World of Goo Comes Out…


Valentine’s Day ’08. We (all two of us) are working our little hearts out to finish the PC version by Feb 14 so you can give the gift of Goo!

Mac / Linux should follow shortly.

And the version for Wii slightly after that, with help from our buddy and genius Allan Blomquist.

Pre-Ordering for PC versions is available! Do indie games ever do the pre-order thing? Anyway, we are! Pre-orderers get extra stuff too – like option to do some beta testing if you want, (beta testers get their name in the credits), and a complimentary revolutionary Profanity Pack TM for replacing voices in the game with naughty words. More info here.

In other news, we did an interview at TigerSauce. Thanks, Steve!

16 Responses to “World of Goo Comes Out…”

  1. pascal Says:

    Nice :)
    Will there be pre-ordering with added juice for the Linux-version, too?
    (and: why will it “follow shortly”? Isn’t it a simple act of compiling on a linux box?)

  2. Kyle Gabler Says:

    Yeah, you can pre-order for linux and mac, (the pre-order button doesn’t actually care which platform you use) and you get all the same succulent juice as PC users. We just didn’t want to promise the same deadline as the PC version since we really don’t know how long it will take to port. And you’re right, it’s probably quick and easy, especially since we’ve been using only cross platform libraries.

    In fact, if you are a linux or mac user, we could really use your help beta testing!

  3. Vadim P. Says:

    Ahh, was just gonna ask if we can pre-order for linux. I’ll do so :)

  4. David McGraw Says:

    Hey, fellas! I just found the game through the IGF Finalists Page, and I’ve got to say that you’ve done a great job so far! Keep it up, and good luck!

  5. Entar Says:

    Can’t wait.

  6. Fun Link Friday » Games News and Reviews » Binary Joy Says:

    […] World of Goo to be released on Valentines day next year (Feb 14th for the single people out there ) […]

  7. Daniel Purvis Says:

    Pre-orderererered! Been excited since the game was first announced and you can thank Rock Paper Shotgun for bringing me here on this particular day ;)

  8. Bruce Says:

    Speaking of the world of Goo, here’s a Gooey Valentine’s gift that keeps giving:

    Dr BLT featuring C.A. (Not Christina Aguilera)(cover of song by the Who) copyright 2008

  9. SHmintos Says:

    If you do a beta version for mac, i would be honored to test it… This game seems to be great.
    Thanks for making nice things.

  10. Ramon Cahenzli Says:

    Are you still looking for Linux beta testers? I’ve beta’d a bunch of things before (Postal (Mac), Soldier of Fortune (Linux) and a few Spiderweb Software games) so I’d be happy to test.

    I have a range of stuff to test on, from Intel 9xx graphics up to Radeon X1950 and Geforce 9600, and if I bother coworkers, I’m sure I can fill in a few gaps in the hardware lineup. And advertise World of Goo.

    World of Goo must succeed! Failure cannot be tolerated.

  11. simon Says:

    Hello, I’m a linux and windows user too, Ramon speaks the truth, your game is great, you made it with few money and a lot of talent, and so it must succeed !!

    I’d be happy to help you beta test the game on linux. I run debian on 4 different machines (Intel or AMD ati ATI FireGL or Geforce gtx280 )and also have coworkers that could test and advertise.

    Just let me know if you still need testers !

    Again, your game is just great ! Thanks a lot !

  12. Drew Kraus Says:

    Can do Linux beta testing here. Have a wide variety of hardware at our studio (which is mostly linux based now) with many different distros. And we have other gamers here that can help test, along with a good working knowledge of Linux. I already ordered the “pc” version in anticipation of the Linux release.

  13. Tomtom Says:

    Hi !

    What about the linux version ? I’m waiting for it to buy the game ;)
    I’m not a gamer, I only play old game like the ones wich run on scummVM, or games like lemmings.
    But this game … is very wonderful and makes me being insterested again about new games ;)


  14. ragnar Says:

    Hi there, right now i’m unemployed and if you want/need i can help you to translate the native linux version to german.

  15. goran Says:

    If you need beta one more beta tester for linux here i am :)
    i run ubuntu intrepid (amd turion64, geforce go 7300) and debian unstable (celeron 2.6, radeon 9250).
    great game btw :)

  16. goran Says:

    oh and i forgot to mention that game runs perfectly with wine.