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Innovation in Transportation

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

tireHere’s an opportunity: My bike got stolen again! This is particularly detrimental because I don’t drive (waiting on teleportation, but until then counting on legs of steel!). And normally I would feel violated, but since this was my fourth bike stolen and/or obliterated since January, it’s become a really funny joke. Probably as punishment for riding on the sidewalk when cops aren’t looking.

Anyway, clearly I cannot retain a bike, so this calls for some innovative thinking. I had an electric scooter when I briefly lived in LA. It exploded in an intersection.

I thought long and hard, and the new plan is to get a unicycle. Because who wants to steal a unicycle? At least if they steal it, they will look like an idiot riding it away, or like a bear with a top hat. Additionally, I can bring it into the library/cafe/whatever for extra protection. This plan is bulletproof.

Apparently this is nothing new for the game industry. Other notable game peepz famously ride unicycles and Jesse Schell was a circus performer, not sure about unicycle abilities, but pretty close, and Ron can fly through the air with the greatest of ease. Look out, world!