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World of Goo Gameplay Trailer #1!

Monday, September 10th, 2007

Here is a video from a little game we’re working on called World of Goo! All the shots (except one, you’ll know it when you see it) are captured from gameplay, and we’re using all original music straight from the game, so this should give a good idea where we’re heading. Hope you like!

videoshotbdr.jpgHigh Res (requires latest quicktime)

videoshotbdr.jpgLess High Res (on

[Update: Play the original “Tower of Goo” here. Keep in mind, Tower of Goo (and the unlimited version) are just small prototype “toys” that I made in a just a few days as a part of a larger rapid prototyping project, so they can be a little buggy, and not as totally sweet as World of Goo :) – Kyle]

[Update 2: Better contact info for now]