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  1. Rens2Sea Says:

    Nice preview :)
    Hey 2d boy, planning on getting a forum up and running? :)

  2. Fernando Diaz Says:

    World of Goo has also been discussed in the Joystiq podcast episode 35

  3. UsF Says:

    More love for the customers!

    I wanna Betatest ;(

    .oO(current e-mail adress is not the one I used to purchase the product) :x

    Do you have a NDA for betatesting? Otherwise the wikipedia-article might get increased attention. :D

  4. Matthew Jackson Says:

    Is the beta 2 phase starting with the release of chapter one or has it already started?

  5. Mike S Says:

    Is the 14th still going to be the date for pre-orders get there first chapter?

  6. UsF Says:

    I dont know. I dont think it has started yet. :|

    Man I cannot wait til Thursday. Oh wait, I have to wait. :P

  7. Tom Brouws Says:

    Same here UsF.

  8. UsF Says:

    Oh my the anticipation. :O

    It is already 11 hours after midnight of the 14th here and still no first chapter ._.

  9. Kyle Gabler Says:

    it’s coming :)

  10. Dodomaster Says:

    Owww can’t wait for this!!!

  11. UsF Says:

    According to my calculations:

    I posted at 11am which was 2 am your time.

    You answered immedially after that, so you were still awake, which means:

    You will at least sleep from 2am to 9am -> 7 hours of sleep
    +3 hours indie developer sleep time (thats my thought, j/k :P), which will add that to a total of 12am/pm eh…I dont get the american time system here so I just say 11.59am

    11.59am will be 9 early of my time, so I will get it earliest at 20.59 my time. Which is past bedtime for me. No just kidding. :x

    Anyway please do release the first chapter soon, so I still have time to play it today.

  12. Jochen Says:

    I just stumbled upon a fanpage…