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I’m Starting a Blog and I Mean it for Real this Time

Saturday, June 23rd, 2007

I also started “working out”. After watching an entire season of America’s Next Top Model in one weekend, I decided I was not optimizing sexiness, and therefore started a brand new Totally Sexy workout routine to quickly become the sexiest game designer there ever was*.

Ok so this is a “game dev blog” in the sense that it will chronicle the making-of our very first game World of Goo and probably rant on other game design issues. But the actual purpose is a little darker – this is a tool to stay honest in two ways:

  1. a tool to provide public accountability to make sure we don’t slip into days of fooling ourselves (myself) with thoughts like “we’re almost done for real this time, we just have a few more features left!!!1”, where we (me) actually get no work done at all for embarrassingly long spans of time.
  2. a place to post mildly relevant side projects, toys, prototypes, and whatever. I keep finding that getting wrapped up in other stuff actually helps make the main project (ie. the big game project, writing a thesis, etc) more awesome and carefree. Maybe it’s related to the whole absence makes the heart do something thing.

*subject to personal opinion