Call for Musicians for World of Goo Soundtrack!

I’m looking for musicians to perform on the World of Goo soundtrack. If you play an instrument and have the ability to record yourself, given some sheet music and a demo track, let me know! I know from talking with some of you online and at various events that there is significant musical talent among game industry peepz, so I’m curious to see what kind of remote international indie band we can pull together – or if it will even work at all. Hell, the Postal Service did it.

Fisty Reaches OutInstruments: I’m looking for any instruments, the weirder the better, so let me know, in particular:

  • strings (violin,viola,cell,bass)
  • didgeridoo
  • accordion
  • jaw harp
  • glock,marimba,etc
  • whistle (the kind with your mouth, I can’t do it!)
  • trumpet (actually, any brass, but I have a trumpet solo right now)
  • percussion (you can get creative with this..)
  • anything else, as long as you can play and record, let’s jam

I already have a guitar guy, the multi-talented Shalin Shodhan, but anything else, I want you.

How it might work: Basically, each of the tracks is “inspired by” music from some part of the world or time period(!), all connected loosely by some of the music stuff in the main theme (which you can hear in the track “World of Goo Corporation Cares About You, Our Valued Customer” used in the trailer.) The tracks I’ve put together so far are made with synth instruments, so the way it will work is I’ll send you the synth demo track, a click track, and sheet music, you see if it inspires you to play along, if it does, record and send back. And we’ll all go back and forth like that.  We can’t pay other than getting you in the credits and free copies of the game and soundtrack, but the game is so totally amazing, you WANT your music in it!

To get on it: Send a note and let me know what you play and where I can hear a sample!

24 Responses to “Call for Musicians for World of Goo Soundtrack!”

  1. Dustin Says:

    I think you should also go for a THERAMIN.

  2. Kyle Gabler Says:

    I think we just MIGHT use a theramin! In the right hands it can be really expressive

    If you can play like that, contact me asap! Woah:

  3. kotsoft Says:

    i can play the cello and whistle. i guess i’ll do a little sample recording. this game is so awesome i want my name in it :)

  4. NeverWinter Says:

    I can play the bass so mail me if you’re interested :)

  5. axcho Says:

    I’d really like to be part of this, though I’m not sure how soon I’ll have the time to make a demo recording.

    Is this just for your game’s soundtrack, or are we going to become, as you put it, “remote international indie band?” I guess I’d still be interested if it were only to help you with the soundtrack, but I think it would be even more cool if indie game developers across the web made their own band.

  6. Sam Says:

    I have lots of drums and a marimba, let me know.

  7. Robert Says:

    I’ll soon have a metallophone/glockenspiel, which actually even counts as percussion. If you could need this instrument, and maybe still have a month to wait, let me know, I’ll try to help!

  8. Kyle Gabler Says:

    axcho, yeah, the goal for right now is to record real instruments into the World of Goo Soundtrack. But hell, I agree, if this works out, let’s keep it going and see what kind of music we can make

  9. Kyle Gabler Says:

    Wow wow wow – I am blown away by the talent you guys have mailed in so far, I knew there was hidden musical talent in the game dev scene, but damn. I’m going through listening carefully and trying to respond to everyone and match up with where I think the instrument and style will fall within the soundtrack. I can’t believe people actually play accordion and didgeridoo – wtf? You guys rock.

  10. axcho Says:

    Is it too late for me to submit a recording? Would it help if I told you that I play trumpet, Irish flute, Japanese shakuhachi, and Persian ney? I’d really love to be a part of this.

  11. axcho Says:

    Realistically, it’s looking like it will be a couple weeks before I’ll be able to make a recording. Will that be soon enough or am I too late?

  12. Jared Miller Says:

    I’m hoping that one of my favorite musicians, William Fitzsimmons, will be interested. I dropped him a message in Myspace.

    His page can be found here:

    *crosses fingers*

  13. Logan Says:

    Hey hey I’m a french hornist/trumpeter/ possible thereminist, depending how generous my parents are at my next birthday lol. I’d love to be a part of this and i’ve been playing for 6 years so let me know. I can do a demo whenever you want

  14. Logan Says:

    I have a theremin! I’ve been a french horn player for a while so i should be able to get the pitching really good in the next couple of days. Let me know asap if you need me

  15. JH Says:

    Dropped you a mp3 to check out in case you have not checked your mail yet…

  16. Greg Says:

    I can play the Baritone, Trumpet, and Guitar, and i can read bass and treble cleff. i can record but i cant post anything quite yet. btw im only 14

  17. Greg Says:

    I can record now and I would preffer a trombone or baritone part so email me if you can use me

  18. derek marcial Says:

    Are you guys still looking for more music? A good musician friend of mine (artist with Universal/Brushfire records) just recently asked me if I knew of any videogame projects that may need music – he’s been excited to write/compose something original for a gaming project.

    Let me know if you guys are still in need and I’ll gladly put you in contact.

  19. Cono Says:

    Andy Mcknee, great guitar player. Maybe if you contact him he’ll let you use some of his tracks (they’re all instrumental)
    Listen to this one, i think it’s the best

  20. Victor Costa Says:

    I can play the piano, if you’re still doing this I’ll see if I can record something. Hell, even if you aren’t, I’d still have fun playing along with the tracks. Could you send me something regardless?

  21. N Says:

    Having finished the game and downloaded the soundtrack, I wanted to thank all of you who took part in it. The music, like the game as a whole, is INCREDIBLE.

  22. Stickybomb67 Says:

    Listening to it on my personal music player ROCKZ.

  23. Britt Kina Says:

    Cool stuff, check out this violin vid? Norbert Wentzel

  24. Indie Rock Says:

    Were you able to find all of the musicians you were looking for?