World of Goo … is the game of Schindler’s List” which is possibly a clever and hilarious response to the rising “games don’t have enough meaning” wave.
  • Gooman set up a fan site, how cool, thanks Jochen!