World of Goo Gameplay Trailer #1!

Here is a video from a little game we’re working on called World of Goo! All the shots (except one, you’ll know it when you see it) are captured from gameplay, and we’re using all original music straight from the game, so this should give a good idea where we’re heading. Hope you like!

videoshotbdr.jpgHigh Res (requires latest quicktime)

videoshotbdr.jpgLess High Res (on

[Update: Play the original “Tower of Goo” here. Keep in mind, Tower of Goo (and the unlimited version) are just small prototype “toys” that I made in a just a few days as a part of a larger rapid prototyping project, so they can be a little buggy, and not as totally sweet as World of Goo :) – Kyle]

[Update 2: Better contact info for now]

46 Responses to “World of Goo Gameplay Trailer #1!”

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    […] Gameplay trailer from Kyle Gabler (Experimental Gameplay Project) and Ron Carmel’s 2D Boy debut production, World of Goo. […]

  2. XZS Says:

    Yay! World of Goo is coming!
    Looks really nice and the features and gameplay seems to have many good ideas.
    I hope I will get to play this great concept soon.

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    […] it’s earlier incarnation, would end up being not much more than a toy. Well today we finally get to see what is up for offer, and I’m pleased to say it looks like my fears were misplaced. I realise […]

  4. Bryant Says:

    That was bloody amazing O_O

  5. Nathan Ostgard Says:

    Fantastic. Hell, I would play it just for the soundtrack. I’ve always been a sucker for your music.

  6. John H. Says:

    Oh wow, that was awesome. Any chance of getting Wii or X-box downloadable versions?

  7. Marco Says:

    oh gosh…
    looks amazing!

  8. Nikica Says:

    Still have to ask, will the game be freeware ???

  9. Kyle Gabler Says:

    Thanks guys!! We’re currently “talking to publishers/distributors” about everything from retail to downloadable, but still too early to be official with anything at this point. Actually, if anyone knows any publishers that might be good for this kind of game, let me know, I’m curious to explore. We hope to have both PC and Wii versions, each a little different.


  10. Asrr Says:

    Oh my …
    oh my …

    can´t wait for anything more

  11. Andy Says:

    That looks fantastic. Also, it moves a lot faster than I thought it would. Was the video sped up at all or is the game quite actiony? Maybe I should read the back entries in your blog :)

    Can’t wait to try, and hopefully buy it.

  12. dbr Says:

    Awesome.. this for Wii would keep me busy.. oh my..

    I’ll probably get it if only a PC-version is released, but this looks like a console-game to me. And I mean that in a good way!

    Another thing.. I sense more and more 2D-based games are coming out.. Odin Sphere, Little Big Planet (while rendered in 3D, the gameplay seems to be 2D).. 2D is coming back and looking better than ever, maybe due to all the flash mini-games on the web?

  13. HenL Says:

    Looks pretty awesome :) Love the music.

  14. Says:

    World of Goo

    Un juego raro y muy diferente, pero con un aspecto muy atractivo, del nuevo sello 2D Boy. Olor a Grim Fandango para una estética preciosista.

  15. bburbank Says:

    Saw the trailer just now and the game looks great! I’m a software engineer on Madden and I’ve linked you from my blog about game development (currently on an XNA stint).

  16. Peksu Says:

    Wow, that looked/sounded incredible. And Wii version sounds great, not that there’s anything bad about PC, but this seems to fit console just so well.

  17. Paul Gunn Says:

    Nintendo DS, please? Touchscreen would make this SO fun!

  18. Joseph Says:

    DOOD sooo awesome! MUST PLAY!!! GWAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

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    […] Vía 2D Boy. […]

  20. Daniel Says:

    I want it it DS =D

  21. Fabvon Says:

    Dude, this was so Tim Burton!!! I loved it!!!

  22. Nix Says:

    Please, make a NDS version of this game.

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    […] 2D Boy: I love you, 2D Boy! » Blog Archive » World of Goo Gameplay Trailer #1! Ah yes, this looks interesting. Some game-play footage from World of Goo, where you play with, well, black goo. Gotta love those indie games. Coming “soon”. (tags: goo WorldOfGoo games indie movies) […]

  24. Andre Says:

    It will have a Linux version?

  25. Kyle Gabler Says:

    Yeah, for the PC versions (but don’t quote me on this!) we should be able to do windows/mac/linux.

  26. what me? NO Says:

    Awesome trailer Kyle. Look forward to the game.

  27. Noobos Says:

    Oh, it looks really cool. I’m looking forward to play it and I hope it will be freeware (I would pay for it, but I’m from Czech Republic (central europe, if you don’t know) and payment to other country is complicated).

    Trailer is good, music is awesome, graphics is great and Tower of Goo is huge.

    I love you, 2D Boy

  28. Asrr Says:

    Can´t stop playing this video again and again. Are there some another screenshots/videos waiting on us?

  29. BlackIce Says:

    Would it be an idea to get the game on the Steam network? You would reach quite a lot of people.

  30. Noobos Says:

    Could you tell us, 2D Boy, something more about World of Goo? I mean something like amount of levels, controls, size, recommended configuration, price, length of one level, or difficulty… I’m really wondering. Thanx

  31. Eyon Says:

    Really nice …

    we beg for more

  32. Gorilla Says:

    i saw some pictures mid april, and have been waiting for this even the trailer makes the wait so much more unbearable, any word on the possible release date and cost?

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    […] here for 2D Boy (creators) article, at their […]

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    […] in the track “World of Goo Corporation Cares About You, Our Valued Customer” used in the trailer.) The tracks I’ve put together so far are made with synth instruments, so the way it will […]

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  37. Justin Matthews Says:

    Greatest Game Ever!

  38. bessy Says:

    hi every 1 if you haven’t tried yet making the game run in hi-res
    using the config file in properties folder id like to know how to get the continue button animation to fit on screen when in hi res as it appears in low res but massive and under the screen so you carn’t click on it any fixes ??? making the game completable

  39. Steve Says:

    Hey Bessy, did you find fix for the high res end level problem?

  40. Shane Says:

    I played this game on the wii. You guys are insane! Super Mario Galaxy is one of my favorite games but compared to World of Goo it’s nothing! The music especially grabbed me. The entire game itself was epic and yet laugh out loud hilarious! I think you guys should make a sequel, perhaps put it on a disk.


  41. browk Says:


  42. browk Says:

    Im from indonesia, BALI..
    I don’t have money…I don’t know where i can want free the full geme version???
    help me…

  43. beeg Says:

    I Love IT .
    Your game is awesome, this is kind of game i will love to be the creator.

    Maybe later ;-)

  44. Stroe Says:

    Nintendo DS, please? Touchscreen would make this SO fun!

  45. Stickybomb67 Says:

    Lost levels are in this thing!

  46. iPhone ds Says:

    Please make a ds or iPhone/iPod touch version I have both this game looks really cool and since there’s an iPad version iPhone shouldn’t be too hard