Photos from GDC and IGF 2008! Indie Developer collect-em-all-fun-challenge

What a fun week, indie developers are elusive little suckers, so we tried to collect-em-all in photos. Some of them got away. Here are the ones that didn’t.

IGF 2008, Year of the Monocle. Edmund McMillen‘s unmistakable silhouette looks on.

Cactus just made 4 games in the time it took to take this picture. Joakim Sandberg, retro hero on the right, Kyle Gabler surrounded by Sweden.

Petri Purho has strong eye socket muscles, 2D Kyle is a cardboard cutout of the photo above, Kyle Gray wears the latest velociraptor fashion, and Ron made a bunch of limited edition 2D buttons, two of which make a stunning cameo here

This is the computer we bought to demo our game on the IGF floor. One of the 2D Boys dropped it on the sidewalk before we got there. It still worked. Probably because windows vista is so stable. Now available on craigslist! Comes with free demo of world of goo and a sticky mouse!

The Kyles meet Professor Layton


Then one day, Ron and Noopur turned blue

Dylan Fitterer is really tall

We got CHAI from this guy every day. He laughed at us when we said we were game developers.

Everyone in this picture is named kyle how can we tell them apart! The Kyle Pulver in the middle is the Kyle who made BONESAW

Jen Smith and Steve Swink‘s innovation in footwear

Renaud Bedard, the only Fez developer who doesn’t wear a Fez. Speaks french reeally fast. Writes code even faster.

Tommy “Goo!”Refenes, and the 2D Boys. Where’s Edmund?

Joakim uses his imagination.

Sean Chan and Cactus, gamemaker gods. Kyle, lost

Dude we totally won stuff!!!! Ron and Kyle pretend to not be terrified. Technical Excellence!!! Design Innovation!! We’re on tv

Ron says something genuine and articulate

Kyle gives a horrible speech. Wait, I think there’s a monocle in my pocket

It only stays in if you press really hard

Jon Mak sucks out Kyle Gray’s brain. Kyle Gray doesn’t mind.

Jesse Schell plays with Kyle Gray’s UNANNOUNCED: THE GAME!! We all had a lot of martinis and buttons on the DS are really small.

Hammerfall!! Sorry it’s blurry, I was dizzy from swinging rocks

Darren Koepp of Iron Dukes. Best web game chillaxes on the right. I totally want that shirt

Lukas Macura of Gumboy Tournament. We smile because we know games about gooey balls are where the future’s at. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Ray Kurzweil.

Experimental boys re-unite!!! Matt Kucic, Kyle Gray, Kyle Gabler, and Shalin Shodhan drops in har har ha :.( ok that’s it.

Thanks to Robert Ramirez for the pictures that look good, thanks to drunk party goers for the rest. This was fun, I love you guys. Kyle

9 Responses to “Photos from GDC and IGF 2008! Indie Developer collect-em-all-fun-challenge”

  1. Julius Says:

    I laughed my ass off at the third photo where Kyle looks the same as he did in the second photo, I don’t know why.

  2. UsF Says:

    Man where do all the hearts come from? GDC and IGF must be full of them ;)

  3. Matt Oakes Says:

    Loving the pictures :P Nice one guys!!!

  4. David McGraw Says:

    LOL. Great stuff. Now gimmie my preview. Ya fracking sold me already on it!

  5. Kyle Gabler Says:

    Yes, our hearts were filled with so much gladness, mspaint hearts are surely the only way we can convey those feelings in pictures

  6. Chris Evans Says:

    Haha :D

    Looks like you had a great time, loving all the hearts and stuff :D

  7. Tom Sawyer Says:

    Kyle likes his thumbs ups, huh? :D

  8. Wandel Says:

    Those individual-toe shoes look pretty awesome.

  9. Ikis Says:

    I miss World of Goo! I hope a Part 2 will be made! Enjoyed it a lot, and it has the best soundtracks of all games ever! More power! I love you Kyle!!! ;-P