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Holy Penny Arcade!

Friday, February 29th, 2008

tycho.jpgTycho of Penny Arcade wrote some nice things about World of Goo (thanks Tycho!) and we got an influx of pre-orders, which is fantastic, except that for each pre-order we sent a confirmation email with download instructions and our hosting provider seems to have mistaken us for a spammer. We’re working to fix this, so if you haven’t received your confirmation email yet, please be patient, you shall have it soon, we promise. A big thank you to everyone who pre-ordered!!!

[Update: We have restored our dignity with our hosting provider and everyone who pre-ordered should have gotten a confirmation email from us. If you pre-ordered and haven’t, let me know. If you paid with an e-check it takes a few days to clear, which means the confirmation will be delayed. – Ron]